I Give Up Trying Chapter 97-98

 Chapter 97

And outside the door of the Western medical operation room.

        The eldest master Bai Hai and Bai Yifan were waiting in silence, and each of their faces, with a relaxed look, looked to the Chinese medical treatment room from time to time and let out a sneer of derision.

        They were not worried at all about the old master Bai.

        After all, in the eyes of everyone, Mike had the art of bringing the dead back to life.

        The old man's heart had stopped beating, and it was still Dr. Michael who brought the old man back to life with his miraculous technique.

        And now, he led the team to do the surgery himself, almost 100% success.

        "Hahaha ...... Do you think that Dr. Lin will become the biggest joke in Chinese medicine? I have heard, however, that the treatment has just begun and all the herbalist assistants are coming out!" Bai Yifan swept a sarcastic glance at the Chinese medicine treatment room.

        The rest of the Bai family executives beside him also responded with a smug face.

        "Who says it isn't? I don't know what kind of ecstasy Dr. Lin gave Gao Lao? Still a miracle cure, I pooh ......"

        "Haha, or we have the foresight to know that Chinese medicine is not working, and have found Mr. Mike, this time our old master's life is absolutely worry-free."


        Many of the Bai family executives looked at Bai Yifan with admiration.

        Even the eldest son, Bai Hai, looked at his son's eyes, filled with relief.

        In their eyes, it was Bai Yifan who had saved the old master's life.

        In the midst of the chattering of the crowd, the sound of footsteps was heard.

        I heard a sound of footsteps.

        Afterwards, Bai Yifan and the others saw that a group of TCM experts, including Li Mingyi, were coming over.

        Li Mingyi, this is the Chinese medicine assistant of the previous Dr. Lin.

        They were the ones who whisked away.

        "Doctor Li!"

        When he saw Li Mingyi and the others, Bai Hai, the eldest, hurriedly welcomed them and said with a smile.

        "What happened? Shouldn't several of you be in the treatment room, helping Dr. Lin?"

        The eldest Bai Hai asked knowingly.

        The rest of the Bai family members also looked at Li Mingyi and the others with jocular faces.

        "Bah! What the hell is Dr. Lin? I think he's a liar!"

        Li Mingyi was still resentful and spit in the direction of the TCM treatment room.


        Seeing this scene, Bai Yifan and the others became even more interested.

        "Dr. Li, tell me, how did that Dr. Lin become a liar?" Bai Yifan asked curiously.

        And seeing the looks of the crowd, Li Mingyi several people could not help but look incomparably gloomy, and could only explain.

        "We had just entered the treatment room, and that so-called Doctor Lin, who had just taken one look at the patient, concluded that he had 'Philharmonic Rock Disease'!"


        Bai Yifan and the others were all foggy, obviously this name was extremely unfamiliar to them.

        "The so-called Filinock's disease is one of the world's most difficult complications to diagnose! Only one case has been diagnosed worldwide!" Li Mingyi said with resentment as he explained.

        "You know what? Only the Royal Hospital of Eagle Country has ever diagnosed and cured a case of this disease!"

        "And this kid, who has no instruments to test, no smell to look at, only a glance to determine the symptoms, full of nonsense, if he is not a liar, what is he!"


        Hearing Li Mingyi's words, the White House crowd was in an uproar.

        The world's most difficult disease to diagnose.

        And that guy cut off the disease at a glance?

        This is definitely a bullshit liar no doubt.

        "Hahaha ...... Dr. Lee, you don't need to get upset over a liar! Don't worry, after today, this person will be ruined!"

        Bai Yifan's smile grew brighter and brighter.

        In his heart, he was even more proud of himself for having found Dr. Mike!


        While everyone was talking, the lights went out in the operating room and the door opened.

        Mike and others, slowly walked out.


        The scene made the White family executives, ecstatic, welcome him.

        "Dr. Mike, how is my grandfather?"

        "Mr. Mike, I'm sure the old man is fine, right? Hahaha, thank you for your wonderful hand, Western medicine is awesome!"


        Many Bai family members were happily complimenting him.

