His True Colors Chapter 2388

 Hearing Han Sanchi's question and looking at Han Sanchi's eyes, the fat man's face turned extremely twisted.

        Of course he protected his shortcomings, because he had no disciples, so he had always favoured Chen Shimin, no matter what he had done, he, as a senior uncle, would back him up.

        This, too, is not a once or twice ......

        But where would I have thought that, having often walked by the river, I would finally get my shoes wet.

        Hell, I actually messed with Han Qianqian.

        Although the Tiangui Palace did not participate in the battle at the Land of the Trapped Dragon this time, but had something to do with passing through the vicinity, they had heard a lot of legends about Han Qianqian during this journey.

        Although some of the legends were so fabulous that they were hard to believe, all of them had at least one factual point in common.

        Han Qianqian had fought against the two gods on Dragon Mountain without losing a single battle!

        Facing such an enemy, how could Fatty not be terrified?!

        "Ah, I ...... I didn't do ...... nothing, I just ...... thought this bun smells quite good, I came to take a look ......" The fatty immediately changed his face in seconds, from a burst of anger just now, to a shy and cute one now.

        At the same time, also with a pair of innocent little eyes to look at Han Qianqian seriously.

        The three of them couldn't help but laugh, and Dagger Twelve even laughed so hard that the fucking buns fell out of his mouth.

        The fatty's ploys, and who could he hide from?

        "Look at the bun and get a mallet over?" Mo Yang laughed lightly.

        "Do your feet hurt?" Han Qianqian also softly coldly said, this mallet at least a hundred pounds of weight, huge, Fang just fell to the ground when smashed on the fatty's feet before rolling to the side.

        "Look ...... at the bun of course do not use the mallet, this ...... this is my weapon, carry the well, which know, this bun is really too fragrant, so I can not help but froze, this froze so the hand off well, this explanation. That's a reasonable explanation, right?" After saying this, Fatty glanced sheepishly at Chen Shimin and the others behind him.

        Chen Shimin's group immediately nodded their heads like garlic and responded frantically.

        "It's really fine to bring weapons, but if you raise your head, it looks like you're going to hit someone." Knife Twelve couldn't help but tease as well.

        "Shit, how would that be hitting someone." The fat man hastily denied it, and his speed was fraudulent: "This ...... is not that I am wide and fat, prone to heat, especially this crevice, ouch my God, that is called a hot ah, so I have no choice but to raise my hands higher, ventilation, yes, ventilation ......"

        The fat man's serious explanation, as well as that anxious look and shamelessly hardening his acting skills to the end, was kind of unspeakably funny.

        "Isn't that right, ventilation!"

        "Yes, yes, yes!"

        The group of disciples behind them, after feeling the "call" of their senior uncle, also nodded their heads rigidly and constantly.

        After saying this, they were afraid that they themselves felt that the explanation was very far-fetched and that Han Qianqian and the others might not believe them, so they squatted down in a panic and picked up the iron mallet, then raised it above their heads and performed the so-called ventilation.

        "Hahahahaha!" Mo Yang was instantly amused by this one and laughed out loud, turning sideways to Blade Twelve next to him and saying, "There really is nothing strange in the big world, so there are really people who carry weapons like this."

        "Yes!" Knife Twelve also nodded his head.

        Seeing that they both said this, Fatty forced a smile out of his face at this time and looked at Han Qianqian, saying awkwardly, "Yeah, that's right."

        "Three thousand ah, then it seems like it should really probably be like that, you're the one who's overthinking it." Mo Yang laughed, and at the same time, gave a wink to Knife Twelve, and kicked him under his feet as well.

        Knife Twelve froze, although he was not as quick as Mo Yang in terms of reflection, but the tacit understanding of the brothers for many years still allowed him to quickly understand what Mo Yang meant, and immediately frowned, nodded and said, "It might indeed be overthinking, but then, you can't blame Three Thousand for him being overthinking, after all, you see this fatty is basically dressed exactly the same as that so and so Chen Shimin, a clear-eyed person can tell at a glance that they are The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are doing. It's only natural that the elders would come over to help their juniors out."

        "Yes, yes, yes." The fat man was just catching his breath, but when Dagger Twelve asked this question out of the blue, he subconsciously pretended to be a grandson and nodded his head, but only after he finished speaking did he reflect and waved his hand: "No, no, no, yes, I am from the same sect as Chen Shimin, and I am also his senior uncle, but ......"

        "But I didn't know what happened earlier ah, when I understood clearly, I came over ...... I came ...... over!" Words to this, the fat man obviously stuck, and even almost blurted out, I came over just to clean up you guys, but the brain turned to know that he could not say so, so anxiously around, look at Han three thousand, and look at his own senior nephew Chen Shimin.

        He wanted his nephew to help him think of a solution, but he was afraid that if he couldn't come up with an explanation in half a day, Han Qianqian would get impatient and take action.

        The more he thought about it, the more annoyed he became.

        But at this critical moment, suddenly, the fat man only felt a sudden flash of light in his head, the whole person's thinking suddenly also suddenly opened up ......