Today I Give Up Trying 121-123

 Chapter 121


        The news of Master Bai's overnight resurrection from the dead spread throughout Jiangcheng as if he had grown wings.

        After all, yesterday, on live television, the Western medical maniac Mike's team failed in surgery, almost announcing the news that the old master would die within three days.

        And now!

        In just one night, a dying man was miraculously healed and even able to get out of bed and walk, which was too shocking.

        At that moment, all the major news media in Jiang City followed up on this story.

        In particular, after learning that the person who cured Old Master Bai was the miraculous Doctor Lin!


        The entire Jiang City completely exploded.

        'Divine Doctor Lin's miraculous hands rejuvenated and saved another person! Is he a Medicine Fairy? Or is it a miracle cure?''

        The glorious moment of traditional Chinese medicine, Dr. Lin's technique of bringing the dead back to life, is reproduced!

        'Doctor Lin - the backbone and pride of China!


        The news was all over the major TV stations and newspapers in Jiang City.

        Almost every corner of the city was discussing the legend of Dr. Lin.

        And in the Liyuan Mansion.

        The Bai family was also informed of the news, and they were both ecstatic about the old master's recovery and worshipped the mysterious Doctor Lin.

        However, just as the family was originally in high spirits and wanted to go visit the old master, they were once again refused!

        "Alas ...... must have been yesterday's incident, and the old man knew about it! He must have thought that our family was fighting for our property and suppressing Big Brother and the others!" Bai Shan was filled with sighs.

        Their family had never thought of fighting for the Bai family's property.

        But now, even if they broke their mouths, I'm afraid that the old man wouldn't even listen.

        "Dad! Don't think about it so much, as long as grandpa is okay!"

        Bai Yi's pretty face was flushed with excitement at this moment.

        After all, her own grandfather's recovery from his illness had also put her completely at ease.

        "The most important thing is to quickly develop the Soul Returning Pill, only in this way can we benefit millions of people!"

        After saying that, Bai picked up his briefcase, said hello to his family, and went straight to work.

        See this!

        Bai Shan also nodded his head.

        "Baek is right, the old lady doesn't want to see us, so we won't for now!"

        "The most important thing we can do is to develop the Soul Returning Pill!"

        Say it!

        Bai Shan took out his address book, and when he checked it, he was shocked.

        "By the way, today is the 50th birthday of the second-in-command of the Tianlong Group - Li Zhenghui!"

        Li Zhenghui!

        This man is a big shot in the Tianlong Group, second only to Chairman Xu Tianlong, who controls all the big and small drug sales channels in Jiang City, and can be said to have a high prestige in the whole city.

        "Xiaofan, you will go with me later to pay a visit to Li Zhenghui, after all, we must go through each other's sales channels when we develop the Soul Returning Pill in the future!"

        White Mountain looked at Lin Fan at this moment and said.

        Just hear this!

        The corner of Lin Fan's mouth was slightly drawn.

        The Sky Dragon Group is an industry the size of a fingernail under the Global Group.

        He, the boss of the Global Group, is going to pay a visit to the second-in-command of one of its small industries. ......

        Lin Fan looked at Bai Shan's expectant eyes, and finally the corner of his mouth twitched, but he still couldn't refuse.


        Seeing Lin Fan's agreement, Bai Shan became even more excited.

        "By the way, I've heard that Li Zhenghui is particularly fond of collecting high-end calligraphy and paintings, so I'll figure out where to buy them."

        Immediately, Bai Shan began to contact the antique seller of paintings and calligraphy.

        When he saw this scene, Lin Fan smiled slightly.

        Paintings and calligraphy?

        If Bai Shan hadn't reminded him, he might have forgotten that when he was abroad, he went by the pseudonym 'Blood-Blood', and that every piece of calligraphy and painting sold for an astronomical price.

Chapter 122

And in the Global Collection Expo Center, until now, there is a pair of his 'blood' works on display in the most prominent position.

        It is called the most appreciated and collected masterpiece of the new century.

        "Dad, you don't have to bother so much, wait for me!"