        And Li Mingyi and others beside him, looking at Mike, a western medical team, were also filled with envy and complexity.


        When Mike and the others took off their masks, everyone was dumbfounded, because they realized that everyone on the Western medical team looked extremely heavy.

        It was as if something bad had happened.

        Instantly, the air was quiet.

        Mike looked at Bai Yifan and shook his head with a pale face.

        "Mr. White, I'm sorry, but your grandfather's surgery ...... failed!"

Chapter 98


        This sentence made the smiles on the faces of Bai Yifan and everyone else freeze.

        Fail ...... failed?

        This, how is this possible!

        "Mr. Mike, you can't be serious! Is this joke not funny at all?" Bai Yifan's smile was extremely stiff, and his look was flickering with fear.

        The old master was the pillar of the Bai family.

        If something bad happens to him, the Bai family will suffer a fatal blow.

        And even more terrifying!

        All the guilt will be put on his head, after all, he invited Mike and others.

        Thinking of this, Bai Yifan's scalp went numb, and his gaze towards Mack and the others became more and more frightened.

        "This is real!" The color of Mike's face flickers with a deep resignation.

        "The original surgery, already a success! But somehow, your grandfather's body fell into a self-protective mechanism and his organs began to suffer severe organ failure! He still has ...... three days to live!"

        "Also ......"

        At this point, Mike's look became complicated and incredulous, and he said, "I'm not going to tell you what's going on.

        "We have just contacted a medical magnate overseas, and after that magnate confirmed that your grandfather actually has a real medical condition called Zielinghorst's disease!"


        This sentence, like a thunderbolt in the sky, made the eldest Bai Hai, Bai Yifan and everyone else, their bodies trembled, almost unable to believe their own ears.


        Naturally, this name was not unfamiliar to them.

        Because just yesterday, Lin Fan had pointed out this disease in the hospital room in public.

        And at that time, everyone just took it as a joke.

        "No ...... impossible, how could the old lady be Zirinhossein's disease? And how does this guy Lin Fan know about it?" On the faces of Bai Yifan and the others, there was a look as if they had seen a ghost.

        It wasn't just them!

        At this moment, Mike was equally numb.

        After all, as a doctor, he was the one who had refuted Lin Fan yesterday, and it was the first time he had heard of this disease.

        "Could it be that yesterday's resurrection from the dead had something to do with that guy?"

        Mike's eyelids fluttered wildly, and he couldn't help but remember the slap that Lin Fan had given him yesterday.

        It was that slap that brought the old master back to life.

        Is this really related?

        Mike, at this moment, can't imagine going on.

        On the other hand, Li Mingyi and other TCM experts are now relieved.

        Li Mingyi and other TCM experts, but at this moment, they were all relieved.

        "Fortunately, Mike's team failed, then our TCM isn't too humiliated!"

        "Yes, that Lin is really lucky! If not, he will definitely become the joke of all of Warsaw!"


        These TCM experts, one by one, were talking quietly.

        At this moment, Mike and the others apparently also found them, and were slightly startled.

        "Is it over on the TCM side?"

        Mike and the others were incredulous.

        After all, when they entered the operating room, the so-called Doctor Lin didn't even show up?

        How can it end sooner than they do.

        Hear that!

        The next thing you know, there's someone who is sneering at you.

        "What's over? It didn't even start!"

        "That doctor Lin is here, but he is a liar!"


        This sentence, which fell on the ears of Mike and the others, also made them breathe a long sigh of relief.

        Fortunately, although their side failed, the TCM side was even more humiliated.


        Right now, as Mike and the others were laughing at that liar, Dr. Lin, in their hearts, Li and the others were raging at the liar, Dr. Lin!

        Squeak ......

        The door of the nearby Chinese medicine treatment room opened.

        And then, under everyone's astonished gaze, Gao Lao was supporting an old man and came out of the treatment room ......!

        When they saw the face of the old man being assisted.

        Whether it was Li Mingyi and other Chinese medicine experts, or Mike and other Western medicine experts, or all the Bai family executives, one by one, as if struck by lightning, as if they had seen a ghost, incredulous.