I Give Up Trying Chapter 87-88

 Chapter 87

In particular, when the knife saw that Lin Fan walked towards the Mercedes-Benz car, he was busy greeting his bodyguards.

        "Little Three, Little Four! Quickly, move the car in front of you to make way for Mr. Lin!"


        Immediately, two bodyguards hurried over and drove away the two blocked Toyota Highlanders.

        Until this moment.

        Only then did Lin Fan arrive at Bai Yi's side and said with a smile.

        "Honey, let's go!"

        Lin Fan's smile was so gentle that it made people feel like spring breeze.

        In particular, his body, from start to finish, was not even stained with a trace of blood.

        This even gave Bai Yi the illusion that the Lin Fan in front of her was still the same tyrannical, ruthless, one-against-twenty ruthless man she had just been?

        The family of four got into the Mercedes.

        As the sedan slowly drives away.

        On the road behind.

        The two sides of the road, the two sides of the road, the two sides of the road, the two sides of the road, the two sides of the road, the two sides of the road.

        "Farewell, Mr. Lin!"

        "Farewell, Mr. Lin!"


        The scene was spectacular.

        This scene, in particular, if the ordinary people in Jiang City were to see it, they would definitely be scared to death.

        Who can imagine, in the north city of Jiang City no one dare to provoke the knife master dog, will bow to a car, this is simply incredible.

        It was the first time that the company had been in the business.

        The knife master and others, only then slowly straightened up.

        "Phew! That was a close one, dodging a bullet!"

        Master Blade's face, still with a strong palpitation, wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, only to find that even the clothes on his back were wet with sweat.

        "Brother, who exactly is this Mr. Lin? Isn't he a door-to-door son-in-law?" The dog was trembling with fear as he asked the knife master.

        Only, he had just finished.


        A slap on the face, and it smacked him in the face.

        Master Knife was simply lung-bursting.

        "Son-in-law? Are you a fucking idiot, who's door-to-door son-in-law can beat twenty people at once!"

        "Whoever's son-in-law at the door can make No. 1 Liu Zhen those big shots, bow and salute, go to the prison and invite them out personally!"


        This is like a thunderbolt that struck Dog and others.

        It was the first time I've ever been to a prison.

        This ......

        Mourning Dog was completely confused.

        Until this moment, he finally understood why his big brother, Master Blade, was so respectful and stubborn towards Lin Fan.

        "Also, Lost Dog, who is going to deal with Mr. Lin this time?"

        The Blade is not stupid.

        Lin Fan didn't ask the mastermind behind it, so he was giving him a chance.

        If he couldn't get this done, then he was really wasting his time.

        "Bai Yifan of the Bai family!"

        The mourning dog said Bai Yifan's name at this moment and gnashed his teeth.

        It's all because of that bastard, who obviously said he was a son-in-law of a loser, and as a result caused himself and more than twenty brothers to break their arms and legs.

        It's not just that, it's also that he almost lost his life.

        It's a damned shame.

        The most detestable thing is!

        That idiot doesn't even know what kind of people he's messing with, it's just stupid.

        "Hmph! The Bai family is really a bunch of drunken sacks that can't even see this great Buddha of Mr. Lin."

        The knife master also sneered and despised in his heart.

        At this point, he took a glance at the wounds of Mourning Dog and the others, and then said.

        "Today, you will go and heal yourselves, and on another day gather your brothers and go and settle the score with Bai Yifan!"

        "This time, do it right!"

        Then, without taking a deep look at the direction of the Mercedes-Benz, Master Dagger continued.

        "In addition, tell all the brothers under your command to restrain themselves from breaking the law, and if any more ungrateful one rushes Mr. Lin, I'll fucking skin him!"

Chapter 88

Inside the Mercedes-Benz, the atmosphere was incomparably dull.

        Whether it was Bai Yi in the passenger seat or Bai Shan and his wife in the back seat, they had not yet sobered up from the shock.

