Today I Give Up Trying 117-118

 Chapter 117

When Mike and the others left, Bai Hai, Li Mingyi and the others remained here.

        Bai Hai, Li Mingyi and others who stayed here, until now, still seem to be dreaming.

        What the hell is going on?

        The Overlord Blade Master of the North City, sending money to Lin Fan, his son-in-law at the door, to vent his anger!

        Western medical maniacs, such as Mike, want to build a hospital and give it away!


        Bai Hai and others just feel that the world has gone crazy.

        But right now!

        Bai Hai didn't even have time to think about this, he looked at Gao Lao and hurriedly asked.

        "Gao Lao, we father and son have done exactly what Divine Doctor Lin asked us to do, slapping and kowtowing, so please speak to Divine Doctor Lin and ask him to help save the old man!"

        Bai Hai's face flickered with fear.

        After all, he had signed a pledge to give up his inheritance, and if the old man died, the family would have nothing.

        And now, their only lifeline is the old man.

        As long as the old master lived, they would have hope.

        Hear these words!

        The old man's gaze couldn't help but sneak a glance at Lin Fan.

        After discovering that Lin Fan nodded his head, Old Man Gao let out a sigh of relief and then said.

        "Just now on the phone, Doctor Lin has said that if you and your son do it, then he will heal the old master!"


        This sentence completely relaxed the hearts of Bai Hai and all the Bai family members, and everyone's face flashed with intense ecstasy and excitement.

        The old master was finally saved.

        Since the other party had agreed, they could rest assured.

        Thinking of this, Bai Hai quickly asked.

        "I don't know when Dr. Lin will arrive at the hospital, and all of us in the Bai family will welcome him!"

        Not only Bai Hai.

        The rest of the Bai family looked at Gao Lao one by one.

        They couldn't wait to see the divine Doctor Lin.


        Gao Lao was startled, then looked at Lin Fan, and was stunned when he noticed Lin Fan's quiet gesture, then his mouth twitched and he said.

        "Doctor Lin said that tomorrow morning, the old master will definitely be healed!"


        This sentence made Bai Hai and everyone else, all stunned.

        Tomorrow morning?

        A definite healing?

        What kind of answer is this ......!


        "I'm sure you'll find that I'm very grateful to him, and if there's a need, we'll definitely fulfill our promise."

        Bai Hai immediately brought all the Bai Clan members and bowed to Gao Lao.

        It was only then that he glared at Lin Fan with resentment.

        "Lin Fan, you wait, you caused my son Yi Fan to break his arm and leg, I'll write this down for you!"


        Bai Hai looked at Lin Fan with resentment, then carried his son Bai Yifan, led all the Bai Clan members, and left straight away.

        Just watching their backs.

        The corner of Gao Lao's mouth, could not help but slightly draw.

        He wondered if these people would be scared to death if they knew that Lin Fan was Doctor Lin.

        Thinking of this, Gao Lao shook his head, and with Li Mingyi and the others, he left with Lin Fan's family.

        Until everyone, all left.

        Only then did Bai Yi, Bai Shan, and Shen Yumei come to their senses.

        They were dumbfounded as they looked at the bag of cash, and still felt as if they were dreaming as they looked at the commitment letter.


        An even greater doubt surfaced in their minds.

        "Dad, do you think that Dr. Lin is reliable? He didn't even say when he would save Grandpa, and since he didn't know for sure, how could Grandpa be healed tomorrow morning?" Bai Yi looked at Bai Shan with a foggy face.

        And Baek San was similarly filled with a grin.

        "I don't know, maybe that's what's superior!"

        "Exactly! Dr. Lin's medical skills are superb, and he is definitely a world-renowned genius, how could such a person cheat people?" Shen Yumei also said with a face full of admiration.

        After all, they had seen with their own eyes, that western medical maniac, Mike, crying and begging for forgiveness from Dr. Lin.

        Li Mingyi and other Chinese medical bigwigs, begged and pleaded, wanting to see one another but could not!

        This made the three words 'Doctor Lin' seem as tall as a god in the hearts of the Baiyi family.

        Just if they knew.

