His True Colors Chapter 2374

 There are some things that are fine to think about.

        If the demon dragon descends all because of himself, then all this karma will pull the timeline straight back hundreds of thousands of years.

        This timeline is too horrible, right?

        Moreover, the situation is, hundreds of thousands of years of the bureau in the end will be what kind of a shocking situation?

        All of this is an incomparably huge question that fills Han Qianqian's heart.

        And each huge question is even a shocking thing that really makes people unable to extricate themselves for a long time.

        "Three thousand, say something." Seeing that Han Qianqian kept silent, Mo Yang naturally got anxious.

        As far as he was concerned, of course he was begging for his good brother to learn and learn again, constantly arming and strengthening himself and going to the top of his life.

        "Yes, the opportunity is rare, three thousand, you can't miss it." Knife Twelve was also quite nervous.

        After a long time, Han Qianqian let out a long sigh, shook his head helplessly, looked at Knife Twelve who was full of expectation, and then looked at Mo Yang, Liu Fang and Guiyuanzi, and let out a bitter smile: "What do you mean, all of you are accepting that person's arrangement? Or, the so-called providence?"

        In fact, precisely because it was arranged in advance, that's why Han Qianqian is more reluctant.

        "If you want to resist, you first need to know, who the other party is." Mo Yang said softly.

        This point, Han Qianqian does not deny, indeed.

        "Together with the identity of the other party is good or bad, whether it is a person or a god is also unclear, rash refusal and resistance, may not be good for us."

        "Or maybe your acceptance may be within his expectations, but your refusal may also be something he arranged long ago?"

        Mo Yang's words left Han Qianqian speechless.

        "Yes, three thousand, both come and go, some things that you do not understand will be slowly understood sooner or later, but let's at least live until that time, right?"

        Nodding heavily, Han Qianqian looked up at Guiyuanzi: "If you don't mind me, I'm willing."

        Other things Han Qianqian did not want to think about, he thought more about just the immediate, have enough strength to take back Su Yingxia.

        "You and I are destined for heaven, what is the so-called dislike or dislike? Besides, your performance has conquered me, to have a disciple like you in the rest of my life is not a bad thing."

        The words fell, Guiyuanzi hands suddenly moved, followed by Han Qianqian whole person slightly turned a circle after, Guiyuanzi suddenly hands directly on Han Qianqian's shoulders.

        "I pass you is the earth fire heart sutra, the so-called earth fire heart sutra, you can use your energy to create a boundary, in this boundary the earth fire will burn endlessly, the enemies in the boundary will be devoured by the fire of hell, cultivation and defense rapid loss, and what they lose, will be transmitted to your body by the earth fire, this eliminates and grows."

        "I will then pass on to you the Eight Directions Surprising Thunder Technique, which can attract the nine heavenly thunder dragons to descend into the world, and in conjunction with what the Heart Sutra of the Earth Fire does, it will be able to attack heaven and earth together, and will be invincible."

        "Finally, I will pass on to you a set of my lifelong mastery, the 72 divine sword techniques."

        "Close your eyes, I will pass it on, you will receive it, I will speak, you will listen!"

        "Yes!" Han Qianqian nodded his head, followed by obediently closing his eyes.

        In the next second, he suddenly felt countless divine energy suddenly pouring into his body from his back, and at the same time, countless images instantly invaded his mind.

        In these images, most of them are some very dazzling and eye-catching scenes.

        Or endless earth fire burning, or thunder dragons roaming the nine heavens, or Guiyuanzi heroic sword dance, sword like a dragon, sword like a tiger ......

        There are also some strange runes, also one by one all loaded into Han Qianqian's head, so much information is too much, Han Qianqian can not digest one by one.

        Immediately after that, a wave of energy came from behind Han Qianqian's back.



        Outside the swamp forest, although the loss of the Eternal Sea was extremely serious, but the good thing was that there was Ao Shi, the true god, sitting in the formation, several times of withering battle, the Eternal Sea and the Pill God Pavilion finally broke out of the ambush.

        Tens of thousands of disciples, thousands of battle deaths, more nearly half of the disciples wounded, which naturally have Han three thousand do good, but also the forest swamp by the devil disciples sneak attack of the fruit.

        But for the true gods sitting in the eternal sea and the pill gods pavilion, this result is really hard to endure.

        Ao Shi anger phase curses, people around also one as eggplant, not only extremely ugly face, and lax colorless.

        The top of the Blue Mountain, no matter how to say, finally at least fetch a God's yoke, also counted unfortunate great fortune, eternal sea, tossing a big circle, after a lot of effort, but the result is not even a hair, the loss of troops is their share, which makes them how not annoyed, how not angry?

        However, everything, with Han three thousand was swallowed by Taotie, and can only be temporarily returned to this.

        They and the top of the Blue Mountains of this wave of mutual show existence, itself is mutual restraint, mutual coexistence, who do not want to pull each other to Han three thousand, you want to pull, we have to kill, and vice versa.

        Now Han three thousand are gone, or not sure if it is gone or alive, after all, the evil Taotie, who do not want to mess with.

        At least, the case of mutual restraint, who does not want to be the bird in the head.

        "Pass down the order, give me a wanted Han Qianqian." Ao Shi shouted coldly.

        "Ao Lao, Han three thousand has been swallowed by Taotie ......" Wang Juzhi wanted to say Han three thousand has been swallowed, and then go to wanted him, is not the same as nothing looking for trouble why? Only, he did not dare to say this and Ao Shi to say.

        "Swallowed stomach and so what? You still on his body when less? That kid even endless abyss can come out, even I and ...... "the second half of the words, Ao Shi also did not say, Han three thousand even he and Lu Wu Shen can carry, there is still fucking what can not be done? "Death to see the corpse, I want to see people alive."

        "Yes!" Wang Juzhi nodded his head and immediately ordered down, saying, "Pass it down, no matter what the cost, I want Han Qianqian's corpse in death and Han Qianqian's person in life."


        Ao Shi heard Wang Juzhi pass down the order, then he let out a long breath and sighed, "The top of Blue Mountain doesn't know what handle Han Qianqian has in his hand, if Han Qianqian is alive, it will be trouble."

        "If Han Qianqian is alive, or if he is used by the top of Blue Mountain, or if he is in collusion with the demons, he will be a problem for the tigers and cannot be kept." Ao Shi coldly snorted.

        "Grandpa, that old thing Fu Tian wants to see you." Ao Yi walked over at this moment and said softly.

        "Does the Fu family still have the face to see Ao Lao? Just now, they were attacked by the devil race, and they all cried out, just like a wimp, tell them to get lost." Wang Juzhi said in an angry voice.

        "No, let him come over, I'd like to see what he wants to say."