Medical Genius Chapter 1001

 Lin Lin was knocked to the ground as Chen Hao stepped on her head, hissing with a grimace, "I'm telling you, today, you can't disagree even if you don't!"

                "Tonight, you must go and accompany Lin!"

                "Otherwise, I'll send out all the photos of us making out!"

                "I'll make you lose face in the future!"

                Lin Lin panicked, "Honey, you ...... how can you do this?"

                "I'm your wife ......"

                Chen Hao kicked her away, "Shut up!"

                "What wife?"

                "When something happens to me, you don't help at all, what kind of relationship are you talking about?"

                "I'm telling you, if you don't agree, I'll break up with you right away!"

                "And not only will I send all your pictures out, I'll fucking kick you out of the university town, I'll make it impossible for you to be a human being for the rest of your life!"

                Lin Lin's eyes were red, and she looked at Chen Hao in disbelief.

                She really couldn't understand how this man, who usually spoke sweetly to her, could become so hideous at this moment.

                "Laozi gives you ten minutes to think it over!"

                "If you don't agree, I'll send your picture out now!"

                "Also, you think you can just disagree?"

                "When you get here, you don't want to get out."

                "Are you trying to get us to use force?"

                Chen Hao scolded angrily, and Lin Lin covered her face and sat on the floor crying.


                Eleven o'clock at night.

                It was the time when people were on at the bar, and Lin Mo walked into Cheeky Bar wearing a casual outfit.

                According to the information given by Tiger, Liu Lin was usually inside the office on the top floor.

                The office overlooked the entire bar, and Liu Lin would have nothing to do but take a look at the bar.

                If he found a beautiful woman, he would come down and observe it himself.

                If he thought it was okay, he would find a way to get the pretty girl into his hands.

                Liu Lin had plenty of money, and with the power of the Liu family, over the years, he could be said to have been a groom night after night.

                Most of the girls, were laid off by Liu Lin with money.

                There were also some who did not comply, but they were raped by Liu Lin, and afterwards, they were forced to settle the matter.

                Over the years, there were also a few chaste women who insisted on suing him.

                As a result, these girls, were either crippled or simply disappeared suddenly, without knowing where they were.

                Even, in the year before last, there was an even bigger incident.

                A female university student, who went to his venue with her boyfriend to play, was taken in by him and dragged to a private room and insulted.

                The boyfriend tried to resist and was thrown down the stairs.

                The boy was a single parent and his mother came alone to voice his grievances, but no one paid any attention.

                Liu Lin found someone to take care of the matter and finally ruled that the boy had lost his footing and fallen off the building, and they just paid out a few thousand dollars and the matter was over.

                The boy's mother was furious and made a fuss for a long time, but was beaten up by Liu Lin and eventually jumped down from the building.

                The police intervened and investigated for a long time, but in the end they could not prove that Liu Lin had done it, so it was left unresolved.

                However, the story had spread in Guangyang City.

                No one dared to mess with this scoundrel.

                However, if he dared to hit Xu Hanxia this time, then he was really seeking his own death!

                Lin Mo went straight upstairs, and when he reached the third floor stairway, he was stopped by two hans.

                "What are you doing?"

                "Are you fucking blind? Can't you see it's written here that you're not allowed in?"

                "Upstairs is our boss's office, no one is allowed to go up there, get lost!"

                Lin Mo laughed and suddenly reached out, two silver needles stabbed the two men in the neck at the same time.

                The two hans stared at each other with wide eyes, standing straight in place, their eyes lax.

                Lin Mo used the silver needles to seal their acupuncture points, and within an hour, they would not be able to move normally.

                However, their bodies were stiff and they could still stand here.

                Outsiders would not be able to see the condition of these two without looking closely.

                Lin Mo walked upstairs to the door of his office just as he heard Chen Hao's voice: "Lin Lin, this is Brother Lin."

                "Brother Lin is a big shot, you have to serve Brother Lin well, do you know that?"