His True Colors Chapter 2380

 At this time of the year, it was the most lively time in this small border town.

        The war in the Sleeping Dragon Mountain brought about the flow of people, and although the three great clans hastily retreated to their headquarters after the sneak attack, the frontier town became the best place for these casual people in relative terms.

        At noon, the taverns, inns, and even the roadside stalls in the city were already crowded with people.

        Numerous people from the Jianghu River and Lake gathered here, or singing and drinking, or yelling and drinking about the sky and the earth, and some people were talking closely, seemingly discussing something, and some people were showing off or selling the treasures they had traveled through the mountains.

        In short, this frontier town ushered in, is unprecedented extraordinary lively.

        In the city, the largest restaurant is called Yan Jie Lou.

        It is the largest and the most luxurious restaurant in the city.

        But, just at noon, the Yan Jie House is already full of drinkers, the high seating, busy shopkeeper second dizzy, many Jianghu people are also quick, simply take the wine and food themselves.

        "The battle on the Sleepy Dragon Mountain is a wonderful one."

        "That is not, high above the three great families turned out to be nothing more than that, first by Han three thousand beaten, and then by the demons assassination, throwing armor, routed look, I really think about it all feel funny."

        "The devil clan sneak attack, always still occupy the terrain, if the real sword dry, completely is not the three big clans opponent. So, it must be said that Han three thousand this guy's bullying, that is really a person against the two true gods, deadly dry them ah, ability ah, bureau gas ah!"

        "Yes, when it comes to Han Qianqian ah, my mind can not help but recall his valiant heroic posture, the unbeatable bully, ah, think of the old me are fucking excited, come, drink!"


        Several Jianghu men could not help but shout with excitement.

        Next to the table, several swordsmen dressed in luxurious clothes also gently raised wine, as if with this action, to worship the spirit of Han Qianqian in heaven.

        "I say, sister Ziyou, what are you doing frozen, eat the food." Several Jianghu men finished their drinks in one go, and only then turned back to look at the two women beside them.

        One woman was dressed in white with plain hair, purple love like immortality, called purple love, the other woman was dressed in green bundle, innocent-looking.

        Seeing the big man speak, the woman in white and beautiful purple love then snapped back: "Ah, big brother ......"

        "Haha, my seventh sister this is thinking about men!" The big man next to him could not help but flirt and laugh.

        A flirtation immediately caused a bunch of big men to laugh, there are also several other tables of guests have been listening to them bragging and chatting, now hear this, also can not help but laugh.

        Purple love immediately blushed scarlet, small hands gently rolled their sleeves to suppress their nervousness: "Big brother nonsense, purple love which did not."

        "Big brother, you should not make fun of seventh sister." The woman in green next to her also couldn't help but laugh.

        "Ahem, this is not what to make fun of, this man should be married, women should be married, everyone knows my Jiangbei seven monsters although five monsters strange ugly, but the two sisters is like a fairy like jade, especially my seventh sister purple love, that is out of the sinking fish, closed moon and blossom, the country, the red-faced bogeyman ...... "The boss racked his brains, talking nonsense, the only amount of idioms he had all said one by one.

        "It is not, the so-called talent with a good man, heroes with beautiful women, my seventh sister has become the first girl, like boys that is supposed to. Seventh sister was born beautiful, that Han three thousand is also counted as a hero hero, bitter love, that is also normal ah." Another Jianghu man said.

        "With Han Qianqian's power today, many women in the world want to follow him, it is not surprising that seventh sister has such a mind."

        A few big men talked to each other, not caring in the least, but the seventh sister, Zi Ei, who was on the side, said that her face turned even more scarlet.

        The great battle in the land of the trapped dragon is indeed vivid in my mind, Han Qianqian's dashing and incomparable Yingzhi and that handsome and incomparable face are also deadly imprinted in my own heart.

        Every time I think of it, purple love has a deep fascination and a feeling of accelerated heartbeat.

        The prince of dust, but so, have a husband so, since no demand.

        She likes Han Qianqian.

        This heart also for him and the first flutter.

        This, purple love does not have anything to deny.

        Even, many young girls in the whole world have the same heart as her, and she knows this very well.

        Just, by the big brother a few people so publicly say out, ultimately still some embarrassment.

        But, the purple love of this smile is the beauty of the incomparable, straight let everyone around are fascinated dumbfounded.

        Because this girl was born so heavenly, the attention of the crowd is on her body, so that at this time Han Qianqian walked in, but no one noticed, even the shopkeeper did not notice.

        Han Qianqian swept a sideways glance at the group, after all, they are talking about themselves, Han Qianqian inevitably more than a glance, a closer look, but also by the purple love of the beautiful mess some amazed by the sky.

        It is not as outstanding as Lu Ruoxin's temperament, nor Qin Frost's frosty world, but she has her unique little family, shy and lovely, the blown white skin tender are almost out of water, exquisite features like immortals carefully carved general, smile more a let people like a spring breeze feeling.

        If Lu Ruoxin's beauty is the best in the world, Qin Shannon's beauty is unparalleled in the world, then this woman's beauty is the only one in the world.

        However, the beauty is beautiful, for Han Qianqian, only one more glance, gently turned his head, with Mo Yang three people sat down, and then gently beckoned, indicating that the second over.

        Although the second is busy, but someone deliberately greeted, or hurriedly walked over.

        However, he was too busy, even too busy to look at Han Qianqian, just mechanically buried his head, waiting for Han Qianqian to report what to ask for, so he can write down in his book.

        "It is said that the seven monsters of Jiangbei are more strange than one, but I did not expect that there are two beautiful women among the seven monsters, especially the girl in white is the world's best ah."

        "No, but I can't figure out how such a big beauty will go with the five monsters."

        "Red flowers need green leaves, but this green leaf is too green."

        A crowd of people have quietly answer the ear to this.

        "However, such a beautiful woman actually also love Han Qianqian, this time, Han Qianqian can really scenery completely."

        "So young can break the class directly against the true gods, the limit of young talent is also this Han Qianqian, I'm afraid, this is also normal."

        "Unfortunately, the Han three thousand died, otherwise, the world's beautiful women as long as he is willing to hook his finger, do not know how many people die with him, our casual camp side, I have heard a lot of beautiful women love him ah."

        A group of people nodded their heads, but at this time, a voice that does not fit the time suddenly appeared.