I Give Up Trying Chapter 89-90

 Chapter 89


        When they heard the news, the Bai family was stunned.

        They did not expect that the TCM doctor, after having just suffered the loss of the first TCM doctor in Jiang City, Gao Zhiyuan, would once again launch a challenge.

        In particular, it was a strange doctor surnamed Lin.

        Could it be that this doctor, surnamed Lin, was even more powerful than Gao's medical skills?

        How else could he have accepted the challenge to come and compete?

        "We don't seem to have any famous herbalists in Jiang City with the last name of Lin, do we?" Bai Shan frowned, but couldn't remember who the doctor was.

        Bai Yi, on the other hand, was also extremely puzzled.

        "What's going on lately? First there was a big man named Mr. Lin! And now, there's another Doctor Lin!"

        The whole family was full of confusion.

        They couldn't even guess, who was this Doctor Lin?

        However, that was not all.

        Soon, images of Gao Zhiyuan, the first Chinese doctor in Jiang City, appeared on TV.

        In the interview, Gao Zhiyuan swept away the haze of his previous defeat, became full of vigor and red, and said to the interviewer.

        "It's a great fortune for us to be able to invite Dr. Lin this time, and we would like to express our gratitude and respect to him for being able to come and participate in the competition despite his busy schedule."

        "Tomorrow morning, I believe Divine Doctor Lin will use the incredible art of TCM to make everyone understand that TCM is definitely a miraculous healing art that saves lives and heals injuries!"


        Listening to Gao Zhiyuan's words, the Bai family was completely stunned.

        Even through the TV screen, they could truly feel Gao Zhiyuan's confidence and respect for that divine doctor Lin.

        "Gosh, now I'm more and more curious, what kind of person is that Divine Doctor Lin?" Bai Shan was full of wonder.

        And Bai Yi, too, was incredulous.

        "Yes, Gao Lao is already the number one Chinese medicine practitioner in our city of Jiang, and the medical practitioner that he respects so much must be an old Chinese medicine practitioner."

        Old Chinese Medicine?

        The corner of Lin Fan's mouth, slightly a draw.

        He knew that even if he told Bai Yi and the others that he was the Lin Divine Doctor, I'm afraid they wouldn't believe it.

        And just at that moment.

        The interview with the interviewer was given to the Western medical expert, Mike.

        On the TV, Mike said in a high and mighty voice, full of disdain.

        "TCM? It's just a piece of shit!"

        "That Lin is nothing but a drunken sack of claptrap! In tomorrow's game, I will heal old Mr. Bai, and I will also find an identical patient for the guy surnamed Lin."

        "Watch, tomorrow that surnamed Lin will be defeated by my Western medicine techniques and make him beg for mercy on his knees! Admit with your own mouth that TCM is a fraud and garbage! Hahaha ......"

        Mike's laugh was rampant.

        At his side, while holding his stinky feet, Bai Yifan said to the reporter.

        "Today, my grandfather almost lost his life. His heart stopped for ten minutes, and it was only through Dr. Mike's Western medicine that my grandfather was brought back to life!

        "So, I'm sure Dr. Mike will be able to save my grandfather tomorrow, and as for that Mr. Lin? I'm sorry, I've never heard of this person, I'm afraid I don't know where the country bondman came from."

        Bai Yifan's words, everywhere, touted Western medicine and stepped on Chinese medicine.

        And when he saw this scene, the corners of Lin Fan's mouth could not help but slightly curl up.

        The corner of Lin Fan's mouth could not help but slightly curl up, a wisp of a smile appeared seemingly absent.

        He really wanted to know what kind of face these two people would have after tomorrow's match.

Chapter 90

The next morning.

        Bai's family woke up early, Shen Yumei prepared a meal, and everyone was watching TV while eating.

        On the TV, there was a live broadcast of the Chinese and Western medicine competition.

        In the picture, both Gao Zhiyuan, Western medicine Mike and others were already preparing early.

        Among them, the patient on the Western doctor's side was Old Master Bai.

        On the Chinese doctor's side, an elderly patient with the same condition as Master Bai was sent.

