His True Colors Chapter 2376

 "I would like to send someone to the Land of the Trapped Dragon to continue to inquire about Han Qianqian's whereabouts, and at the same time, send soldiers to the top of Blue Mountain to inquire about Su Yingxia's whereabouts." Futian respectfully said.

        Ao Shi nodded in satisfaction, "Five thousand is too little, I'll give you ten thousand."

        "Many thanks, Elder Ao."

        "If there is any half-hearted news of Su Yingxia, immediately notify me, and the reinforcements needed, you can always find Wang Juzhi to deploy." After saying that, Ao Shi looked at Wang Juzhi and said, "Juzhi, do you understand?"

        "Yes!" Depressed, Wang Juzhi returned, annoyed in his heart.

        He had worked so hard to snatch back the position from the Fu family, but now Fu Tian was trying to equalize with himself by kissing ass, his heart was naturally quite dissatisfied.

        Fu Tian, however, could not hide his joy and excitement: "Many thanks to Old Ao!"

        "You go down, as usual, I'll give you a month."


        After receiving the order, Fu Tian farted and went down, today was bound to be a day of great ups and downs for him, but the good thing was that this great downfall was followed by a great ups.

        With Ao Shi's dispatch of troops, he Fu Tian naturally different today, whether in the status of the two families of Fu Ye, or in the Jianghu, will be steeply elevated.

        In fact, he forgot, sitting on Han three thousand this son-in-law, he could have been carefree, sitting and enjoying his success, but he destroyed everything, but now for when the dog lick back a little sweet and complacent.

        A laughable person must also have a hateful place.

        "Ao Lao, you really believe in that old dog Fu Tian?" Wang Juzhi was not willing to wait for Futian to leave, and immediately urged in an urgent voice.

        Ao Shi smiled: "As you said, it's just a dog, the dog can still eat the family poor? Give some bones, look at the door, is not a bad thing."

        "Yes!" Although Wang Juzhi was smiling, but his teeth were clenched.

        Han three thousand let the tiger return to the mountain, the more trouble, and now another Fu Tian old dog to grab food, the truth is depressed.

        However, Wang Juzhi's depression is still at the back.

        After the battle on the Dragon Mountain, Han Qianqian's story of fighting against two gods soon spread in the eight worlds.

        The ability to fight the true gods was one of the gimmicks, and the ability to fight two at once was even more shocking.

        And this kind of legend, also grows stronger and stronger. In the Jianghu people spread, naturally inevitably bragging and exaggerated elements, Han three thousand force to fight two gods, was rumored to be divine.

        Or to meet the inner fantasies of many civilian casual monks, or grounded origin deep into the hearts of the people, Han Qianqian completely became the uncrowned God in the hearts of many people.

        Many people have sighed that if Han Qianqian were alive, he would have done something with him, at least not to live in the world.

        But the sigh, but also for Han three thousand lament, lament his untimely death, and still to be swallowed by Taotie and die.

        But there are people who believe that Han Qianqian will be able to create miracles as before, because he himself is synonymous with miracles.

        This is true in the human world, and also in the demon race.

        Despite being in a bitterly cold place, the devil race has been suppressed for many years, so most of the devil people are quiet and silent, with few words, and those who have aspirations are only practicing hard, hoping that one day they can restore the devil race.

        But just after the return of the Devil's North Heaven and others, the devil tribe is also boiling.

        Not only a second temple sneak attack, and inspire the hearts of people, but also because of the scene of the Devil Beitian description of the new generation of the Devil God Han three thousand and the inner blood boiling.

        Under the description of the Devil's North Sky, the battle as if they were personally there in general, the heart is longing for a day in the future, under the leadership of Han Qianqian, the devil race not to say that the eight worlds, but at least raise their heads to be human is inevitable.

        "Han...Han Qianqian he is still alive?"

        In some small place in the nearest border city from the land of the trapped dragon, when Fu Mang and his group heard these rumors after resting at the inn, one was immediately excited, but at the same time remorseful.

        "Taotie ...... Taotie swallowed that person is actually Han three thousand! We ...... we were all dumbfounded and watched."

        "No, Shiyi, you are the last person to see Taotie's whereabouts, you take us to him."

        "Even if we fight with Taotie to the death, I must make him spit Han three thousand out to me."

        Emotional Fu Mang, if not under the pull of several people, I'm afraid that directly to rush out to find Han Qianqian.

        "Fu Mang, you calm down, even if you find that Taotie, you are his opponent? Moreover, the vast sea of people, how to find that Taotie." Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng said.

        "Then what should we do? Watching him die?"

        "I want to go to Sleepy Immortal Valley and take another look, if you want to go too, you'd better not be so impulsive!" Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng said.

        Fu Mang gritted his teeth, looked at Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng, and finally nodded heavily.

        And at this time, Han Qianqian, in the void, the body has been flowing light, solemn face, sitting steadily on the stage, like an old monk, taiyang incomparable.

        On the back, a pair of withered vines pressed tightly on it, returned to the original form of the son already hands, at this time, looking at the Han three thousand body of the flow of light, can not help but the whole person immediately happy: "three thousand, your karmic fire has become!"