His True Colors Chapter 2377

 Hearing these words, Han Qianqian stopped his voice and collected his breath, transformed into one, and gradually opened his eyes as his mind was collected.

        The great information and the extremely strong energy had all entered Han Qianqian's body through his back, and at this moment, Han Qianqian only felt that his body was exceptionally comfortable.

        Like a saint coming into the body, and like a warm sun shining on the body, the whole person is even filled with an extremely strong sense of power, the body's blood and muscles prevented as if they were too powerful, and became leaping for joy.

        "Senior I ......" Han Qianqian was incomparably excited, turned his head but his smile froze on his face.

        Not only had Guiyuanzi's hands turned into withered vines, but his face was also extremely unattractive. If he was still immortal and proud before, floating like a god, at this moment, he was like an old man on his deathbed, his face haggard, his skin wrinkled, and his eyes, which had only just been godly, were now as if they had been covered with a white veil.

        "Senior, you are ......" Han Qianqian immediately looked at Gui Yuanzi with great guilt, he was clear that Gui Yuanzi had become like this, all must be directly related to himself.

        It must have been triggered by Gui Yuan Zi after he passed on his gong power to himself.

        "It doesn't matter, I have passed on all my life's power to you, so naturally, my body is withered like grass and decayed like wood." Gui Yuan Zi smiled indifferently, seemingly not taking this to heart at all.

        "Then is it alright if I return my power to you? I've actually absorbed quite a lot of chaos qi, so I'm not short of aura." Han Qianqian hurriedly said.

        Furthermore, for Han Qianqian, even if he was lacking, he would never ask for someone else's cultivation in this way.

        "Hundreds of thousands of years ago, I should have fallen, my hands turned into shackles, my God's blood turned into an oasis, and I fought the demon dragon of that trapped dragon mountain like a tiger, now that the demon dragon has been removed, my mission will naturally be completed, even if I don't pass it on to you, my power will slowly dissipate over this land as the God's blood disappears." Gui Yuan Zi smiled bitterly in a soft voice.

        Sometimes when they are mutually aggressive, they are born together, and over these hundreds of thousands of years, the Blood of the Demon Dragon and he, too, were gradually born to each other precisely because they were mutually aggressive.

        Having lost the significance of the struggle for the Blood of the Devil Dragon, the oasis created by the Blood of God naturally had no value in existence.

        "Instead of wasting it on heaven and earth, I would rather gift it to you."

        "At least you are my disciple and have a bond with heaven and earth, and my divine soul has been released and completed its liberation because of you, so three thousand, you don't have to be so bothered." Guiyuanzi smiled gently and patted Han Qianqian's shoulder with one hand, comforting him.

        Han Qianqian wanted to say something else, but seeing the look in Gui Yuanzi's eyes, he eventually blocked those words in his throat.

        "Now, try this Earth Fire, what do you think?"

        "Fine, but how do I try it?"

        This was all surrounded by nothing but void space, with no reference to compare to.

        "Simple! Imagine that this is a piece of Cangzhou!"

        Han Qianqian nodded and closed his eyes slightly, and the colourful illusion around him suddenly changed to green hills and trees, blue grass and sky, as if he was in a green world.

        Han Qianqian nodded slightly in response to Guiyuanzi, then his hands coalesced.

        "Earth fire follows me, karma fire covers the sky! Open!"

        With Han Qianqian's cold cry, the surroundings fell into a dead silence.

        "Miscellaneous matters, didn't learn it?" Mo Yang asked out loud, seeing no reaction from the surroundings.

        But in the next second, all that could be heard was a boom in the distance.

        In an instant, the green land turned into burning red scorched earth, countless molten lava and blazing fire burrowed directly out of the ground, and in a flash, everything withered and fell into a sea of fire.

        "Oh my God!" Dagger Twelve looked at the sea of fire in front of him, and his whole body grabbed his head, unable to help but feel his scalp tingling.

        In just one fell swoop, the green forest in front of him was a sea of fire, and it would not be an exaggeration to say that this was destroying the heavens and destroying the earth.

        "Shit!" Mo Yang's face was speechless, he had seen arrogant people, but he had never seen such arrogant people.

        "Trees can be transformed, so can mountains and rocks?" Han Qianqian also looked at his hands in a bit of disbelief and muttered.

        "Yes, the person who is in this space will not only be burned by the earth fire, but also the karmic fire will suck his energy and make him lose his spiritual energy, and some of this lost spiritual energy will be transferred to your body."

        After saying this, Gui Yuan Zi pointed in his hand and a withered vine arm immediately flew into the ground fire and transformed into a human form.

        At the same time, the ground fire quickly spread to his whole body, and although it did not burn up all over his body like a normal fire, it did not die out around him.

        And several with at the same time, Han three thousand felt the silk energy from the hand into the body.

        "Surely ...... can really absorb the enemy's aura!" Han Qianqian was a little shocked.

        If this was the case, then in the future against tens of thousands of people, wouldn't he have a great killing weapon for himself? Once the energy was low, using this move to kill the enemy and replenish oneself at the same time was just too perfect to be true.

        "Do you think that's the end of it?" Gui Yuan Zi laughed softly as his remaining hand slapped Han Qianqian's arm, "Eight Directions of Frightening Thunder Technique!"

        Han Qianqian nodded as his hand moved again, a silent chant in his heart, "Eight Directions Breaking Technique, Nine Heavens Attracting Dragon, Break!"



        Immediately afterwards, under the dark clouds, a purple dragon swirled in the air, and with every movement, purple lightning spread out around it and struck the ground. ......


        The entire dark clouds covered with lightning streaked across the sky, and everywhere the electricity passed, it turned into ashes.

        "The Eight Directions Lightning Stunning Technique can draw the nine heavenly thunder dragons to release thousands of lightning bolts causing countless damage, at the same time, the thunder clouds above can form a suppression state, those under the thunder clouds will not only be randomly struck by the thunder dragon's lightning, but will also constantly suppress the attacks of those underneath as well as the power of certain divine weapons."

        "Once the Earth and Fire Thunderstorm is laid at the same time, the power is, naturally, astonishing."

        My goodness!

        Han Qianqian already felt exceptionally excited just by listening, in other words, the Earth Fire Heart Sutra attacked with the same auxiliary energy absorption, while the Eight Directions of Frightening Thunder attacked with the same suppression, if it was a two-pronged attack, hehehe, it was beautiful to think about.

        At the same time, anyone who is their enemy is out of luck in blood.

        "Finally, there is this 72-way divine sword art!"

        "This is evolved by my ancestors based on the 72 stars of the Earth Furies, each move corresponds to the corresponding Earth Fury star, so the moves are unpredictable, good at attacking and good at defending. Although you are an axe, there is always a similarity between swords and axes, so I am passing it on to you in the hope that it can help you." Guiyuanzi chuckled softly.

        "Oh, yes, you have forgotten something." When Gui Yuan Zi finished speaking, he smiled gently and held Han Qian Qian's hand in his hand.



        Two loud sounds, that earth fire burned fiercely, tight while the sky purple thunder shone even brighter.

        "How could this happen?" Han Qianqian said in shock.