His True Colors Chapter 2386

 Faced with Han Qianqian's question, the dog's leg was naturally pleased with himself.

        "Yeah, I want to know, but the question is brat, do you fucking dare?"

        "You wouldn't dare!!!"

        Dogleg shouted angrily with incomparable confidence, although Tiangui Palace was a mysterious sect to many people, they all knew how powerful this mysterious and not-so-common sect was.

        With such a powerful sect, who would not be afraid of the revenge behind him!

        This was a trick they had tried time and again, and naturally, the dog's leg shouted out such words as you wouldn't dare, with immense confidence and quite a lot of sources and lessons learned.

        "What wouldn't I dare?" Han Qianqian's face was slightly cold.

        He would dare to report it, the question is, can some people afford it?!

        "Brother, don't just report your name, this Tiangui Palace is very powerful, the sect is not big, but there are many experts, you can't afford to mess with it."

        "Yes, these hidden expert sects, although they are not willing to show their faces in the jianghu, but they always have a protective mentality towards their disciples, you have beaten their beloved disciple, it is better to leave quickly, otherwise, you are bound to be looked for trouble by the experts of the sect."

        Beside him, some people could not help but advise.

        "Yes, brother, I'm already grateful for you helping me, so just leave, I'll carry the load if anything happens." The leader of the Seven Monsters, Big Cake Sky, also hurriedly came to Han Qianqian's side at this time and advised.

        "Don't even think about leaving, you dare to hit our gongzi, my Tiangui Palace will not let you go, you can wait for death." Seeing the situation, the dog-legged man naturally became even more arrogant as a whole.

        "Do I, Han Qianqian, need to go?" Han Qianqian laughed disdainfully.

        "Heh, you Han Qianqian wouldn't need to go, even if it was ......" someone scoffed disdainfully and smoothly, but halfway through the sentence, the whole person suddenly froze.

        Immediately after, the people next to him also froze.

        "You ...... what did you just say?"

        "You're Han Qianqian?"

        "Holy shit, Han Qianqian! He really seems to be Han Qianqian."

        "Although I was far away during the Land of the Trapped Dragon,...... but I've seen Han Qianqian from afar, he ...... really seems to be Han Qianqian!"

        As this guy turned from disdainful ridicule to doubt and then to shock, the people next to him at this time also instantly converged their collective gaze on Han Qianqian's body.

        Zi Emotion and Liu Sa also instantly looked at Han Qianqian in shock.

        The attention was on Chen Shimin, and even when Han Qianqian got up, it was a one-two punch. Everyone was so shocked and worried about him that they didn't pay much attention to Han Qianqian's looks, they simply thought he was good-looking.

        At this moment, after this man shouted in shock, the crowd then focused all their attention on Han Qianqian, and their minds also quickly began to recall the slightly blurred handsome face that they had seen in the land of the trapped dragon.

        "Han Qianqian, Han Qianqian, he really is Han Qianqian!"

        "I remember his eyes, like a devil, like a god, like evil, yes, he's Han Qianqian, he's Han Qianqian!"

        "Holy shit! It's really Han Qianqian, he ...... he's actually eating in the same restaurant as me? Holy shit, this ...... is too much to think about."

        The people in the restaurant went crazy, many of them even pulled their hands on their numb skulls, their eyes were rounded, showing extreme disbelief.

        Immediately afterwards, the crowd was agitated.

        "Hoo ...... hoo!" Quietly looking at the young and handsome man in front of him, at this moment, Zi Emotion was breathing heavily, her heart was racing, and her blood seemed to be boiling.

        The dashing figure in the Land of the Trapped Dragon had been eagerly awaited for so long, but she had never expected to see it here, but suddenly and unexpectedly, and moreover, at such close quarters.

        The young girl's heart fluttered in her heart.

        She wanted to go up and say hello, but she couldn't lift her feet, couldn't move her legs, and couldn't open her mouth.

        On the other side, Liu Sa was also frozen.

        Previously, she thought Han Qianqian was quite good-looking, but now that she knew who he was, she felt that he was even more handsome.

        Men under the sky were just like this.


        At that moment, the dog's leg shouted, "How can you be Han Qianqian, stop pretending to be a god."

        Although he shouted loudly, he couldn't hide the fact that Dogleg was a bit scared at the moment, or at least the legs that kept backing up slightly already told the story.

        "Didn't you guys say that you were Han Qianqian's big brothers? What, now you don't even know your own little brothers?" Mo Yang got up and said in a cold mocking voice.

        "Of course Han Qianqian is my little brother, however, he is not you." At this moment, Chen Shimin, who was already losing face, reluctantly sat up and said with strong support.

        "My little brother Han Sanchiang has already been swallowed by the Taotie, there is no way he could be here, you impostor!"

        Faced with Chen Shimin's accusation, Han Qianqian's face did not reflect in the slightest, but it was Mo Yang and the others behind him who sneered, now they might understand how important it was to have an ID card when they were on Earth, this thing was not at all worried about you committing a crime so that they could find you, but they were afraid of meeting someone so shameless as to say that you were not you.

        However, Chen Shimin's shameless words did quiet the agitated crowd quite a bit.

        Yes, Han Qianqian was swallowed straight into the belly by that Taotie of Evil, a fact that everyone saw with their own eyes, it simply couldn't be right to be here.

        Han Qianqian didn't care about this, he didn't even bother to explain anything to any unrelated people, his hands just moved and with a snap, that dog-leg ate a slap in the air directly on his face, then his whole body slapped several metres away and hit the ground heavily.

        "From now on, keep your mouth clean. Otherwise, you will be treated badly."

        Han Qianqian shouted coldly, then returned to his seat, ignoring the reaction of the others, and sat down to drink tea once again.

        As soon as Han Qianqian sat down, Mo Yang and the others also sat down.

        The people next to him were talking, obviously discussing whether Han Qianqian was Han Qianqian or not.

        There were also some people pointing and laughing at Chen Shimin.

        "Little Two, where are our dishes?" Han Qianqian also ignored how the bystanders reflected and gently raised his head, asking to the shop boy.

        The shopkeeper was stunned, shouted a word immediately, and hurriedly went to the kitchen to get something.

        It didn't matter whether it was Han Qianqian or not, but the problem was that such an expert was already something he couldn't afford to offend.

        A few moments later, the shopkeeper moved quickly and brought up a whole big drawer of buns in one breath, which made the crowd sigh again and again.

        But what was even more amazing was that more and more buns were brought up, drawer after drawer, filling the table in less than a few moments ......