His True Colors Chapter 2379

 The only person who transmits voice with his own brain is Xiao Tao.

        Contact the return of the son's statement, but also apt, he is and small peach have extraordinary friendship, this point, Han three thousand never deny.

        But in response to the words of Gui Yuan Zi, that is to say, Xiaotao ......

        Peach is a demon?

        Or, Xiaotao is now in the demon race?

        "That voice was transmitted with a devil's voice, through the mountains, rivers and seas, over the green grass and strange flowers, so, as a trapped immortal valley, I naturally know it."

        "Master, she is indeed my friend, but she is by no means a devil race, instead she is a descendant of the gods, since you can know that she came through the devil voice, can you know exactly where she is?"

        "There are four special areas in the eight worlds, the extreme cold land in the extreme north, the swampy land in the extreme east, the forbidden land of fire and rock in the extreme south, and the land of the dead in the extreme west, the devil race lives in the land of the dead, this devil voice also came from there, if my expectation is correct, it should be from the city of burning bones in the center of the land of the dead."

        "I know." Hearing Gui Yuan Zi's affirmation, Han Qianqian's mind was not good, he really wasn't sure how Xiao Tao could have run to the forbidden land of the dead spirits.

        Was it kidnapped by someone, or did something else untoward happen?

        "If you are going to go, help me do one thing when the time comes."

        Guiyuanzi did not answer, just took out half a jade match from his bosom, handed it to Han Qianqian: "This jade is a blessing or a curse, is your blessing my blessing, is your curse my curse, I do not know at present, everything, only when you get to the city of burning bones in the land of the dead spirits will have the answer. In this way, my teacher will also have all my wishes."

        "Before you want to save Su Yingxia, I think ...... you'd better go to the city of burning bones first."

        "In addition, Taotie is left to you. Take good care of it!" The words fell, the surrounding sea of fire and thunder disappeared, the surrounding void also turned into nothingness in an instant.

        When Han Qianqian and others reflect again, open your eyes, where there is what void, where there is what sea of fire and thunder, there is only a pale piece of scorched earth.

        "Poof, pull me, pull me!"

        At this time, knife twelve miserable voice in the back sounded, Han three thousand casual eyes, only to see the land below the arch, with a hand, air waves will be pushed away from the soil, knife twelve and Mo Yang and other people took the opportunity to hurry from the soil struggle out.

        "Holy shit, people are not dead yet, the earth first buried the old man!" Knife twelve once out of the depressed shouted.

        Mo Yang and other people also depressed to clear the dust on their bodies.

        If it is not to see them covered in mud, the scene in front of you alone, Han Qianqian really feel as if the party is just a dream.


        A whisper sounded, Han Qianqian looked down, dumb bitter smile.

        Perhaps, there is this evil Taotie, and then tell themselves that all this is not illusory, but real.

        Just in front of the land of the trapped dragon, has been deserted, although without the trapped dragon mountain, the land of the devil dragon, heaven and earth less a trace of evil, but also because of the absence of the trapped immortal valley, and let here is not much of the vitality is gone.

        Perhaps, this place will no longer be associated with gods and devils, but it is destined to be barren.

        "Three thousand, what do we do now?"

        "Should we go to the forbidden land of the dead spirits now to find your friend?"

        At the time of the dilemma, Little Peach used the magic voice to tell himself the way to unseal the Pan Gu Axe, if it were not for him, how could Han Qianqian have lasted until now?

        No matter public or private, Han Qianqian naturally will not ignore Xiaotao.

        But before going, Han Qianqian obviously well have more important things to do.

        "All tired, go eat something first!" Han three thousand decided, first to go to the nearby city for a temporary stay, one for inquiring about the whereabouts of Jianghu Bai Xiao Sheng and others, and secondly, Han three thousand wanted Jianghu Bai Xiao Sheng to think of some way to probe the situation of Su Yingxia and Han Nian.

        "Three thousand, we're not hungry, it's important to do our business." Mo Yang hurriedly shook his head and said with very firm eyes.

        "Yes, three thousand, you have something to do now, when the brothers are bound to go through the fire, eat these things are not important." Knife twelve also tiger said.

        "Important thing?" Han three thousand white glance at knife twelve: "I only know that if this little ancestor does not eat full again, is really a big thing will happen."

        A ghost joke, this is the evil Taotie, if this guy is very evil to start crazy, then Han three thousand really do not know how this guy will be!

        After all, when this guy really appeared, Lu Wushen and Ao Shi also looked at the wind and fled, now it follows their own okay, but the problem is that it did not identify with their own master, once the launch of the madness, then the damn time who did not move.

        Han three thousand sucked him so much chaos gas, apparently ...... must give this guy to replenish the necessary things.

        Han Qianqian also thought about putting it into the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books, but afraid that this guy's big appetite directly to the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books to suck up, thinking about it, with the human world approach may be the best.

        At least, it eats more, and he will not be unable to pay the bill.

        Spending just a little money is nothing to Han Qianqian.

        Only, nowadays, the small border town has long been bustling with activity, and the legend of Han Qianqian is simply the necessary talking point at the tables of the major restaurants.

        At noon, the protagonist of the story, officially entered the city.