I Give Up Trying Chapter 91-93

 Chapter 91

Half an hour later.

        The competition between Chinese and Western doctors had begun, and Mike, the Western doctor, with his team of assistants, entered the operating room.

        He has officially started the surgical treatment for the old man Bai.

        On the other hand, all the Chinese doctors were like hot pots.

        All the TCM doctors were like ants on a hot pot, anxious and confused.

        "Gao Lao, why hasn't the Doctor Lin you mentioned come yet? Could it be that he really ran away from the battle?" A Chinese medicine expert, with an ugly face, asked Gao Lao.

        Not only him, the eyes of the rest of the crowd also looked at Gao Lao.

        After all, this Chinese and Western medicine competition was televised live.

        If Dr. Lin escaped from the competition, then Chinese medicine would really become a joke in the mouths of all Jiang City people.

        Traditional Chinese medicine would be devastated and completely out of fashion.

        At this moment, Gao Zhiyuan laughed bitterly.

        Among these people, only he knew Lin Fan's true identity, and only he had a hundred times more confidence in him.

        But he was unable to explain, and at this moment could only say with a hard scalp.

        "Don't worry, Dr. Lin will be here soon! I'm going to wait for him at the hospital entrance, so don't worry!"


        Gao left the crowd quickly, and then came to the hospital entrance in a frenzy, waiting anxiously.

        While he was waiting for ten minutes, he was almost in tears.

        He saw an electric car, riding leisurely and leisurely into the hospital.

        "Mr. Lin!"

        When Gao Lao saw Lin Fan in the car, he was overjoyed and hurriedly welcomed him, asking anxiously.

        "Mr. Lin, what took you so long? The tournament has already been going on for ten minutes, and if we were any later, it would be completely too late!"

        While wiping his sweat, Gao Lao hurriedly asked.

        Just hearing this, Lin Fan faintly shrugged his shoulders, and from the back seat of the electric car, he brought down a basket of vegetables.

        "I just went to the market and bought some groceries, so I was delayed!"


        Hearing this, Gao Lao realized that Lin Fan's basket was full of one kind of vegetable after another.

        Radish, eggplant, celery ......

        This is ......

        At this moment, Gao Lao could not wait to run himself to death.

        I dared to say that a group of my own people, anxious as ants on a hot pot, were looking forward to the end, while this master was shopping in the market ......

        Gao Lao couldn't believe that the hallowed White Bone Sage, an existence that was worshipped as a god by the bigwigs of the global medical community, had really become a home cook.

        "There's still time, let's go!"

        Lin Fan did not care at all about Gao Lao's strange gaze, and walked straight into the hospital with a basket of vegetables in his hand.

        The old man didn't have time to think about it and could only follow quickly.

        Soon, the two arrived at the surgery preparation room.

        The two of them came to the surgery preparation room.

        As soon as they approached, they heard dissatisfied voices coming from inside.

        "Who the hell is that Doctor Lin? What's with the big shelf, is it really a fraud?"

        "Impossible, Gao Lao is the master of traditional Chinese medicine, if he is a liar, how could he hide it from us!"

        "Also! It's a pity that even if that Lin is somewhat capable, this time I'm afraid he'll be a coward and won't dare to come! It just hurts us TCM practitioners!"


        Many Chinese doctors were discussing, and every one of them had a strong dissatisfaction with Doctor Lin in their words.

        And at that very moment!


        The door to the preparation room was pushed open, and Gao Lao walked in with a young man carrying a basket of vegetables.

        "Let me introduce to you all, this is Doctor Lin!"

Chapter 92

Dr. Lin?

        At this moment in the preparation room, all the TCM experts, looking up and down at Lin Fan, were completely confused.

        What kind of joke is this?

        Lin Fan looks like a young man in his early twenties, but he is just a woolly man, dressed in casual clothes and carrying a basket of vegetables.

        Especially looking at the wide variety of vegetables, it was as if he had just come from the market.

        This kind of person, how to go along with the word 'divine doctor'.

        "Gao ...... Gao Lao, are you mistaken? Is he really the Doctor Lin that you mentioned?" A TCM expert, immediately could not help but ask.

        They had always thought that the divine physician who was held in such high esteem by TCM practitioners like Gao Zhiyuan was definitely an old man of high esteem, but they could never have imagined that it would be a young man.

        But they could never have imagined that it would be a young man.

        Rather, it was a youth who was strolling through the market.

        "That's right! He is the Doctor Lin!" Naturally, the Elder could see that the crowd was confused, but did not explain.

        "Okay, I know what you're thinking, but believe me, I, Gao Zhiyuan, vouch for half a lifetime of reputation! Dr. Lin will definitely help us to raise our eyebrows!"


        Hearing this, even though there were many TCM experts around, no matter how many doubts there were, they could only hold their noses and admit it.

        Immediately, some nursing staff brought over the surgical gown, mask, gloves and other items.



        The live broadcast of this Chinese and Western medicine match was in front of the entire Jiang City public.

        After seeing that the match had already started for twenty minutes, the Chinese medicine treatment room was still empty, and there was no so-called Doctor Lin at all.

        All the viewers in front of the TV in Jiang City were completely furious!

        "Liar! I don't know what kind of doctor Lin is, but I think it's almost like a god."

