His True Colors Chapter 2391

 A bunch of people were cursing and swearing, clearly filled with anger at the man who had suddenly made the surrounding area so uncircumscribed.

        Many of them even took their wrists directly and tried to come over and give this guy who didn't know any better a good cleaning.

        Only, when a group of people rushed over, all they could see was a man half on his knees, slamming his fist into the ground, black aura appearing wildly around him.

        And beside him were the dumbfounded Jiangbei Seven Monsters and the strange two men and one woman.

        "Don't mess around, that's Han Qianqian!"

        At this moment, inside the tavern, the group of people watching the fun rushed out and hurriedly shouted to stop them.

        When they heard that it was Han Qianqian, the group of people who had been so aggressive froze, and in the next second, they hurriedly abandoned their armour with a roar and fled.

        Only when they ran far away from Han Qianqian did the gang stop in a panic, staring at him with rapt attention.

        By now, Han Qianqian was clearly furious and his teeth were clenched.

        After Su Yingxia's accident, he had rushed to Firestone City, so he was naturally unaware of anything that had happened in Tianhu City.

        Now that he had heard such terrible news, how could Han Qianqian not be angry?

        Fu Mang, Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng, Lin Long, who were not his good brothers?

        Those new brothers who had just joined the Mystic Alliance had not even enjoyed the blessings of being with him, and yet they had died on the spot.

        "Fu Tian, I want your whole family to be buried with you, if this revenge is not avenged, Han Qianqian will never be a man!"

        Suddenly, Han Qianqian's bloodshot eyes snapped at Liu Sa, the bloodthirsty and icy eyes even directly caused Liu Sa to shiver.

        "The League of Mystics, not a single survivor left behind?"

        Faced with Han Qianqian's question, Liu Sa was obviously still in the state of being scared silly by Han Qianqian, and for a moment she actually forgot to answer.

        "From what I heard outside, that's right."

        "However, there should still be survivors." Big Biscuit Sky picked up the voice.

        Although what the two Fu Ye families had claimed to the public was total annihilation, leaving no survivors, the truth was that afterwards, both the two Fu Ye families and the Pill God Pavilion of Firestone City had once dispatched special forces to search and wanted the whereabouts of the Mystic Alliance in all directions.

        This also meant that there should in fact have been no total annihilation, but a few survivors, and perhaps even important figures in the alliance, otherwise, wouldn't it be superfluous to send people to search and wanted?

        Hearing Da Cai Tian's explanation, Han Qian Qian's anger was slightly softened.

        After all, in that case, there was no chance that Jianghu Baixiao Sheng might still be alive.

        What backed this up was not only the way the two Fu Ye families and the Pill God Pavilion had acted here and there, but more importantly, Han Qianqian believed in Lin Long.

        With it around, there should be no major problems with Jianghu Baixiao Sheng and Fu Mang.

        Although Lin Long had been seriously injured when he left himself.

        "There's a gossip that someone has seen them before, heading in the direction of the Trapped Immortal Valley, however, it's a gossip and not accurate."

        "We have all been to the Land of the Trapped Dragon, and honestly, they have not been seen in the Valley of the Trapped Immortals either, so this little gossip may ...... be," Big Cake Sky did not say any more, unwilling to irritate Han Qianqian.

        However, the meaning is clear.

        "Trapped Immortal Valley?" Han Qianqian frowned, what were they going there for?

        It didn't seem to make sense, did it?

        Could it be that they knew they were there, so they went over to find themselves?

        With Jianghu Baixiao Sheng's mastery of Jianghu news, although Han Qianqian thought it was unlikely that they would know about this, he didn't rule out the possibility either.

        What if?

        But the second half of Da Cai Tian's words really poured cold water on Han Qianqian, yes, at the time of the battle in the Immortal Valley, Han Qianqian had looked proudly into the sky, but had not seen any of them.

        It was hard to believe that it was really a rumour!

        "However, you shouldn't be too discouraged." At this moment, the two monsters of Jiangbei at the side saw Han Qianqian look lost and could not bear to say, "Although there are many gossips in the Jianghu, sometimes there are quite a few that are true news."

        "If they have been to the Valley of the Trapped Immortals, then why don't we wait here for a few days? The environment in the Land of the Trapped Dragon is complex and harsh, and this is the only city within a hundred miles around here where we can rest for a while, so if they have been there, they will surely pass through here." The three monsters also hurriedly said.

        "Three thousand, they have a point, why don't we wait in the city for a few more days?" Mo Yang said.

        "Yes, Three Thousand, why don't we wait a little longer?" Knife Twelve also said.

        Han Qianqian frowned slightly and looked at Mo Yang and the others, then at the Seven Monsters of Jiangbei, for a moment it was difficult to make a decision.

        "Warrior Han, my seven siblings can also help scout for information on people passing through this city, why don't you just wait a few more days?" The first monster, Big Cake Sky, spoke up and advised.

        This was a good opportunity to help Han Qianqian and to have more contact with him at the same time.

        At this moment, not far outside the city, Fu Mang and the others were indeed heading towards the small border town vigilantly and slowly.

        They were already exhausted from the days of driving and dodging, and at night they finally arrived outside the city, but at that time, trouble followed.