Medical Genius Chapter 1000

 Cheeky Bar.

                Linlin arrived panting and full of joy.

                She had originally walked all the way back to school, but Chen Hao had called her and said he was going to take her out, so she had come over immediately and joyfully.

                She didn't have any money on her, she even borrowed money from her classmates for a taxi, and she had dressed up specially.

                Seeing Chen Hao, Lin Lin was all excited: "Husband."

                With a gentle smile on his face, Chen Hao took Linlin's shoulders and entered the bar.

                Linlin was full of joy and felt sweet.

                When he entered a private room, Chen Hao immediately looked serious: "Lin Lin, do you love me?"

                Linlin nodded vigorously, "Honey, I love you to death!"

                "In my life, I only love you!"

                "You are my whole world!"

                Chen Hao nodded in satisfaction, "Then are you willing to do anything for me?"

                Lin Lin nodded again, "I'm willing to do anything for you!"

                Chen Hao said with deep emotion, "Linlin, meeting you is really my greatest luck!"

                "In my last life, I don't know how many good deeds I had to do to meet you."

                Linlin blushed slightly and was in an excited mood, she loved hearing Chen Hao say these sweet love words the most.

                Chen Hao talked for a while longer, and when he saw that the time was almost right, he whispered, "Linlin, tonight, you have to do me a favour."

                "If you don't help me, I ...... I'll be dead ......"

                Lynn was surprised, "Honey, what's wrong?"

                "What's happening?"

                Chen Hao shook his head, "Linlin, you promised me first that you would help me, right?"

                Linlin was a little confused, but still nodded, "Honey, no matter what, I will help you!"

                Chen Hao was beaming with joy, "Great!"

                "Linlin, actually ...... it's not really a big deal."

                "Tonight, I think ...... I'd like you to keep Lin Lin company!"

                Linlin was puzzled, "Accompany Brother Lin?"

                "Accompany him for what?"


                Chen Hao shook his head, "It's not drinking, it's ...... sleeping ......"

                Lin Lin froze for a moment, and then her face changed drastically, "Honey, what are you ...... you talking about?"

                "I ...... I slept with him?"

                Chen Hao nodded his head.

                Lin Lin's eyes widened, "Husband, are you crazy?"

                "I ...... I'm your dearest wife, how can you make me do such a thing?"

                Chen Hao immediately cried out, "Honey, I can't help it."

                "You know, Binzi and the others are going to jail, I'm afraid."

                "A few of the enemies I offended before even said they would chop me up."

                "If Lin doesn't help me, I ...... I'll be dead!"

                "Brother Lin said that he will absolutely help me as long as you stay with him for one night."

                "Not only that, he will fully support me in the future, I ...... I'll be the boss of the university town from now on!"

                "Linlin, you know, I've been waiting for this opportunity."

                "If I take control of University City, then we'll be rich and I'll be able to give you the best life possible."

                "This is a chance, Lynn, I ...... I really have no choice, I'm just begging you."

                "Lynn, help me, help me, just one night, just one night ......"

                Lynn's face went pale, she hadn't even thought that the person she loved the most would say something like that.

                She staggered back two steps and said in a trembling voice, "Honey, I'm the one you love the most!"

                "How could you ...... you do such a thing?"

                "For the sake of your own future, you ...... don't care about me?"

                Chen Hao hurriedly said, "Linlin, this is not my future alone, this is the future of both of us, the future of both of us!"

                "Linlin, just one night, just one night, and we'll have everything!"

                "Lynn, I will always love you ......"

                Linlin still shook her head, she didn't agree at all.

                Chen Hao persuaded her for a while, seeing that she didn't agree, he couldn't help but get annoyed and threw a slap at her face.

                "Damn, bitch, did Laozi give you face?"