        In comparison!

        The symptoms of this elderly patient seemed to be even more severe.

        The entire face was covered with dense age spots, and his eyebrows were filled with dead air, looking as if he would die at any moment.

        On the other hand, Old Master Bai, on the other hand, was breathing steadily and powerfully.

        "Alas! Big Brother just called and wouldn't let us go to the hospital!" At the dinner table, Bai Shan sighed long and hard.

        In the eyes of all the Bai family members, the old master was in the hospital because he was angry with his own family.

        They had become a thorn in the side of all the Bai family members.

        This time, even when the old master Bai had an operation, they were all denied a visit by the Bai family.

        "If you don't let me go, I won't go!" Shen Yumei did not care and said directly.

        "Anyway, we can see the old lady's condition through the live broadcast, and it's not too late for us to go after the operation is successful."

        Hearing this, Bai Shan could only nod his head helplessly.

        And at this moment.

        Bai Yi, on the other hand, looked at the live feed, knitted her brows, and said in confusion.

        "Strange to say, everyone is ready, but why can't we see that Dr. Lin?"


        This phrase, however, reminded Bai Shan and Shen Yumei.

        The couple was also in the picture, constantly searching, but did not find anyone special within the Chinese medicine camp.

        "There's still half an hour to go before the Chinese and Western medicine competition starts, is that Dr. Lin retreating at the last minute?" Bai Shan said with a frown.

        It wasn't just him.

        At this moment, even Bai Yi and Shen Yumei, also thought so.

        After all, yesterday, when they were interviewed by the press, that Doctor Lin didn't show up.

        Now, the match was about to begin, and everyone was ready, but that Doctor Lin was still nowhere to be seen, so how could one not question that?

        Obviously, the Chinese and Western medicine camps have also discovered this doubt.

        Immediately, a reporter asked Gao Zhiyuan.

        "May I ask Gao Lao, where is that Mr. Lin's man? It's still half an hour before the competition, why haven't the participants shown up?"

        Hearing the questioning tone, the old man looked slightly embarrassed and could only say with a hard scalp.

        "Don't worry, the competition will go on as scheduled, and Doctor Lin, too, will definitely come!"

        However, the old man's words had just dropped.

        Mike, the western doctor beside him, scoffed.

        "Cut! I'm afraid that Lin doesn't dare to come, right? I've been a shrinking turtle for a long time!"


        This sentence made everyone's face change.

        All the experts and medical personnel from the Chinese medicine camp, one by one, looked extremely pale, while on the other side, Bai Yifan and the others, who supported Western medicine, ridiculed them.

        "Hmph! We have investigated and found that there is no Chinese medicine practitioner surnamed Lin in the Jiang City area!" The sarcasm at the corner of Dr. Mike's mouth grows stronger.

        "In my opinion, I'm afraid that this time, you TCM fraudsters, you don't know where to find a jianghu doctor, that person didn't even dare to show his face, and he was scared away!"


        As soon as the words were spoken, the faces of all the TCM experts were dripping with gloom.

        That's not all.

        Western Medicine Mike continued.

        "Don't worry, even if that liar surnamed Lin doesn't dare to show up, today's game will go on as normal, and I, Western Medicine Mike, am a great believer in medical ethics and will heal Old Master Bai completely!"

        Pop, pop, pop!

        Hearing this, Bai Yifan and the others below cheered and applauded, praising Mike's medical virtue.

        And at the same time!

        In front of the TV, Lin Fan slowly put down his chopsticks.

        After picking up a basket of food, he said to Bai Yi.

        "Honey, I'm going to the grocery store!"

        Grocery shopping?

        Bai's family was all stunned.

        "Lin Fan, don't you watch the live broadcast of the Chinese and Western medicine competition?" Bai asked with a puzzled face.


        The corner of Lin Fan's mouth, if you don't go to the grocery store yourself, you're afraid that you'll never see Doctor Lin.

        "No more looking!"

        After saying that, Lin Fan took the basket of vegetables, rode the electric bicycle and left the house in a leisurely manner.