        Lin Fan hit 20 people at a time, with ruthless and cruel methods.

        The famous Sword Master was very respectful to Lin Fan.

        All these things, in their eyes, they only felt that their son-in-law's body was covered with a veil of mystery.

        It became so strange.

        So mysterious.

        After a long time.

        Bai Yi finally couldn't hold back her curiosity and couldn't help but say.

        "Lin Fan, don't you want to explain?"


        Lin Fan was slightly startled, then turned back to look at the couple's faces and said with a smile.

        "Dad, Mom! Don't look at me like that. I used to learn kung fu, but I've forgotten about it now."



        Hearing this, Bai Shan and his wife had their heads covered in black lines.

        One person, with his bare hands and empty fists, broke more than twenty brawny men with sticks and sticks with one hand and one foot.

        So if you haven't forgotten before, is it as easy as slaughtering a dog or a chicken to slaughter these twenty people?

        The corner of Bai Shan's mouth twitched, and he wanted to say something, but ultimately didn't. Only Bai Yi, on the other hand, continued to ask.

        Only Bai Yi, on the other hand, continued to ask.

        "Let's forget about the fact that you know kung fu and let's talk about how you know Master Blade."


        When they heard the word "Blade", the couple in the back row of the White Mountains instantly straightened their ears.

        That was the Overlord of the North City.

        They couldn't even imagine how Lin Fan knew Master Knife.

        "Wife, didn't I get caught in jail a few days ago?" Lin Fan smiled slightly, and then calmly said.

        "It just happened to be in a cell with that bald guy! At that time he tried to teach me a lesson, and then I convinced him with reason and taught him a lesson and put him in touch!"


        Hearing Lin Fan's words, the three members of the Bai family twitched once again.


        They couldn't even imagine how a ruthless man like Master Dagger, who licked blood from his blade, could be touched by words.

        "Lin Fan, do you think I'm an idiot?"

        Bai Yi blushed furiously, stared at Lin Fan with a fierce glare, and said.

        "Say, did you hit Master Knife, or else how could he be so kind to you?"

        Not only Baiyi.

        Even Mr. and Mrs. Baisan thought so.

        Just hearing this.

        Lin Fan quickly shook his head and said in a serious manner.

        "Honey, in good conscience, I'm not a violent person! I definitely didn't lay a finger on that guy."

        He really wasn't lying.

        After all, he didn't have to do anything to scare that knife guy half to death, and if he had actually done anything to the knife guy, the guy would have been in his coffin.


        Bai Yi's eyebrows furrowed slightly as she looked at Lin Fan's appearance and felt that he wasn't lying.

        It's just that she still found it hard to believe that when dealing with someone like Master Blade, he could transform them without violence, just with words.

        This, was too unbelievable.

        "Alright! Now that it's clear, it's okay!" A smile appeared on Bai Shan's face at this moment.

        Despite the scare, the more Baisan looked at his son-in-law, the more satisfied he became.

        Not only him!

        Next to her, Shen Yumei's gaze towards Lin Fan was much softer.

        "You brat, be more restrained from now on, you must have offended someone this time, that's why they want to waste you!"

        "If it happens again, we can't help you!"

        Although Shen Yumei's words were harsh, the smile on her lips was hard to conceal.


        The family returned home, and when they turned on the TV, they were startled by a news report on the TV.

        Suddenly, the family was startled by a piece of news on the TV.

        "This station continues to report that the PK competition between Chinese and Western doctors!"

        "According to the news that has just come in, Mr. Gao Zhiyuan, an expert in Chinese medicine, has once again challenged Mike, an expert in Western medicine, to a fight! It is said that the TCM contestant was a doctor named Lin!"

        "This doctor, surnamed Lin, has a mysterious identity and unknown origin, but he is highly esteemed by Dr. Gao Zhiyuan, the first Chinese doctor in our city, and is known as Dr. Lin!"