        Lin Fan said to Bai Shan with a smiling face, and then turned around and walked into the study.

        He then turned around and went into the study.

        Bai Shan was slightly stunned, he didn't understand what Lin Fan meant by this.

        Could it be that he wanted to take a painting from home?

        But where are the paintings in their house?

        He just didn't know.

        When he walked into the study, Lin Fan locked the door, and then took out a bag from a corner drawer.

        Inside the bag, there were all kinds of paper and colored brushes.

        There was also an engraved stamp on it, which was written in English - Blood!

        If the world's top artists saw this engraving, they would piss themselves.


        This is definitely a legendary name in the world of painting and calligraphy.

        Every piece of artwork is an exceptional piece of art, auctioned at astronomical prices, and bought and treasured by collectors around the world in droves.

        "I haven't painted in three years! I don't know, has the hand been born yet?"

        Lin Fan smiled slightly, and now took out a paintbrush and paper and quickly drew.

        Top drawing is an art!

        Not only does it test the precision and strength of a painter's fingers, but also the imagination and creativity of a painter's mind beyond the ordinary.

        The sky is the limit!

        Only by thinking what others cannot think can we paint what others cannot paint.

        In just fifteen minutes or so, a painting had appeared in front of Lin Fan.

        A painting had appeared in front of Lin Fan.

        It was a painting of an old man, sitting alone by the river, fishing and drinking, while on the surface of the river, the ripples surged and the fish were already hooked.

        This painting was not Lin Fan's first creation.

        Six years ago, under the name of Blood, Lin Fan created a painting called 'One Fisherman', which was acquired by the Global Archives for a price of over a hundred million dollars, and has been placed in the most prominent position in the Global Archives until now.

        It can be said!

        This pair of works was a masterpiece that made the world's top painters worship it.

        After finishing the painting, Lin Fan looked at it carefully and nodded his head in satisfaction, then picked up his own engraved stamp and pressed it at the bottom.

        After that, Lin Fan took his seal and pressed it at the bottom.

        Lin Fan put the painting away, and only then did he walk out of the study.

        "Little Fan, what is that in your hand?" Bai Shan saw what Lin Fan was holding at a glance and asked curiously.

        "Dad, this is a painting from my collection!" Lin Fan laughed, he didn't say that he drew it himself.

        Otherwise, it would definitely be treated as crazy by Bai Shan.

        "You collected it?"

        Bai Shan was dumbfounded, it was the first time he knew that his son-in-law also collected calligraphy and paintings.

        "Do you want to take this painting and give it to Li Zhenghui? But is the painting valuable? Can people see it?" Bai Shan was a little hesitant at this moment.

        It wasn't that he didn't trust Lin Fan, but in his eyes, Li Zhenghui was a big man in Jiang City, the second-in-command of the Sky Dragon Group.

        This kind of person wouldn't even put an ordinary painting in his eyes!

        "Dad, don't worry! To have this painting is the greatest fortune in his life." Lin Fan smiles slightly, but with a change of tone.

        "But if he doesn't have eyes, this painting may also be his biggest nightmare!"

        To Lin Fan, the global boss.

        Li Zhenghui is just a small subordinate, that's all.

        What he himself bestowed was his glory.

        If you don't open your eyes, it will be his grave!

Chapter 123

Drunken Breeze reminds you that it is more convenient to look at the Li family, which is located in the southern part of Jiangcheng City.

        The Li family is located in the south of the city of Jiang City.

        Although the Li family is not a famous family in Jiang City, the head of the family, Li Zhenghui, is the man of the hour in Jiang City.

        In the Tianlong Group, his power is second only to that of Chairman Xu Tianlong, which has made Li Zhenghui's influence reach an extremely terrifying degree.

        Today, on Li Zhenghui's fiftieth birthday, the Li family held a grand banquet, entertaining a number of distinguished guests.

        Almost all of these guests were high-ranking people in Jiang City.

        However, among the crowd, there was a young man with a limp, who looked extremely eye-catching.

        If Lin Fan were here, he would recognize him.

