His True Colors Chapter 2375

 Ao Shi sent word, Wang Juzhi although depressed, but still have to nod, greeted his men to bring Fu Tian and come.

        Fu Tian was in a wretched state, the devil's surprise attack had caused everyone to panic, not to mention the two families of Fu Ye who were now like a scattered sand.

        "Greetings, Old Man Ao." Fu Tian said respectfully.

        "Oh, what's wrong, Fu Tian, was the party scared and pissed, now come to seek God's stable peace of mind?" Wang Juzhi said in a cold mocking voice.

        Fu Tian's face was embarrassed, but he did not dare to retort.

        "Say something straight, I don't have much time to waste on the waste." Ao Shi discontentedly swept a glance at Fu Tian and disdainfully said.

        "Good." Fu Tian nodded, "I want Old Ao to give me five thousand elite soldiers."

        "Joke, Fu Tian, you're afraid you've been scared silly by the devil tribe, you Fu family running to our Eternal Sea and Pill God Pavilion to ask for people? You really scared silly, and can not find people, the street to find beggars, or let the women of your two families to go out to hook up with more men, so not to add more people." Wang Juzhi cold voice and said.

        This statement, the crowd could not help but laugh out loud.

        Ao Shi also had a slightly frivolous face and laughed, "Who are you to ask me for soldiers?"

        "On the basis of our cooperation with each other, and even more on the basis of Han Three Thousand." Fu Tian put his face in his pocket and did not make a sound no matter how much the others laughed, but only said to Ao Shi as respectfully as he could.

        "Han Qianqian?"

        "Yes, Ao Lao, if Han three thousand is not dead, we are afraid that our value to you can only be greater!"

        "What is the solution?"

        "Han three thousand was held hostage by Lu Ruoxin, I believe this, Ao Lao also saw it at that time, right?" Fu Tian eyes to see Ao Shi really came to interest, suddenly the corners of the mouth slightly hooked the silk smug smile.

        Ao Shi thought for half a day and nodded: "Yes, so what?"

        "As far as I know, the three people released by Lu Ruoxin today are Han Qianqian's friends in the earthly world."

        For this point, when Han Qianqian was still in Xuan Yuan world, Fu Tian had already helped his family to assassinate Han Qianqian in Xuan Yuan world, so naturally, he also knew some basic information about Han Qianqian in Xuan Yuan world.

        "So what?"

        "Han Qianqian is merciful and righteous, so, as you can see, for the sake of three very low level trash waste friends, Han Qianqian can even give up resistance and let Lu Ruoxin attack."

        "Yes!" Ao Shi was also exceptionally surprised at this point, and even disagreed with Han Qianqian's approach.

        As the saying goes, those who achieve great things do not stick to small things, but this Han Qianqian, this willingness to give up the great situation at hand for three wastes, this is really not the style of a great general.

        At least, Ao Shi thinks so.

        "So, it is enough to show that these three people are able to threaten Han Qianqian." After saying that, Fu Tian saw Ao Shi still nodded, and only then continued: "Then I want to say is that is such an important bargaining chip, Lu Ruoxin but unreservedly handed over to Han Qianqian, and Han Qianqian after getting these chips, not only did not retaliate, even ...... even by Lu Ruoxin next threat, you have thought about Why?"

        This point is indeed what Ao Shi has been thinking about, but, until now, he did not think through.

        "I suspect that Su Yingxia is in Lu Ruoxin's hands."

        When these words came out, it was like five thunderstorms, and a group of people were suddenly shocked!

        "Fu Tian, you mean that Lu Ruoxin has captured Su Yingxia?"

        "That's impossible, the incident in Firestone City was secretly conspired by my Pill God Pavilion and the Zhu family in Firestone City, there is no way anyone else could have known about it, let alone come to intercept Su Yingxia." Wang Juzhi immediately denied.

        "But things happen, don't they?" Fu Tian was not afraid in the slightest and directly said in a cold voice, "Or, in other words, the mysterious person who told you about Su Yingxia's whereabouts in the first place, was Lu Ruoxin?"

        Fu Tian's questioning made everyone's face pale and unimaginable.

        But it seems that when you think about it carefully, it seems to be the most logical.

        Firestone City was intercepted halfway, the person who intercepted must know the news, and can be intercepted from the Firestone Zhu family, must be an expert, this point Lu Ruoxin is also quite a match.

        "Perhaps, this is the root of Lu Ruoxin's bureau, the use of Su Yingxia disappearance of the matter, provoke us and Han three thousand conflict, conflict, she is sitting on the profit, this really seems like she can do things." Gu You echoed at this point.

        "Besides, Fu Tian is also right, Lu Ruoxin can easily give up such a good chip, her hands, there must be better chips than that, for Han Qianqian, the best bargaining chip is Su Yingxia." The best bargaining chip is Su Yingxia.

        Many people also nodded in agreement, obviously this possibility is more recognized by many people.

        Ao Shi's head also gently a little, Fu Tian's words, if a little careful analysis, but also really normal, Lu Ruoxin's hands hold the chips, is the possibility of Su Yingxia is also very great.

        With her intelligence, play some two birds with one stone plan, is also normal.

        So at this time, the Fu family may indeed not be a street rat, at least in terms of Ao Shi and the eternal sea, there is still some value in existence.

        "Good, Fu Tian, our cooperation still continues, however, what do you ask me for troops and horses?" Ao Shi frowned slightly.