His True Colors Chapter 2381

 "You will also say, Han three thousand is dead, ah? Since he is dead, is it not nothing? God or devil, after all, dead is waste."

        At this moment, the crowd's large rear, the hall pavilion building, a male son slowly stood up.

        He was dressed in white and held a paper fan in his hand.

        With a few words, he immediately managed to attract everyone's attention to him.

        Han Qianqian also could not help but raise his eyes to look, only to see that this person was young and richly dressed, definitely not an ordinary person.

        "Shit, what the fuck are you talking about? You dare to insult our departed Demon God Han Qianqian? If you want to die, we can make it happen."

        "That's right, insulting Han Qianqian is against us, if you want to live, ask me if this sword agrees first!"

        "Fuck, apologize immediately!"

        Many people immediately stood up in righteous indignation, for them, Han Qianqian completely conquered them, and is one of their spiritual totem, after all, he is really the first person who dares to challenge the true gods as a casual, many people regard him as an idol or a goal to strive for.

        This son blatantly insulted Han Qianqian, which naturally drew a lot of discontent from the others.

        The man did not panic, as he slowly got up, a group of experts beside him also stood up one by one, each with a sturdy figure and an outgoing breath, at a glance it was clear that they were definitely some kind of hidden experts.

        "Oh, what's the use of blowing Han Qianqian as a god? And the Devil God? To me, it's just a funny past." After saying that, he slowly walked down the pavilion building with a few steps and came next to the purple love.

        The more you look, the more you like, the more you look, the more you are moved.

        Beauty, simply beautiful to the bones of people.

        Lightly smiled at the purple love, the next second, this guy suddenly facial fierce a hideous, the foot just a movement.


        The ground forged by the giant stone, instantly and directly cracked out a huge crater.


        The crowd was immediately directly shocked.

        "This guy ...... good terrifying energy, just a foot pallets, the ground have to collapse, what comes ah."

        The party also seven mouths and collective voice of the crowd, but at this time, one scared face cold, can only whisper, quietly discuss the identity of this guy.

        "Anything that dies is nothing but waste, and I, I am the demon god that you really have to face." Seeing that he had shocked everyone, this guy smiled in satisfaction, tossed his fan, stroked his hair, and made a move that he thought was handsome: "I am Tiangui Palace, Chen Shimin."

        "My grandson is also the future head of Tiangui Palace." The dog leg also at this time, aptly flaunting a thumbs up, praising the introduction.

        "Holy shit, this guy is actually a disciple of the Tiangui Palace on Misty Island!"

        "This Tiangui Palace is mysterious and inexplicable, it is said that although the number of people in the door is not large, but each is a hidden world experts."

        "The worst elders are also in the stage of the evil execution, many is the eight wilderness realm experts, especially their master, I heard that many years ago from the eight wilderness realm to cross the immortal tribulation. But this sect has been very hidden, the whereabouts are difficult to predict, the jianghu many times only heard the legend, not its people, I did not expect to see here today."

        "It seems that this Tiangui Palace rumors are indeed not bad, this son is young but so powerful cultivation, Tiangui Palace is indeed something."

        Many people couldn't help but secretly nod their heads, quite praiseworthy of this so-called future head of Chen Shimin.

        "Hmph, what about the Tiangui Palace? I don't see you slaying the demon dragon and fighting the two gods on the Dragon Mountain?" The boss of Jiangbei Seven Monsters said disdainfully.

        In his eyes, Han Qianqian is the true hero who dares to fight, for this kind of playboy, he naturally can't hit the eye.

        "Oh, it seems that the Jiangbei Seven Monsters, not only the people look strange, the brain is also not so good." Chen Shimin disdainfully waved his fan, and laughed coldly.

        The Jiangbei Seven Monsters boss immediately slapped the table, angrily trying to stand up: "What the fuck did you say?"

        Only, the boss this stand, but quite some embarrassment, Chen Shimin just fan on his shoulders, it will make his whole person again difficult to stand up, the case of excessive force, but also full of sweat.

        The next second, Chen Shimin fan a shake, the Jiangbei seven monsters of the boss body immediately obediently sat back on the bench, at this time, Chen Shimin body forward, came to the seven monsters in front, disdain and said: "a group of stupid, the old man not on that because the general is the front of the charge, and the handsome, always in the rear of the planning."

        "So, Han three thousand dead, while I, on the other hand, still intact standing there."

        Hearing this from him, the boss of the Seven Monsters of Jiangbei immediately looked at him with dissatisfaction, "What do you mean by that?"

        "You're not trying to tell me that Han Qianqian is your henchman?"

        Chen Shimin's fan closed, his body retreated and stood, and a moment later, the whole person burst into laughter, laughing at the crowd is a piece of incomprehension, a million strange.