I Give Up Trying Chapter 84-86

 Chapter 84

Are you satisfied?

        When this sentence rang out, the dogs and others felt like they had been struck by a thunderbolt, making them almost pee.

        How, how is it possible?

        Lost Dog looked around at his men lying densely on the ground, and still felt as if he were dreaming.

        One man, crushed twenty men with weapons.

        Especially these twenty people, all of them broke their arms and legs, and every blow was sure to hit, and never failed.

        It was too incredible.



        Dense sweat flowed down from Lost Dog's forehead, his eyelids jumped wildly, looking at Lin Fan as if he were a monster.

        It was not just him.

        The Bai Yi family, who were on the side, were also all confused.

        "Little ...... Fan knows Kung Fu?"

        Bai Shan's eyes almost fell out, he usually saw many kung fu movies, but the scene just now, is definitely a kung fu movie, as well as exciting shock.

        The next Shen Yumei and Bai Yi, but also can not help but swallow a mouthful of spittle.

        At this moment, Shen Yumei remembered her own ordinary, taunting and humiliating scene against Lin Fan, and then looked at the scene in front of her, unconsciously, sweat has wet her back.

        Bai Yi, on the other hand, covered her small mouth in shock.

        Her beautiful eyes looked straight at Lin Fan.

        I don't know why.

        In her eyes, the Lin Fan at this moment was not like the useless husband who had accompanied her for three years, but more like a domineering, bloodthirsty, dictatorial devil.

        That kind of cruelty, that kind of cruelty, is simply unimaginable.

        Just at this moment.

        Lin Fan didn't care about the shock of the people around him, he looked at the mourning dog with a narrow smile and said playfully.

        "One more chance for you to call someone!"

        Call someone!


        A word woke up the dreamer.

        Before the dog was scared out of his wits by Lin Fan, completely forgetting that in that Land Rover, there was his own big brother, who had just been released from prison, as well as his big brother's bodyguard.

        When he thought of this, the dog was ecstatic.

        "Hahaha ...... Kid, thanks for reminding me! You're fucking finished, you've ruined me, you've ruined my brother, my brother will kill you!"

        As if seeing a savior, the dog laughed rampantly and then shouted wildly at the Land Rover, which had been silent the entire time.

        "Brother, come on! We've got a hard case, help me!"

        The mourning dog shrieks miserably.

        Not just him!

        The rest of the brawny men, one by one, also seemed to have remembered something, also shouted at the Land Rover.

        And in the midst of this shouting.

        Ka Ka!

        The sound of the car door opening sounded, and then the crowd saw four men in suits, walked out of the Land Rover.

        These four men were different from ordinary gangsters.

        They all wore sunglasses and were as straight as a gun, especially one with bulging temples and calluses on his palms.


        When the four brawny men in suits stepped out of the car, they all stood on either side of the door.

        And then, another figure, from the Land Rover, walked down.

        This man was a bald man.

        As if he had just been sleeping, he stretched out a lazy waist just after getting off the car, and then cursed with dissatisfaction.

        "What a loser, even for such a small job, I have to make an old man come out."

        "Mourning dog, don't you fucking know that I just got out of jail today?"


        The bald-headed man turned around.

        And when he saw the face of the bald man, Bai Shan's entire body trembled, almost peeing on the ground.

        "He ...... he's that fiercest ...... blade master in the North City?"

Chapter 85

Master Knife!

        When these two words fell on Bai Yi and Shen Yumei's ears, they also made their mother and daughter's eyelids jump.

        The two of them lived in the neighborhood, Liyuan Haotian in Jiangcheng North City.

        How could they not have heard of this fierce god, Master Blade?


        This man has carried more than twenty lives on his back, and is known as one of the two fierce gods of Jiang City, along with the South City Tiger.

        In particular, it is said that Master Blade's battle power is frighteningly strong, one person, one blade, dominating the North City, will either wipe out or expel a power.

        It is evident that this person is terrifying.

        "It's him, it's over, Little Fan is in trouble!" Bai Shan's family was so frightened that their faces were pale.

        It was as if Bai Yi had seen Lin Fan die a horrible death at the hands of Master Dagger, making her dizzy and almost falling to the ground.

        Lin Fan was powerful.

        But he was only hurting people, but Master Blade, on the other hand, was the master of killing.

        How can this be compared.

        At this moment, Bai's family was so anxious that they were about to tell Lin Fan to run for his life.

        It was just at this moment.

        "Brother, it's this kid, quick! Kill him, he has ruined more than twenty of our brothers, he must be killed!" As if seeing a savior, the dog shouted at the knife.


        Master Blade was slightly stunned.

        "Scraped twenty people?"

        He obviously didn't expect that there would be such a powerful guy in the territory of Jiang City.

        At that moment, Master Blade's ruthless eyes turned, and he looked straight ahead.

        Only, after he saw Lin Fan's smiling face.


        Master Blade only felt his head, as if he had been struck by lightning, causing his body to stiffen slightly and his face to brush and become bloodless.

        "Is ...... him?"

        At this moment, Master Blade's head couldn't help but recall images of the prison.



        This ...... devil!

        "Brother, help me take revenge, quick!" The mourning dog didn't even notice the knife's abnormality and still shouted.

        And when he heard this, he took a deep breath and nodded.

        Master Blade couldn't help but take a deep breath, and then nodded his head.

        "Yes! To avenge you!"

        After saying that, he bent down, he picked up a baseball bat from the ground, and then walked menacingly toward Lin Fan.


