Today I Give Up Trying 119-120

 Chapter 119

Early morning!

        The First People's Hospital of Jiang City, a luxury car stopped in the parking lot, and then Bai Hai and others, hailed from the car down.

        The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers.

        Only if the old man lives, then the family will have hope of inheriting the Bai family.

        "Master, do you think that Dr. Lin is reliable? He didn't even say what time he would come for treatment, just that the old master would be cured early in the morning, isn't that a joke?"

        On the side, a senior member of the Bai family frowned at Bai Hai and asked him, "It's not just him!

        It wasn't just him!

        The rest of the Bai family executives were also full of doubts.

        "Yes! The more I think about it, the more I feel that that Healer Lin is unreliable, and how can he treat the old man when he didn't even show up?"

        "Yes, I'm afraid we've been fooled by him! What morning must be cured? What a fraud!"

        Many of the Bai family's top executives locked their eyebrows, and their tone was filled with dissatisfaction.

        After all, yesterday's treatment time was not even set, and then the divine doctor Lin vowed that the old master would definitely get better early this morning, which was just like joking.

        Hearing this, Bai Hai's face grew darker and darker.

        He didn't sleep last night because he was worried that the old man was really hopeless, and if that happened, the family would be finished.

        "Don't say that, let's go and see if what that Doctor Lin said is true or not."

        Although Bai Hai said this, his heart was still beating.

        Soon, the crowd arrived at the 24th floor of the advanced ward area.

        From a distance, they saw several bodyguards still diligently guarding the door.

        "How is the old master now? Last night, did anyone come by? Or is there anything unusual about it?"

        Bai Hai now asked a bodyguard.

        Hear this!

        The bodyguard was slightly stunned.

        "Sir, the old lady hasn't awakened yet! No one was here last night, and there was nothing out of the ordinary."


        This sentence caused the hearts of Bai Hai and others to be completely cold.

        As expected!

        The words of that divine doctor Lin were not at all reliable.

        In an instant, Bai Hai and all the other top executives, one by one, were so gloomy that they almost dripped with water.

        "That guy really is a liar, no, we have to go to Gao Lao and ask him to question that surnamed Lin!"

        "Exactly! The man surnamed Lin, who yesterday made Young Master Yifan slap himself and made the eldest kneel down to kowtow, ended up lying to us all."


        At this moment, all the Bai family executives were in an uproar.

        Even the eldest, Bai Hai, was raging with anger, thinking he had been cheated.

        But at that very moment!

        "Why is it so noisy outside?"

        A vicarious voice, coming from within the hospital room, instantly stunned everyone.

        This ...... this voice ......

        At this moment, Bai Hai and everyone else could hardly believe their ears.

        What did they hear?

        Is that the old man's voice?


        For an instant, almost everyone was confused, even the few bodyguards, who were scared out of their wits.

        However, that's not all.


        The door of the ward was slowly opened from the inside, and an old man in a hospital gown slowly walked out with a frown on his face.

        When he saw the old man, both Bai Hai and the rest of the Bai family executives seemed to have seen a ghost and couldn't believe their eyes.

        "Old ...... Old Master?"



        After all, just yesterday, the old man's surgery failed and he was already critically ill, with only three days to live.

        And now, after only one night, the other party not only woke up, but also can ...... walk?

Chapter 120

How the hell is this possible?

        At this moment, Bai Hai only felt that the hairs on his body stood up one by one, he looked at the old master and said with a trembling voice.

        "Dad ...... you, you awake?"

        "Of course I'm awake! Do you think you're talking to a ghost?" Old Master Bai glared at Bai Hai with discontent and scolded him.

        Then, after a quick glance at the astonished looks of the surrounding crowd, he continued.

        "Why do you all look like you've seen a ghost? Are you guys upset that I'm awake?"

        "No no no!"

        At this moment, Bai Hai and many other executives shook their heads repeatedly.

        But still full of doubts, he asked.

        "Old Master, you were dying yesterday, why are you suddenly better now?"

        "Yes, ma'am, did someone come to treat you last night?"

        "Yes, Old Master, was there a miracle doctor named Lin who helped you with your treatment?"


        At this moment, all of the Bai family members thought of the words of Doctor Lin.

        In the morning, it will be healed!

        They couldn't believe it at first, but now, when the old man appeared in front of them alive, how could they not believe it?

        The surname Lin?

        The old man's eyebrows furrowed slightly, and he couldn't help but think of a person - Lin Fan.

        "There was someone who came here last night and wrote a prescription for me, and that person looked, very much like ...... Lin Fan? But the temperament is not quite like that, more dignified and colder than Lin Fan, as if he were a dictator who could rule over life and death!"


        A lot like Lin Fan?


        Hearing this, all the surrounding Bai family executives completely coaxed laughter.

        "Hahaha ...... Old Master, that must be Doctor Lin, not Lin Fan! Lin Fan, that trash, how could he have such a means, only God Doctor Lin could be so skillful!"

        "Yes, old master, don't think too much, how could it be that trash Lin Fan! That awesome person is Dr. Lin who was a sensation in Jiangcheng yesterday!"


        Dr. Lin!

        The old man had never even heard of this name.

        Only now, after everyone's explanation, did he truly understand that so much had happened in just a few days.

        Western medicine maniacs, crushing Chinese medicine!

        Dr. Lin's appearance, the power to make a difference!

        In particular, when he knew that he was going to die yesterday, it was the boss, Bai Hai, and others who asked Doctor Lin to save him, and completely eliminated the possibility of 'Lin Fan'.

        "So it's Divine Doctor Lin! Worthy of being a master of magic hands!"

        Old Master Bai was full of admiration and gratitude.

        "When I see this man in the future, I will definitely kowtow to him and thank him for this great saving grace!"

        At this moment, in the hearts of the Old Master and many Bai family executives, that Lin Divine Doctor had become completely mythical, as if he were a god.


        Then, when the old man heard that his grandson, Bai Yifan, had his arms and legs broken because of Lin Fan, his anger rose even more.

        "Yes! What a Lin Fan, he simply has the guts to eat the heart of a bear!"

        Old Master Bai was so angry that he blew his whiskers and glared.

        On the other hand, Bai Hai, also with a fierce face, said.

        "Dad! What do we do now? Yifan and I have both signed a waiver of our inheritance!"

        "Hmph! So what if you sign it! My old man isn't dead yet!"

        Old Master Bai snorted, and then said resentfully.

        "Just wait a little longer! As long as Bai Yi has successfully developed the Soul Returning Pill, then I will definitely kick their family out of the Bai family!"

        "As for that Lin Fan, it will not be too late to take care of it properly when the time comes!"

        This sentence made Bai Hai feel completely relieved.

        In particular, when he thought that it wouldn't be long before he could teach Lin Fan a lesson and take revenge, he was even more elated.

        Only they didn't know it!

        Now Lin Fan can not only control their life, but also their ...... death!