His True Colors Chapter 2387

 "This ...... young man really can't be seen."

        "Yes, he looks thin and frail, but I didn't expect to eat such a huge amount of food."

        "Then it seems that he shouldn't be Han 3,000, Han 3,000 is just a mere earthling, there is no way he could have such a huge appetite."

        "That's true, but even if he's not Han Qianqian, he's still quite capable. That Chen Shimin, who claims to be the future head of Tiangui Palace, couldn't even pass a single move under him."

        "That's true, but you can't be too biased, maybe he's not too strong, but some people don't live up to their names. Some of the mysterious sects in the legends are just legends."

        "That's right."

        Listening to these piercing voices, Chen Shimin's anger was burning, insulting his sect was not allowed, insulting him personally was even more so.

        Glancing at each other and the dog-leg, and at the crowd behind them, they nodded to each other one by one.

        Immediately afterwards, while everyone was not looking, Chen Shimin's gang stood up straight away, followed by drawing their cold large swords and long knives, and got up and rushed over to give Han Qianqian a good show.

        For people like Chen Shimin, face was more important than anything else!

        "Where are they, Senior Uncle?" At this moment, Chen Shimin's teeth were clenched.

        "Still out shopping, said they would be at the restaurant later." The dog-legged man hurriedly but said.

        "Damn it! Tell them to go." Chen Shimin bellowed coldly and took the lead to get up, running away in a huff.

        But a moment later, Chen Shimin's gang returned, and beside them, followed by a big fat man, who was full of fat, but his inner energy was really amazing, and just the moment he came in, some of the crowd who were very close to him could feel the amazing energy leaking out of him.

        This was a master!

        "Fuck, where's that grandson, tell him to come out dead, dare to bully my master nephew, he's tired of living I see." After saying that, a pull in his hand was an immense iron mallet.

        "Senior Uncle, it's right there!" Chen Shimin pointed his finger at the middle of the crowd and said in a cold voice.

        He didn't dare to tell his master that he had caused trouble outside, but he only had to tell him, and his uncle would find a pretext to come out alone and help him out.

        The fat man, who was also a tiger, was so fierce and vicious that he was really scary.

        "You fucking brat, you dare to hurt my nephew, I fucking ......"

        The fat senior uncle who raised the mallet to his head was about to fire his hammer straight away, but just as he reached Han Qianqian's side, his entire body froze.

        At that moment, not only did he freeze, but everyone else did as well.

        It wasn't that Han Qianqian had done anything, on the contrary, Han Qianqian didn't even turn his head back, he just took out a small living creature from his pocket and then let it go to eat the bun sitting on the table.

        But it was this little creature that instantly petrified everyone present.

        "Taotie ...... Taotie, the Taotie of Evil!"

        "Fuck, this ...... is the Taotie of Evil!!!"

        Last second, perhaps everyone was still lamenting how funny it felt to see how much food the person in front of him was eating, or was shocked by the sudden killing of the fat man, but at this time, all of them were stunned to look at the small taotie with not too big heads on the table frantically eating buns, and were actually speechless with shock.

        Although much smaller, but no one will forget this in the land of the trapped dragon to make people scared of the terrifying evil beast.

        "This is the Taotie of Evil, that means ...... Han ...... Han three thousand was not swallowed and killed by the Taotie?"

        "More also that this person ...... really ...... really is Han Qianqian?"

        "I really thought there was a person who looked like Han Qianqian and was impersonating Han Qianqian, so ...... it turns out that this Han Qianqian is real?"

        "I told you, Han Qianqian who can't be trapped by the Endless Abyss, how could he be trapped by a small Taotie!"

        One by one, the crowd was dumbfounded and muttered.

        The fat man holding the big mallet also froze, beans of sweat continued to pour down his forehead, the dog leg and Chen Shimin beside him were even more exaggerated at this point, one long knife fell to the ground, one pair of legs couldn't stop shaking wildly, a certain foot's trousers even appeared water stains, apparently already pissed in fear.

        This is Han Qianqian!

        Usually with this name to go out and pretend, messy cover, that are not to say anything.

        But if it really was Han Qianqian standing here, it obviously meant something different.

        This guy, even the true gods are not the least bit afraid of him, and he is a direct fighter, so he can walk around the eight worlds with that kind of terrifying strength.

        At such a time, they really didn't know whether they were unfortunate or lucky to have met Han Qianqian in this place.


        With the sound of an iron rod hitting the ground, Han Qianqian looked back and saw that the fat man still maintained his stance with his hands raised high, only the large mallet in his hand, had fallen to the ground ......

        "Is something wrong?" Han Qianqian swept a glance at him and then at the mallet on the ground and asked.