Medical Genius Chapter 1004

 Seeing that Brother Lin's men had come in, Chen Hao was instantly energized.

                He smoothly copied the fruit knife on the table and stared at Lin Mo viciously, "Brother Lin, no matter what, today, I have to fend him off a few times!"

                Liu Lin laughed, "No problem, I'll definitely give you a chance later!"

                "But, he has to keep this life."

                "When we get his daughter-in-law here later, I'll have to play with her in front of him, that'll be fun!"

                Chen Hao's eyes were lewd: "Brother Lin, you're still the one who knows how to play."

                "Hahahaha, when the time comes, this kid will be furious!"

                Liu Lin was full of smugness, "So, your kid is still too young."

                "Oh yes, Lin Lin, his wife, that's your cousin, right?"

                "Tsk, counting up, this is the sisterhood."

                "Damn, that's really superb!"

                "Laozi has made a fortune this time!"

                Chen Hao had an envious look on his face and glared at Lin Mo again, "Hear that, kid? This is the price you pay for beating us up!"

                "However, if you can get your wife to come over and serve our Brother Lin well, I can help you plead with Brother Lin, what do you think ......"

                Without waiting for him to finish, Lin Mo suddenly turned around.

                Chen Hao's face changed: "Want to run?"

                Several hans also immediately chased after him.

                However, Lin Mo stopped right at the door.

                He closed the door to the room and locked it behind him.

                The people looked at each other, not knowing what Lin Mo meant by this.

                Chen Hao: "Kid, we haven't even closed the door yet, but you've closed it instead?"

                "What, are you afraid of being seen by people outside and embarrassed when you get beaten up?"

                Lin Mo's expression was calm as he said softly, "No."

                "I was afraid that you guys would run away!"

                The crowd was first stunned and were all annoyed.

                Liu Lin cursed, "Fuck you, you can really brag!"

                "That's arrogant!"

                "Kid, you're really arrogant!"

                "You're asking for death, you can't blame us!"

                "Kill him!"

                The crowd hissed and rushed up, surrounding Lin Mo from all sides.

                Lin Mo's face changed in an instant, his eyes filled with a murderous aura.

                He suddenly made a dash forward and in three steps, he rushed to the front of the man at the forefront.

                He formed his right hand into a fist and sent it out from his waist, while his right foot took a fierce half-step.

                His right foot stomped on the ground like a rushing thunderclap.

                At the same time as the sound came out, Lin Mo's right fist, too, struck this man directly in the chest.

                The man flew backwards like a kite with a broken string, his chest dented and he spat out a few mouthfuls of blood, unable to struggle any longer.

                The faces of all the people in the room changed. This man, with his muscular body, had always been very resistant to blows.

                What was happening now?

                Lin Mo had knocked him down with just one punch?

                Only then did the crowd start to look at Lin Mo again. They suddenly realised that this young man was not arrogant, but really capable.

                Liu Lin clenched his teeth and roared, "Get him! Get rid of him!"

                "Get rid of him for me!"

                The crowd looked at each other and pulled out their weapons, once again surrounding Lin Mo in the middle.

                Chen Hao carried the fruit knife and leapt forward to look at Lin Mo.

                Lin Mo sneered and struck again, running towards a man next to him.

                The man's face changed and he hurriedly raised his knife and slashed over.

                Several people next to him, also struck out, slashing at Lin Mo.

                With a single turn, Lin Mo rushed directly to the people. With both hands out, he directly snatched all the knives from the hands of several people.

                And he also jumped up at the same time, kicking both of them in the chest. After that, he used his strength to rise again and kicked the third man heavily in the jaw.

                As for Lin Mo, he used his strength to do a backflip and stood firmly on the ground.

                A perfect three point kick in the air!

                Three men, all of them fell to the ground.

                Lin Lin's eyes widened as she looked at Lin Mo with an unbelievable expression.

                She was now a little confused, she suddenly realised that she seemed to have underestimated this cousin's husband ah.