His True Colors Chapter 2394

 With the sound of this cloth, a large part of Shiyue's above was immediately torn straight away, revealing her incomparably white skin and the hidden and proud part of her body.

        "You demon monk, what are you doing? Have you forgotten that you are disciples of the Buddhist sect?" Seeing this, Fu Mang immediately forced himself to endure the pain that was almost falling apart all over his body, struggling to get up while cursing angrily.

        "Amitabha Buddha, good and kind." Ruduan once again folded his hands, "Don't panic, monk, this woman is merely a demonic energy into her body, this disciple of mine is none other than the Golden God of Buddha's Light, and such a combination is for her own good."

        "When the Preceptor helps her to pass through her body, she will naturally be able to enjoy the Buddha's light into her body, and she will not fall into the demonic path with her feet in the mud."

        "Preceptor, take action."

        "Yes!" Ringing Weng received his orders and glanced at Shiyue.

        Although Shiyue was not considered to be a superb beauty like Lu Ruoxin or Qin Shoucheng, she was still a top-notch little beauty with a beautiful figure and outstanding looks.

        Seeing this, there was clearly an unusual excitement in the eyes of the ringmaster, and the corners of his mouth curled up into an evil smile as he moved his large hand.


        There was another sound of cloth, and the last bit of the already torn outer garment was ripped off by the Ringmaster.

        Shiyue, who was left with only a few inner clothes to cover her body, was furious and tears flowed wildly in her eyes, "You bastard, get away from me! Get lost!"

        She cursed angrily, but her tone was full of anger and more than that, despair.

        How could Shiyue accept such bad news when she thought that her innocence would be buried at the hands of this evil man? If she had the choice, she would really want to die, but unfortunately, her body was suppressed by the golden light and she could not move, so even death became a luxury.

        "Bastard, you let her go!" Even though his body was almost immobilised, Fu Mang still stubbornly tried his best to stand up, holding his sword in his hand and gritting his teeth as he limped forward to rescue Shiyue.

        Even though Han Qianqian hadn't told him to take care of them, Fu Mang had already considered all the people present as his own family.

        Seeing that Shiyu was in danger, how could he sit back and do nothing?

        Fu Mang did so, and so did Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng and Fu Li and the others.


        With a flash of silver light, the Lin Long, which was concealed in Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng's clothes, also fully transformed into its true form, and with a roar, it attacked Ru Dan directly.

        "Amitabha Buddha, a bunch of ants! Ring the sea!"


        "There is still a woman, so I will leave it to you to help her purify herself." The corners of Ruduan's mouth curled up in a slight evil smile.

        "Disciple takes orders!"

        As soon as the words fell, another cloaked man took off his cloak and directly met the charging Fuli without fear, indifferently.

        At that end, Ruduan faintly closed his eyes.


        Lips parted and a golden tweed word came out of his mouth, blasting into the lunging crowd, before raising his eyes slightly and his mouth again.


        A ba-shaped golden word slammed into the air again, attacking the flying Lin Long.


        The large golden word immediately entwined directly with the Lin Long in mid-air, and the Lin Long, who had been attacking fiercely, was immediately trapped directly by the bla-shaped golden word, as one dragon and one word attacked and defended each other, and it was difficult to separate for a while.

        As was the case with the Lin Long, so were the others on the ground.

        The huge tweed character attacked, and even though the crowd resisted tenaciously, the character was relentlessly circling around, constantly attacking from all angles in order to tire the crowd out, and after a few rounds, a few disciples could not hold on at once.

        As soon as they broke, the whole formation broke, and Fu Mang and Fu Li were directly trapped by the tweed character that split in two, while the cloaked man who had just joined them also took the opportunity to strike Fu Li's body with a palm strike.

        As soon as Fu Li retreated, half of the tweed character also turned into golden light, fiercely enveloping all over Fu Li's body, and almost like Shi Yan, Fu Li's whole body was completely immobilised.

        "So it's a strange beast!" The Sea of Precepts laughed softly, "But, whether you are a human or a beast, Master has a cloud, universalize all beings."

        Cracking his mouth hideously, Ringing Sea was also not the least bit polite as he moved his hand.


        Fu Li's outer garment was instantly ripped open directly by the Ringing Sea!

        "No, you get out!"

        Fu Li struggled desperately!

        "You demon Buddha, ah!!!" Fu Mang saw Fu Li and Shi Yan suffer this humiliation one after another, he was furious, but he was injured, and was continuously attacked by the golden characters, and now he was surrounded by half of the golden characters, so he could not stand out at all, he could only get so anxious that his eyes were bloodshot, and he let out a roar.

        "Amitabha Buddha!" With a contemptuous mocking smile on the corner of his mouth, Ruduan closed his hands slightly.

        Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng slumped to the ground, blood pouring down his mouth, and when he looked back, he could only see Lin Long sky trapped, the ground disciples falling, Fu Mang also dying under the golden word attack, and over there Fu Li and Shi Yan even tearing and roaring in despair at the evil-filled eyes of the two villains.

        His eyes closed in distress, this was no monk, this was clearly a demon that was even more demonic than the devil!

        "No." Shiyue, who had almost been shredded from her outer garment and was left with only her tiny inner garment, mumbled as she saw the hand of the Preceptor start to tear at her skirt, tears dripping slowly and incessantly down her eyes ......

        At that moment, a wind suddenly blew through the woods ......