I Give Up Trying Chapter 81-83

 Chapter 81


        Inside the Mercedes-Benz, the Bai family did not know that danger had crept in.

        At this moment, they aimed all their firepower at Lin Fan who was driving the car.

        "Alas ...... Xiaofan, you're too impulsive, how can you hit the old man? Even if the old man is usually snobbish and mean, he's still your elder!" With a long sigh, Bai Shan looked at Lin Fan with a disappointed look.

        On the other hand, Bai Yi's face was still angry.

        "Lin Fan, you are lucky this time, fortunately that Western doctor, Mike, has some skills and saved the old man, otherwise, uncle and the others will definitely plant grandpa's death on your head, you can't wash it off by jumping into the Yellow River."

        The three members of the family gave Lin Fan a harsh and heartfelt rebuke.

        But it was as if Lin Fan had not heard them at all.

        His eyes were now completely focused on the vehicle driving behind him.


        After driving out of the hospital, he realized that he was being watched.

        Behind their car, far behind them, was a Land Rover, with a heavy body that had dented its tires and was obviously carrying several people.

        Not only that.

        Lin Fan also noticed that there were several Toyota Land Rovers, quickly overtaking them, as if they wanted to intercept in front of them.

        "Looks like it's time to cut some people some slack!"

        The corner of Lin Fan's mouth curled up, and a wry smile appeared, as he slowly turned the steering wheel and drove toward a road with fewer vehicles inside.


        This scene apparently also caught the attention of the three members of Bai's family.

        "Lin Fan, what are you doing, this isn't our way home!" Bai Yi frowned and asked in an angry voice.

        It just made Bai Yi strange.

        Lin Fan didn't explain at all, instead he would drive the Mercedes farther and farther away from the main city, with less and less traffic.

        This ......

        The three members of Baines' family were all confused.

        Until they just drove around a corner and Baek was just about to snap at them.


        I saw that at the intersection in front of me, two Toyota Dukes burst out and stopped the Mercedes-Benz's path.

        That's not all!


        The brakes sounded again, and the back of the Mercedes-Benz sedan was also blocked by a Land Rover and a couple of Overlords.

        The scene startled the Bai family.

        "They blocked the road? No, it's coming for us!"

        For a moment, the faces of the Bai family were all pale white.

        Especially under their terrified gaze.


        In each car, four or five big men came down.

        They all had a baseball bat in their hands, and were walking menacingly toward Mercedes.

        The first one, with a big, shiny gold chain, had a half-inch, ebony tattoo that went right to the base of his neck.

        He looked fierce and vicious.

        In his hand, he was even holding a machete.

        "This man is ...... the mourning dog of the North City!"

        When Bai Yi saw this man, her face grew paler and paler.

        Lost Dog!

        This is a fierce bully in the North City, with twenty or thirty henchmen, so vicious that he even caused several deaths in the North City at first.

        It is said that he was so fierce that he took down a street by himself and seriously injured more than ten people.

        He is notorious for this.

        The Bai family could never have imagined that these bullies would find themselves in their midst.

        "Lin Fan, what should we do? Why don't we call the police?"

        A cold sweat appeared on Bai's anxious forehead.

        Just hearing this.

        Lin Fan, on the other hand, smiled slightly.

        "Honey, don't worry, it's okay! I'll go down and talk to them, and I'm sure these people will be very reasonable."




        When they heard this, Bai Yi and his family almost felt that Lin Fan was crazy.

        That's not all, especially when they saw that Lin Fan opened the car door without saying a word and walked off, their faces changed greatly.

        "Lin Fan, don't go down there!"

        The three of them wanted to stop it, but it was too late.

        They could only force themselves to follow Lin Fan and get out of the car.

        Only, the four people had just gotten off the car.


        The twenty or so brawny men then surged up and blocked it.

Chapter 83


        As soon as Lin Fan's family got off the car, they saw a crowd of more than twenty men rushing around.

        They saw more than twenty big men rushing up from all around them.

        These people, each with a baseball bat, had a ferocious demeanor that made one's scalp numb.

        In particular, the tattooed man who headed the group held a machete upside down in his hand, on which blood was dripping, as if he had just cut someone.

        "Kid, are you Lin Fan?"

        The mourning dog's eyes stared at Lin Fan as if it was looking at a prey.

        Seeing this scene, Bai Yi's face was pale white, and her beautiful eyes flickered with fear.

        Bai Yi's face was pale white, and her beautiful eyes flickered with fear.

        However, she still wanted to go forward and help Lin Fan.

        Just at that moment, Lin Fan pulled her back, and after staring at the mourning dog with a smiling face, he said playfully.

        "Yes, I am!"

        "What can I do for you?"

        Lin Fan's words were leisurely and calm.

        In particular, as if they had a kind of magic power, they made the frightened Bai family beside him calm down somehow.


        The tip of Lost Dog's eyebrows raised, and he obviously did not expect this guy to be so unruffled in the face of his raging twenty-plus men.

        But unfortunately, this guy was afraid that he would pee his pants later.


        The mourning dog smiled slightly, and in this smile, there was hostility and cruelty.

        "Someone just wants us to, like, break one of your legs!"


        These words shocked the three members of Bai's family, and their faces turned pale.

        They didn't think that this group of villains were targeting Lin Fan, especially to destroy him.

        Immediately, the family rushed to look at Lin Fan.

        But to their dismay.

        Not only was Lin Fan not terrified, he was ...... happy.

        The smile at the corner of his mouth rose even higher, and he nodded his head and said.