        The so-called Divine Doctor Lin was with them every day, and I don't know if they would be scared silly.

Chapter 118

Late at night, it was getting late.

        The entire Bailey family fell into a beautiful sleep.

        Just as the hands of the clock reached the 1:00 a.m. position, all the Baiy family members fell asleep.


        Lin Fan abruptly opened his eyes.

        He turned his head and looked at Bai Yi, who was sleeping sweetly next to him, with a smile on her lips, and a trace of happiness appeared on Lin Fan's face.

        "Girl, if you want the old man to be healed, then I will do it for you!"

        After saying that, Lin Fan helped Bai Yi cover up the blanket, before getting up and walking out of the room.

        The hospital's senior nursing ward.

        Outside of Master Bai's room, there were several black-clothed bodyguards, silently guarding the room.

        These people, all veterans invited by the Bai family at a high price, are responsible for the old man's safety in ordinary days.

        At the moment, even in the early morning hours, these black-clothed bodyguards are in charge of the old man's safety.

        These black-clothed bodyguards, each and every one of them is still full of energy, and their eyes are constantly sweeping everything in the corridor.

        They just didn't know it.

        At this moment in the hospital room, the window was quietly opened at some point.

        A mysterious figure appeared at the edge of the windowsill.

        He was Lin Fan.

        Lin Fan indifferently swept a glance at the few bodyguards outside the door, shook his head, and said disdainfully.

        "These people are very dedicated, but too bad they're not very good at what they do!"

        "If you really have an enemy, you only need to send one B-class assassin, and that will be enough to finish off everyone here at once!"

        Lin Fan didn't bother to look at the bodyguards outside the door any longer.

        He turned his gaze to look at Old Master Bai on the hospital bed.

        "The color of the skin was deathly gray, and the capillaries had begun to crumble!"

        "The bruising in the brain, which has increased by three layers, will survive for 48 hours, at which point all the blood vessels will burst and the person will fall into a state of brain death!"

        Lin Fan just swept a glance, and analyzed the old master's current state.

        Now, with a shake of his palm, he took out a millipede.

        Then, after igniting a little alcohol to sterilize the acupuncture points, he slowly pricked the old man's brain, one after another.

        One minute!

        Five minutes!

        Ten minutes!

        The old master's skull was densely covered with millipin needles.

        Each of the needles targeted an acupuncture point, and especially under the stimulation of the needles, the blood within the blood vessels began to gradually flow.

        When twenty minutes had passed.

        Old Master Bai muffled a grunt, the whole person from a dazed state, opened his eyes.

        "I ...... I seem to have had a dream ......"

        The old man was in a daze, as if he were having a dream about life and death.

        He dreamed that he was struggling on the verge of death, that he wanted to speak but could not, that he wanted to scream but had no voice.

        He dreamed that he was surrounded by a group of Western doctors, each one shaking his head and sighing.

        He also dreamed that he seemed to have been slapped by that little beast, Lin Fan.

        "Just now I also dreamed that it seemed to be Lin Fan coming?"

        The old man's brow was furrowed tightly.

        One of his eyes surveyed the room, but he was startled to find that this was a hospital room.

        That was not all.

        A cold, piercing voice came from the window.

        "The prescription has been written and is on the table!"

        "Starting today, three pictures a day, three days will heal!"


        This sentence startled the old man, for there was an indescribable pressure and magic in that voice.

        He hurriedly turned his head to look, and realized that there was a dim figure by the window.

        That voice!

        This figure!

        Familiar and yet strange.

        Especially unbelievable to the old man!


        After leaving this sentence, the figure, like a ghost, suddenly disappeared, but leaped out of the hospital room by the window.

        "No ...... can't be!"

        The old man was confused. He could naturally see that this room was an advanced care unit of the First People's Hospital.

        It was located on the 24th floor of the top floor!

        Wouldn't it be suicide for a person to jump out of a window?

        Especially that person, whose voice and body resembled ...... Lin Fan?

        "No! I must have been blinded, how could someone jump from the 24th floor, straight off the building!"

        "And Lin Fan is a piece of trash, why is he here!"

        Old Master Bai shook his head vigorously to shake this absurd idea out of his mind.