His True Colors Chapter 2383

 With the help of Han Qianqian, the Seven Monsters boss regained his feet and subconsciously raised his eyes to take a look at the young man.

        His skin was fair, his body was thin, but he was strong and muscular, and the young man in front of him was quite good-looking.

        In particular, there was a calmness in his eyes, a purity and an indescribable evil in them.

        Such strange yet rather attractive eyes made the Seven Monsters boss couldn't help but look at them a few more times.

        "Fuck, turtle-son, is that all you've got, only hiding?"

        After getting up, he turned around and attacked Chen Shimin again.

        This guy was indeed worthy of being the leader of the Seven Monsters, despite his ugly appearance, his kung fu was extremely deep and his speed was also very fast, just by turning around, in a flash, he was already walking fast and rushing towards Chen Shimin.

        "Carved insects and small skills!" Faced with the oncoming Seven Monsters Boss, Chen Shimin was not the least bit flustered, and his fan shook with a leisurely motion.

        This caused the Seven Monsters Boss to burst into anger, and after a furious roar, he directly increased his speed.

        But just as the Seven Monsters were about to hit Chen Shimin, he saw his fan retract and raise it, then he sidestepped the Seven Monsters and slapped his arm with the fan, and then his other hand secretly slapped the Seven Monsters in the stomach.


        The seemingly aggressive Seven Monsters Boss only felt like he had hit some cotton, and the huge force of the rebound made his body fly out sideways.


        With this flight, he once again flew into the side of Han Qianqian's table, straight into the table that kept shifting with a creaking and piercing sound.

        Bang, bang, bang!

        On the table, the tea cups and bowls also clinked.

        But apparently, this rattling was only once, and when Han Qianqian placed his hand gently on the table, the whole shaking table returned to normal in time.

        "Excuse me, a few brothers." The Seven Monsters boss turned back to the table, forcing himself to endure the pain and hurriedly helping Han Qianqian to put the tableware sparsely and barely in order as he compensated with a smile.

        Han Qianqian smiled gently and waved his hand to indicate that it was alright, but in his hand, he played with the chopsticks in his hand, using a fulcrum to gently fiddle with the bowl that had strayed from his position.

        With a flick of Han Qianqian's hand, the bowl instantly returned to its original position.

        The Seven Monsters didn't pay much attention to Han Qianqian's move, but Han Qianqian's ordinary trick was so smooth that the Seven Monsters couldn't take their eyes off it.

        When the performance was finished, Han Qianqian smiled gently and withdrew his hand.

        When the Seven Monsters had finished watching, they roared in anger and charged forward once again.

        The Seven Monsters of Jiangbei were not considered to be the best in the world, but because of their complementary abilities and specialties, and their stalking and never-ending mad dog spirit, many people were annoyed by them, and the reputation of the Seven Monsters flourished.

        But this time, apart from being reckless, the Seven Monsters' leader also has an extra eye out for another attack by Chen Shimin.

        But even so, when the Seven Monsters rushed forward, Chen Shimin made a few quick dodges and moves, followed by another slap.

        The Seven Monsters boss immediately felt the power rebound once again, but the image of Han Qianqian flicking the bowl with his chopsticks just now suddenly showed up in his mind.

        "I know, this turtle grandson is playing me with four taels of gold."

        Thinking of this, the Seven Monsters boss also snapped to attention and followed Chen Shimin's fan with a shake as well, reversing the force.

        With a bang, Chen Shimin's entire body instantly took a few steps backwards.

        However, this guy did have some skills, quickly adjusting his stance and taking advantage of the Seven Monsters Boss's success when he was happy, he kicked the Seven Monsters Boss directly in the leg.

        The Seven Monsters' upper body strength was not small, but his lower body was the most unstable, plus he was happy to have shaken off Chen Shimin and had dropped his guard, so he was directly kicked by Chen Shimin again.


        The seven monsters boss's body immediately once again backed into Han Qianqian's table.

        "Thanks!" Almost subconsciously, numbly, the Seven Monsters Boss turned back and hemmed and hawed at Han Qianqian.

        Han Qianqian just held the table with one hand and shook his head again, while making a quick movement with his other hand.

        The Seven Monsters boss looked dumbfounded, but in the next second, instantly understood.

        Without giving it much thought, the Seven Monsters boss immediately rushed up and suddenly made a very strange movement with his hands. Although Chen Shimin intended to attack his lower hand, the attack was too fierce in the hands of the Seven Monsters boss.

        Although Chen Shi Min intended to attack him, his attack was too fierce. He was directly hit in the chest and retreated several steps.

        He had heard of the skills of the Seven Monsters of Jiangbei, but the Seven Monsters' strange attack was obviously not of his own creation.

        At that moment, Chen Shimin's eyes suddenly went cold and he stared at Han Qianqian with a deadly glare.

        Isn't the Seven Monsters' current stance in his hands exactly the same as the guy who was gesturing on the table just now?

        Thinking of this, Chen Shimin clenched his teeth and made a quick movement in his hands, followed by taking advantage of the Seven Monsters' opening and violently shaking him back.


        The Seven Monsters' old university was a slice of Han Qianqian, and Chen Shimin's sudden change of stance, so naturally he didn't know how to deal with it, his body lurched, and he retreated and crashed again.

        Han Qianqian gently smiled, one hand gently against the waist of the Seven Monsters boss, the Seven Monsters boss originally thought that it would once again hit the table crunching, but did not expect that there was a huge mountain behind him, not only did not imagine that, but easily froze then directly battle stable.

        Then, without waiting for him to reflect, he was kicked violently in the foot, and his whole body was forced forward by a strange force.


        It looked like the Seven Monsters boss was panicking and this rush over that he himself had not expected, but Chen Shimin frowned greatly.

        The posture of this charge was too bizarre, this guy should have had an unstable lower body and insufficient footwork, but at this moment, it was a peculiar pace and strange footwork.

        After a few moves in quick succession, Chen Shimin staggered back a few steps.

        "You!" Chen Shimin looked at Han Qianqian behind him with fire in his eyes.

        Immediately afterwards, his entire body forcibly raised spiritual energy, which barely directly shook the Seven Monsters boss away again.


        Seeing the Seven Monsters Boss being shaken away again, the onlookers all marvelled at this Chen Shimin's ability.

        The corners of Chen Shimin's mouth cracked slightly, his face showing a cold smile of disdain as he fiercely exerted dark force in his hands, taking the opportunity to rush to the side of the Seven Monsters' boss, followed by a dark force in his hands to directly slap the Seven Monsters' boss' body.

        This time, Chen Shimin deliberately hit the Seven Monsters boss towards Han Qianqian's table, naturally, he also wanted to teach this Han Qianqian who didn't know any better and was quietly helping the Seven Monsters boss behind him.

        This hit was bound to be not a light one.