Medical Genius Chapter 1003

 Lin Mo frowned: "I really don't want to care about your affairs!"

                "If it wasn't for the sake of my sister-in-law, humph, what are you, worthy of my asking a question?"

                Linlin burst out in anger, "What are you mad about?"

                "Don't think you can point a finger at me just because you're flying my mother's flag."

                "I'm telling you, I can do whatever I want, it's not your turn to tell me what to do!"

                "Also, what happens in my family has nothing to do with you, and you are not qualified to say anything about me!"

                "If you keep telling me what to do, believe it or not, I'll have my husband knock out all your teeth!"

                Liu Lin then laughed loudly, "What, you're still relatives, huh?"

                Lin Lin disdained, "Who is related to him?"

                "What a shitty second aunt, I haven't seen him for years, he's not even close to me, and he's still coming here to tell me what to do."

                "I pooh, what qualifications do they have?"

                Lin Mo frowned, "That's right, we haven't seen each other."

                "But what about your mother?"

                "Your mother was so good to you and worked so hard to bring you up."

                "As a result, you stole money from the family, not to mention having someone run her over with a motorbike, do you think that's right for her?"

                Linlin said angrily, "What do you mean I stole money from the family?"

                "That's what my friends borrowed to use, and when they have money later, they'll pay me back."

                "Also, I was at a party with my friend and she ran over and insisted I leave, not giving me any face, did she do the right thing?"

                "My friend was just trying to scare her and had an accident before she bumped into her, it's not like she did it on purpose, do you guys have to be so calculating?"

                Lin Mo was completely speechless, this girl, she was really hopeless.

                Seeing Lin Mo's expression, Lin Lin became even more annoyed and broke into a curse, "Who are you to say anything about me?"

                "Don't think I don't know about you, you're just a son-in-law from home, do you really take yourself seriously?"

                "Hmph, a man with no blood in his veins, and still running off to become a son-in-law, are you ashamed of yourself?"

                "I'm a girl, I even know that I need to meet some promising friends and know that I have to work hard for myself."

                "What about you? A big man, eating soft rice and laughing at other people's struggles, what the hell?"

                Lin Mo glanced at the two people in the room, "These are your so-called promising friends?"

                Lin Lin said loudly, "What, you're still not convinced?"

                "Do you know who they are?"

                "Do you know what Brother Lin's status is?"

                "Heh, Lin Mo, you know nothing about strength, at all!"

                "Do you know that in this world, there are people who, with just one finger, can crush you to death. With just one word, you can be left dead without a burial place!"

                "And Brother Lin, is such a big shot!"

                "For the sake of the thousand dollars my second aunt gave me, I advise you to get lost, don't stay here and make a fool of yourself."

                "Otherwise, you won't even know how to die later!"

                Lin Mo had a disdainful look on his face, "Big shot?"

                "Heh, in my eyes, they're just a bunch of trash!"

                Liu Lin was immediately annoyed: "Damn you, are you looking for death?"

                At that moment, the door of the room was also opened and a dozen of people rushed in.

                "Brother Lin, what's wrong?"

                Seeing these men of his, Liu Lin was immediately filled with smugness as he glanced obliquely at Lin Mo: "Kid, now, are you still mad?"

                Lin Lin leaned on Liu Lin's shoulder and also looked at Lin Mo with a contemptuous expression.

                Now that she had completely seen Chen Hao, she knew that this man could not be counted on. Therefore, she planned to simply get close to Liu Lin.

                In her opinion, Lin Mo was just a small person at the bottom of society, who had no idea how cruel this society really was.

                What she was in contact with now was the real high society, something that Lin Mo could never imagine.

                Therefore, from the beginning to the end, she did not put Lin Mo in her eyes.

                As far as she could remember, the Xu family, which was still poor as it was more than ten years ago, she had no idea what the Xu family was like now.

                She had always treated the Xu family, too, with disdain!