        "No problem!"


        As soon as the words came out, not only Bai Yi's three mouths, but even the mourning dog and others were slightly startled.

        "Kid, what do you mean?" The dog could hardly believe his ears.

        He was going to break his own leg, and this guy seemed to say ...... was fine?

        This is fucking crazy.

        "Aren't you going to break your leg? I said no problem!" Lin Fan said with a serious face.

        In particular, after serious consideration, he continued.

        "However, I feel like one leg is too light, so I could add a hand! Buy one, get one free, for everyone!"



        This is fucking insane. ......

        Mourning Dog and the others, as well as Bai Yi's family, were all confused, and they looked at Lin Fan as if they were looking at a madman.

        They looked at Lin Fan as if he was crazy. It wasn't enough to break a leg, but he even took the initiative to add an arm?

        Especially ......

        God damn buy one get one free, old man and young woman, how does this guy treat his own hands and feet as if he were selling cabbage?

        "Lin Fan, you ......" Bai Yi was almost in tears.

        Just when she was about to advise Lin Fan not to be impulsive.

        There was a rampant burst of laughter.

        "Hahaha ...... Did you all hear that? We've met a fool today!"

        The mourning dog was laughing from ear to ear as he pointed his bloody machete at Lin Fan and said to the crowd.

        "It's a laugh that people still buy one and get one free ......"

        It wasn't just the lost dog.

        At this moment, the 20 or so big men around him obviously thought that Lin Fan was scared silly, and laughed out loud.

        All of them looked at Lin Fan as if they were looking at an idiot.

        However, at that moment.


        The mourning dog only felt his arm tighten, which startled him to discover that Lin Fan had appeared in front of him at an unknown time and grabbed his arm.

        "Kid, you ......"

        The mourning dog was shocked and tried to struggle.

        However, Lin Fan's palm was as hard as ten thousand years of iron, so hard that he couldn't break free at all even though he exerted all his strength.

        That's not all!

        "I said, buy one!"

        Lin Fan's voice was eerie and cold, and as soon as his words fell, his palm suddenly gave out power.


Chapter 84


        The dog only felt that his arm, like a rotten wood, was instantly broken and completely deformed.

        Even the white bone spines pierced through the skin of his arm, revealing it, dripping blood.

        "Ah ......"

        The mourning dog was confused, and the pain in his arm made him scream.

        Only the nightmare had just begun.

        Lin Fan's devilishly cold voice sounded once again.

        "Give one!"

        As the words fell, Lin Fan's foot lifted, and then he kicked down on the dog's shin!


        The dog's calf was instantly kicked, like dry wood, and snapped open, and his whole strong body, as if losing support, fell to one knee.

        "My leg! Ahhhh ......"

        A hand and a foot, all broken, the severe pain, the loss of the dog's body are trembling, the mouth of the scream, more piercing and miserable.

        And in the surroundings.

        There was dead silence.

        The three members of Bai's family and more than twenty brawny men with baseball bats were all stunned.

        All of this happened so fast, so fast that the crowd didn't even react, and Lin Fan wasted the dog's hand and foot.

        This ...... how is this possible.

        "Kid, you fucking laid waste to me, how dare you lay waste to me!" The mourning dog went crazy and raised his head, his eyes red as he stared at Lin Fan.

        Never in his wildest dreams could he have imagined that he would have his arms and legs broken by a guy who looked so weak and untouchable.

        He just heard this.

        But Lin Fan shrugged his shoulders with an innocent face.

        "Didn't you say you were going to break your arms and legs? I'd love to help!"


        As soon as the words came out, Mourning Dog and all the surrounding brawny men were furious.

        They just realized that this kid was ridiculing them, and he wasn't trying to break his own arms and legs, but to break theirs.

        This ...... is simply damned.

        "Bastard! What are you waiting for? Go! Waste the son of a bitch for me!"

        The lost dog was frantic, shouting at the people around him.

        When he heard this, all the brawny men around him screamed at the top of their lungs.

        All the surrounding brawny men screamed and swung their baseball bats at Lin Fan, and then smashed down on him.

        The baseball bats were so dense that they almost covered Lin Fan.


        "Lin Fan ......"

        Baiy's face, with a swish, was white and bloodless.

        It's over!

        In her opinion, being beaten by so many people, each with a stick, I was afraid that Lin Fan would die on the spot.

        But then, an unbelievable scene appeared to her and everyone else.


        Lin Fan dashed into the crowd the moment the crowd rushed up.

        His figure was so fast as lightning that it was almost impossible to see him.

        Especially with every punch he threw, he broke the arm of a big man, and every kick he threw, he broke the leg of a man.




        The dense sound of fracture, rising and falling, one after another, one brawny man after another, screaming and crashing to the ground.

        Befuddled ......

        At this moment, not only were the three members of Bai's family confused, but also the mourning dog forgot the pain in his hands and feet and looked at the scene in front of him with astonishment on his face.

        The crushing, this is one person against a group of people's crushing.

        The Lost Dog was horrified to find that his twenty or so men could not even touch Lin Fan's corner.

        On the contrary, more and more people fell down.

        Until another 'cracking' sound rang out.

        As the calf of the last brawny man was broken by Lin Fan's kick, a group of people lay down on the road around him.

        Every one of them had deformed arms and legs and was screaming out.

        There was only one person standing in the scene, Lin Fan.

        He didn't even breathe a little, and his pretty face, with a faint smile on it, said to the mourning dog.

        "Buy one, get one free, are you happy with that?"