        The sound of Master Blade's footsteps was steady and powerful.

        The smile on the mourning dog's face was one point thicker with each step, while the faces of Bai Yi's family were one point whiter.

        "Hahaha ...... kid, are you afraid? My big brother is Master Blade, you don't fucking know, do you?"

        The smile on the dog's face was crazy and fierce.

        He stretched out his other hand and pointed at Lin Fan's body, his smile becoming more and more ferocious.

        "Later my brother will break your legs, break your hands, and finally shoot you in the ......."

        The words of the lost dog were filled with hatred.

        And every word made the Bai family fearful.

        Just at that moment.


        A cracking sound exploded, instantly breaking the dog's hideous words.

        The Lost Dog watched as his arm, which was pointed at Lin Fan, snapped off.


        The tidal wave of pain swept through every nerve of the dog, causing him to tremble all over his body.

        What made him even more unbelievable was that his own arm was broken by the  blade master.

        His own arm was actually broken by ...... Blade Master.

        How is this ...... possible.

        "Brother, how ...... you hit me? It's that kid, he's the one who beat up our brothers! You should have hit him!"

        Mourning Dog was completely confused.

        He never dreamed that the 'revenge' in his brother's mouth would be to break his own arm.

        This fucking ......

        The eyes of the Bai family almost fell out of their mouths at this moment.

        Obviously, they did not expect that the fierce and famous Master Blade would break his own men's arms.


        "Why did it hit you?" Master Knife dragged the bloody baseball bat with one hand while shouting angrily.

        "Because you're not a fucking human being, and you dare to go on the rampage and bully the innocent!"

        "I'm beating up bullies like you!"


        Master Dagger struck down on the body of the mourning dog with stick after stick.


        At this moment, not only the lost dog was confused, but also the Bai family could not believe their ears.

        Beating a bully like you?

        What the fuck are you doing? ......

        They knew that the biggest bully of all was this Master Knife.

        How could he be so righteous?

        It was like the sun coming out of the west.

        However, the scene that followed was more and more shocking to them.

        The only thing I saw was that after smashing the mourning dog, the master of the knife threw away the bloody stick in a huff.

        The fierce look on his face dissipated in an instant, and he piled up a thick, flattering smile.

        The knife master ran all the way to Lin Fan's body, nodding and bowing, and then, bowed abruptly.

        "Dagger has met Mr. Lin!"

Chapter 86

Dagger met Mr. Lin.

        When Master Dagger's words rang out, all the sounds in the area came to an abrupt halt.

        The screams around them disappeared.

        The panic of the Bai family was gone.

        Everyone stared at the scene, feeling as if they were dreaming.

        A small ...... knife?



        Everyone felt their heads, as if they had been struck by lightning, and were horrified.

        "No ...... can't be!" The dog was lying on the ground, panting heavily.


        This was simply beyond his knowledge.

        As for Bai Yi and the others, they were even more stunned.

        They thought that Lin Fan was miserable, but they never dreamed that this scene would happen.

        "Little ...... Fan knows Master Blade?"

        Bai Shan suddenly felt like he was suffocating, making him cover his heart and gasp for air.

        As for Bai Yi, she noticed that her husband seemed to be a stranger to her.

        Was this still the same lousy husband who was mocked and beaten every day?

        She couldn't believe that he could fight twenty of them and still make a bully like Master Blade bow his head.

        They just didn't know it at the moment.



        Dense cold sweat, already covered the knife's forehead, constantly dripping down.

        He was nervous and his legs were weak.

        He was the only one who had seen how ferocious Lin Fan was, and especially frightening was Lin Fan's identity.

        This was a super existence that made No. 1 Liu Zhen and the others, bow and salute.

        "You still know me?"

        Just at this moment, Lin Fan looked at Master Blade with a smiling face and said.

        "Recognize ...... recognize!"

        Blade swallowed a mouthful of spittle, and at this moment he didn't even have the courage to look Lin Fan in the eye, but just lowered his head, scalp and said with fear and trepidation.

        "That day in S-prison, Mr. Lin's words of advice, Knife will never forget them!"

        "This time, Dagger's brother has offended Mr. Lin, and if he wants to be beaten or scolded, Dagger is at Mr. Lin's mercy!"


        The company has been in the process of developing the new product for the past two years.

        The first thing I noticed was that I was not able to get a good look.

        In his eyes, Lin Fan is not an iron plate, it's a meteorite.

        The man who can make the Master of the Knife so fearful, and he's looking for trouble from him, isn't this looking for death?

        Think of this.

        The mourning dog shuddered, quickly squirmed, and crawled toward Lin Fan.

        "Mr. Lin ...... Lin, I was wrong, I didn't know you knew my big brother, please, forgive me this time, from now on I lost my dog to you as a cow, I don't care!"

        The lost dog was not stupid.

        On the contrary, he was smart enough to know that he had met a really big man, and naturally begging for mercy was the only way to save his life.

        It wasn't just him.

        The rest of the ruined heroes also crawled to Lin Fan's face one by one and begged for mercy.

        This scene was extremely spectacular.

        The group of people who were vicious before were now all crawling at Lin Fan's feet, begging for mercy, which made Bai Yi's family become more and more unbelievable.

        "Forget it!"

        "Remember, there is no next time!"

        Lin Fan was too lazy to bother with these people, and even more lazy to care who was behind it.

        He knew that as long as the Master Blade wasn't stupid, he understood what to do.


        Lin Fan's words made everyone, including Master Blade, feel relieved, and they felt as if they had walked around from the gates of hell.