        "That's right, that Dr. Lin doesn't even dare to participate in the competition, it's simply a disgrace to our Chinese people!"

        "Chinese medicine is a fraud, and this Dr. Lin is garbage!"


        In an instant, almost all the viewers sitting in front of the TV, waiting, were furious.

        The impression of TCM in their hearts instantly fell into the abyss.

        It was not just ordinary viewers.

        At this moment, Bai's family was also watching the live broadcast on TV quietly.

        "Alas, it seems that Western Doctor Mike was right, that God Doctor Lin has not appeared so far, I'm afraid that he has really been a turtle!" Bai Shan looked at the empty TCM treatment room in the live feed, and could not help but let out a long sigh.

        Chinese medicine, after all, is the pride of Huaxia, a thousand years of heritage.

        But it was hard to imagine that it would fall to such a pathetic state.

        A vaunted 'Doctor Lin', who didn't even have the courage to compete with Western doctors, was simply humiliated.

        It wasn't just him!

        Bai Yi and Shen Yumei, who were nearby, also had extremely complicated feelings.

        In particular, after they saw that in the Western medical operating room, the Mike team was systematically performing surgical treatment on Old Master Bai, their feelings became more and more complicated.

        Just at that moment!

        The camera on the live feed switched to a Chinese medicine treatment room.

        This scene made Bai Yi three people slightly stunned.

        But then, they were startled to see a group of people dressed in surgical gowns, masks, and armed to the teeth, walking in.

        "Could it be, that Divine Doctor Lin is here?"

        Almost instantly, the three members of the Bai family became nervous.

        They looked carefully at these people, but they were startled to find that the thin figure at the head of the family was somewhat familiar.

        The figure of the thin man at the head of the group was somewhat familiar.

        The figure of the thin man at the head was familiar.

        Bai Yi's beautiful eyes instantly stared at the thin man at the head of the body, the more I looked at the more I found familiar to the extreme, but could not remember, who is this person, where have we seen.

Chapter 93

This scene!

        It also fell into the eyes of the rest of the people of Jiang City who were watching the live broadcast.

        When they saw that someone had finally entered the Chinese medicine treatment room, all the curses and anger slowly calmed down.

        Everyone was waiting to see, what was the ability of that Dr. Lin that could make Mr. Gao hold Mr. Gao in such high esteem.

        And right under the gaze of these eyes!

        Chinese medicine treatment rooms!

        "Doctor Lin, let's begin!" This is the voice of the old man.

        He was the one who had also put on his surgical gown and had come to give a hand to that Lin divine physician.

        Hear this!

        The thin figure at the head of the group nodded his head.

        He came in front of the sick old man, took a glance up and down, and then said.

        "What this man is suffering from, is Philinocytosis, a blood disorder that causes cerebral palsy and general paralysis due to a lack of blood flow throughout the body!"


        When they heard this, not only were the people in the treatment room, such as Gao Lao, stunned, but also the Bai family in front of the TV, as well as many of the rest of the TV audience, were filled with incredulity.

        How could this be?

        How could this person, who had only looked at the patient from the moment he entered the treatment room, conclude this.

        You know!

        Chinese medicine is all about looking, smelling, asking, and cutting!

        Every step of the process was carefully grasped, and no conclusion was drawn until it was 100% certain.

        But now, this divine doctor Lin just took a glance and directly concluded that it was Philharmonic disease, which was simply too rash.

        In an instant!

        Once again, the entire audience in front of the TV was in an uproar.

        "A glance off the disease? This one, Lin, is either a real doctor or a big liar!"

        "Exactly! I listened to his voice, he didn't seem very old, so I guess 90 percent, he's a liar."


        In front of the TV, almost every viewer had a strong question about Lin Fan's status as a divine doctor.

        Even Bai Shan and Bai Yi and others had their brows furrowed.

        "This Divine Doctor Lin, is too rash, how can he determine the disease at a glance?"

        Bai Shan sighed long and hard, but his heart was more than a little disappointed in the skills of the Lin Divine Doctor.

        Just a side of Bai Yi!

        The petite body stiffened slightly after hearing the voice of that divine doctor Lin.


        The voice, although changed by the broadcast, is still familiar to the extreme.


        When Bai Yi carefully, after observing the eyes of that Lin Shen doctor, her entire body, even more like a thunderbolt, almost could not believe her own eyes.

        "Dad ...... Mom! Do you see if this Doctor Lin looks like Lin Fan?"


        Bai Yi's words left Bai Shan and Shen Yumei completely confused.

        Lin Fan?

        Dr. Lin?

        How is this possible.

        At the moment, the White Mountain couple almost stared at the eyes of that forest divine doctor, but was startled to discover ...... like!

        It resembles Lin Fan's eyes, especially with the familiar voice from earlier, which ......

        "No ...... can't be!" Bai Shan shook his head, and then said to his wife and daughter.

        "This person can't be Lin Fan, Lin Fan went to buy food, why would he go to the hospital! Besides, Lin Fan doesn't know how to heal, so how can he learn from others to be a doctor."

        Don't know how to do medicine?

        Hearing this, Bai Yi's mind could not help but float back to the Soul Returning Pill, and likewise could not help but remember Lin Fan's words in the hospital room yesterday, cutting off the 'Zirinhosd' disease.

        Is this all a coincidence?

        Bailey couldn't believe it, and couldn't believe it either.