        He would definitely recognize that this person was Bai Yi's classmate, Lin Guangyao.

        "Housekeeper Zhang, please speak to my uncle again, and tell him that I have brought a pair of calligraphy and painting that he has been dreaming of, and that he must meet me!" To the housekeeper of the Li family, Lee Guangyao pleaded.


        Yes, Li Zhenghui is Lin Guangyao's brother-in-law.

        In the beginning, Lin Guangyao's prosperity in the Tian Long Group was naturally due to Li Zhenghui.

        It's just a pity.

        Ever since the last incident at the Sheng Shi Club, Lin Guangyao was kicked out of the Tian Long Group by Xu Ziheng, the youngest son, and even Li Zhenghui shunned him.

        Even Li Zhenghui shunned him. The result was extremely miserable.

        Today is the best chance for Lin Guangyao to rejoin the Tian Long Group by meeting Li Zhenghui.

        Looking at Lin Guangyao's pleading appearance, that steward Zhang shook his head and said indifferently.

        "Mr. Li has already said that he will come to see you when he is finished.


        Butler Zhang was curious and asked.

        "Also, what kind of paintings did you bring? Why are you so confident that Mr. Li will like it?"

        Butler Zhang knew that his master, Li Zhenghui, was extremely picky about his calligraphy and painting.

        Not many of the great painters in Huaxia were able to get into his eyes.


        Lin Guangyao, however, smiled slightly, full of confidence.

        "Butler Zhang, I'm not going to lie to you, this time I picked up a leak and asked a friend to collect a Blood rare item from a foreign market."


        Blood Treasures?

        Butler Zhang was shocked.

        He naturally knew that Blood was the most famous master painter in the world, and the price of every precious piece, at least the one that had been auctioned, started at ten million US dollars, and even hundreds of millions of US dollars of works, was even greater.

        Almost every calligraphy and painting enthusiast is proud to have collected Blood's treasures, especially Li Zhenghui!

        Especially Li Zhenghui!

        Butler Zhang knew that what Li Zhenghui wanted day and night was to be able to own a painting by Master Blood.

        "Guangyao, you're not kidding, are you?" Butler Zhang's complexion instantly became grave.

        "You should know that if you cheat your aunt's husband, then Mr. Li will never forgive you!"

        Butler Zhang stared straight at Lin Guangyao, as if he wanted to be sure of the truth or falsity of what he was saying.

        Lin Guangyao, on the other hand, smiled slightly, but didn't explain much and instead called an old man from the side.

        See the old man!

        Butler Zhang was also energized because he recognized the old man, the other party was the curator of the Jiang City Pantheon - Zhu Qing.

        "Curator Zhu, you will introduce him to Housekeeper Zhang." Lin Guangyao smiled slightly.

        And hearing this!

        Curator Zhu Qing, on the other hand, did not have any complaints, but took the calligraphy and painting out of his hand and spread it out.

        "Butler Zhang, Mr. Lin's words are true, after my appraisal, the texture, colors, as well as the style and lines of this painting are all by Master Blood's hand! Don't worry!"


        Hearing of Curator Zhu Qing's appraisal, the housekeeper Zhang let out a sigh of relief, and then said with enthusiasm.

        "Yes! That's great, Guangyao, you and curator Zhu Qing have a seat first, I'll go and invite Mr. Li here right away!"

        "When he finds out, he will be delighted. After all, this is the most precious 50th birthday gift of all!"

        Say it!

        Butler Zhang hurriedly went to invite Li Zhenghui.

        Seeing this scene, Lin Guangyao smiled brighter and brighter.

        It was as if he had seen that he had won Li Zhenghui's favor, and thus was once again in the Sky Dragon Group.

        "Hmph! Lin Fan, just wait for me, when I, Lin Guangyao, make a comeback, I will definitely trample you underfoot!"

        Lin Guangyao thought fiercely, a thick grimace appearing on his lips.

        Just at that moment!

        The welcome shout from the door, however, came over.

        "Bai's Group - Bai Shan and Lin Fan, come to congratulate us on our birthday!"