His True Colors Chapter 2389

The next second, the fat man suddenly backhanded Chen Shimin and slapped him across the face.

        With this slap, the fat man showed no mercy, his big fat palm was like a shovel slapping Chen Shimin directly on the face.


        As soon as he spat out the contents of his mouth, he only felt his teeth and blood mix into a pile.

        "After understanding clearly, I ...... I this must teach my late generation a good lesson in front of you! Which is not to give the junior out of anger?" The fatty looked at his senior nephew being slapped directly by himself with a mouth full of sprayed teeth, at heart, but, at the moment so, what else can be done? All he could do was to act like he was filled with righteous indignation, and said in an awe-inspiring manner.

        "This is an apology, to teach them a lesson in person and to apologise to you in person." Feeling that this was indeed a good reason, the fat man himself was on the verge of believing it, and added in a decisive manner.

        "Oh, so it's an apology for giving us an apology by personally teaching our juniors in front of us." Knife Twelve pretended to look like he had come to his senses, but inside he was already laughing.

        Mo Yang also forced a smile and nodded slowly, "Then it seems that I was mistaken?"

        "However, didn't I just hear that Tiangui Palace has always been protective of shortcomings, how could ......"

        Mo Yang's words, the fatty's heart that had just stabilized, couldn't help but raise to his throat again, panicking, "No, no, no, rumor, rumor, clearly it's a rumor."

        "My Tiangui Palace has always been clear about public and private affairs, and there is a distinction between grudges and grievances, and how would I ...... I Zhong Beihai be the first to disagree." The fatty was close to putting his head on the table to table his heart.

        After all, the sect is strong to the sect is strong, but you can not just do anything, otherwise, if you are not careful, the thousand-year foundation is destroyed.

        "What the fuck are you still standing there for? Why don't you hurry up and apologise to someone?" Fatty turned around and angrily bellowed at Chen Shimin.

        At this juncture, Fatty was naturally unwilling to lose all his efforts.

        Chen Shimin had mixed feelings in his eyes, when he knew Han Qianqian's identity, he was really dumbfounded, pretending to be a pussy, but accidentally pretending to be his own face and touching his own father, this was really as embarrassing as it could be.

        What's more, he was pretending to be a very powerful expert, a rumoured demon god in the jianghu, he had never dreamed that pretending to be a dead man's pussy would turn out to be like this.


        With a loud bang, Chen Shimin fell to the ground on both knees.

        What else could he do? How good it was when he was pretending to be a pussy, and how fucking depressing it was now. Pretending to run into thunder, it could have barely ended, he had to make a fool of himself to find his senior uncle to seek revenge and get back face ......

        The result has always been to spoil their own senior uncle, but ...... but suddenly killed a shot back, really is pretending not to be thunderbolt, to be more depressed to be more depressed.

        Now, not to mention to get back face, even the fucking inside are gone!

        "I was wrong, brother, I'm sorry, brother!"

        "You shouldn't call us brother, didn't you say Han Qianqian is your little brother, we should call you brother!" Mo Yang obviously didn't intend to leave it at that.

        Mo Yang was not a careful person, but if someone dared to call Han Qianqian names, he naturally would not let it go easily.

        "Brother, I ...... I was just bragging, I ...... how could I ...... how could I be Han Qianqian's big brother, I ...... I just see that girl beautiful, and love Han three thousand, so ...... so want to come out and pretend, cheat her, sleep ...... sleep with her." After saying that, Chen Shimin's head hung as low as it could go.

        His low head is not without reason, after he said these words, many people immediately snickered at him, saying straight out that his practice is nasty and despicable.

        The Seven Monsters even cursed angrily, wanting to draw this guy's skin on the spot.

        As the person in question, Purple Emotion's face was scarlet with shame.

        After all this tossing and turning, the purpose ...... purpose was actually ......

        "So it's a teddy." Knife twelve sneered disdainfully.

        Han Qianqian did not speak, swept a glance at the fatty, then at Chen Shimin, and finally, at the dog's leg who had long been trembling, "In the future, if you dare to come out and pretend to be a god or have an unclean mouth again, be careful."

        After saying that, Han Qianqian turned around and continued to feed Taotie up the bun.

        "Yes, Grandpa Han ...... Han." Hearing this, Chen Shimin nodded hastily, then struggled to get up and hurriedly was about to head out.

        "Wait a minute!" Han Qianqian suddenly snapped.

        At once, Chen Shimin's feet stiffened in place and his face was a million times more bitter. Not only him, but Fatty and Dogleg's gang, none of them dared to move a bit either.

        "Am I that old?" Han Qianqian didn't even turn his head back, feeding himself to Taotie, and said indifferently.

        "Yes, I'm sorry, Brother Han ...... Han."

        Han Qianqian didn't say anything more.

        It was at this point that Chen Shimin and Fatty looked at each other, bowed towards Han Qianqian's back, and hurriedly left.


        As soon as Chen Shimin's group left, the entire restaurant was overjoyed, and many people even chanted loudly and applauded for Han Qianqian.

        "Han Qianqian is Han Qianqian, once he strikes, he knows what he's doing, if it wasn't for him today, I don't know how badly that little beauty in the Seven Monsters would have been cheated."

        "Yes, I've also long looked at that Chen Shimin's arrogant and domineering look for a long time."

        "Han 3,000 is worthy of being a model for my generation, seeing injustice on the road and pulling out his sword to help."

        "This is a virtue, but more importantly, we saw with our own eyes Han Sanchi being swallowed by the Taotie, and now the Taotie is being tamed by him like a small pet.

        "Han Qianqian, I'm your idol, I heard you don't have an alliance of mystics ah, if you don't mind, I'm willing to be a disciple under your alliance."

        "Yes, I'm also willing, I'm also willing!"

        The people around, after sighing, raised their hands in response, for this heroic figure, anyone would want to befriend.

        Seeing such a strong appeal, Mo Yang, Blade Twelve and Liu Fang were extremely happy, after all, so many people were convinced to obey their brothers, and they, the brothers, were naturally very happy.

        However, at this time, Han Qianqian was just feeding Taotie his bun, seemingly not the least bit swayed by the group's sentiment.

        Seeing that Han Qianqian was unmoved, the excited crowd around him also gradually retreated from their excitement, and at that moment, the shopkeeper came in a hurry with the dishes ordered by Han Qianqian and the others.

        Although they were all eating, their eyes were always fixed on Han Qianqian, afraid that he would suddenly leave.

        A few moments later, the wine was full, and Taotie's buns, too, had almost been eaten, at which point, Han Qianqian got up.