His True Colors Chapter 2384


        Obviously, this dark force was so strong that the Seven Monsters boss wanted to use his feet to stabilise himself, but as soon as the Nai Hap foot tried to make an effort, the strong backward force instantly cracked the ground, and immediately afterwards, the Seven Monsters boss' body flew towards Han Qianqian's table uncontrollably as if he had been thrown off the ground.

        After all, the dark energy he used was extremely strong, and his technique of using force to strike was also very mature.

        It was just that this move was a bit too funny when it came to Han Qianqian.

        Along with the Seven Monsters' boss's body flying across the room, many people opened their mouths in surprise at this point, and some even closed their eyes in direct intolerance.

        The other six monsters were even more anxious, one by one, they stood up from their seats in a hurry, but obviously it was too late to go and help the Seven Monsters boss.

        But ......

        The seemingly incomparably huge impulse of the Seven Monsters boss, but did not smash Han Qianqian there to smithereens, but rather quiet, not a single movement issued.

        The seven monster bosses smashed over, Han Qianqian not even the slightest panic, gently on the table of tea, and then slowly taste a mouthful, and immediately, after drinking, put the bowl on the table, hand lift the teapot, slowly re-pour water.

        But just because of this action, Han Qianqian's elbow lifted slightly.

        But because of this arm shaft, the Seven Monsters' body slammed against it, and the powerful impulse immediately dissipated, and immediately, the Seven Monsters' last inertia stumbled to the side with the elbow, but Han Qianqian slightly grabbed it.

        At that moment, Han Qianqian lifted the tea he had poured with his other hand and gently lifted it up to drink.

        The entire action is cloudy and calm, completely unable to see any panic, moreover seems to not care about the two people who are surrounding the restaurant at this time to fight alone.

        "Holy shit, this ......"

        "This is okay?"

        "Who is this young man?"

        "According to this force, the big cake sky of the head of the seven monsters must be smashed in all directions, but this guy is easily landed, this is too unbelievable, right?"

        "It's not unusual for the head of the Seven Monsters to have something."

        "No, the big pancake sky obviously people have been flying, there is no way he can still control himself so perfectly, as if ...... it seems to be the young man sitting next to him drinking tea."

        "That's right, this is all beaten up like this, that young man is still calmly drinking tea, so calm, looking like a master ah."

        "It's a pity that I can't see what this guy looks like."

        People around were talking, but because at this moment Han Qianqian was drinking tea with his arm raised, his arm covered his face, and many people could not see his face clearly at all.

        "He should be a master, just that imposing appearance alone is by no means something that an ordinary person can do."

        "That's right, I agree with this statement."

        The other six monsters also naturally locked their eyes on Han Qianqian at this time, especially the only two women among the seven monsters, whose eyes were curiously looking at Han Qianqian who was raising his hand to drink tea.

        For one thing, the six monsters knew better than anyone else the strength of their elder brother, and naturally knew that there was no way that he could have that strength to be able to stand up so perfectly under such an impact, as easily as if nothing had happened, so it was obvious that someone else must have helped, and they were naturally grateful.

        Secondly, hearing that it was a young man, the men were naturally curious as to what kind of talent was involved, while the women naturally wanted to know if this hero was good looking or not.

        However, Han Qianqian's actions were destined to disappoint them.

        "Alas, sister, don't be dismayed, just by looking at this man's figure and aura, he shouldn't be bad." At this moment, the woman in green, Liu Sa, the sixth oldest of the Seven Monsters of Jiangbei, saw that her seventh sister, Zi Ei, did not look happy on her face and hurriedly advised.

        Zi Ei nodded, but then quickly shook her head, muttering her small mouth with a face that once looked at Han Qianqian with a hint of surprise that quickly flashed by, but more was still covered by the lack of interest.

        The dream of a young girl is of the heroic Han Qianqian in the battle of the gods and demons, which can be replaced by others.

        But at this time, Chen Shimin on the side was angry and gritted his teeth.

        He had come out to show off, originally wanting the crowd's applause and envy, but what he had never expected was that he had tossed himself around hungry, only to have the limelight stolen by that young man.

        The worst thing was that he had caught the eye of this superb beauty, Ziyou, and this was completely unacceptable to Chen Shimin.

        With his teeth clenched, Chen Shimin smiled coldly and looked at Han Qianqian, "I said that this Big Cake Heaven has suddenly become somewhat wayward, it turns out that someone is guiding behind the scenes, it's a bit interesting."

        "Hmph, brat, out in the jianghu, didn't your parents teach you to ignore idle matters? How dare you meddle in my son's affairs? Do you know who my son is?" The dog's leg next to him saw his master speak, and immediately followed suit, barking at Han Qianqian, with that arrogant look, as if he was the strongest in the world.

        At that moment, Han Qianqian, who was drinking tea, suddenly had his cup crushed in his hand with a snap!