His True Colors Chapter 2373

 "Many years ago, the devil dragon rampaged across the earth and wreaked havoc on the living. At that time, as a True God, I, together with two other True Gods, united the forces of the eight worlds and fought that devil dragon for seventy-nine days. In the end, at the cost of two True Gods falling and the deaths of tens of thousands of experts, we managed to trap the Devil Dragon at the Trapped Dragon Mountain."

        "After that, in order to keep the Devil Dragon trapped here forever, I used the bones of my hands to temper the God's Shackles, locking the Devil Dragon's sinews and bones and keeping it trapped here forever."

        "But all these are things that are well known to everyone."

        After speaking, Gui Yuan Zi was filled with divine sadness.

        That battle to seal the Devil Dragon had obviously not come to an end, and Gui Yuan Zi should have fallen into the God's Mound, just like the other two True Gods, so that his descendants could inherit.

        At the critical moment, however, Gui Yuan Zi discovered that although the dragon was trapped, its blood, which was full of demonic fury, had not been sealed, but had permeated the ground to the point where the surrounding area was scorched for hundreds of miles.

        In order to stop this from happening, Gui Yuan Zi spilled the blood of the True Gods to create this valley of trapped immortals to contain the spread of the devil dragon's blood.

        But at the same time, it also trapped Gui Yuan Zi in this place to death.

        When the devil dragon was lifted, naturally, Gui Yuan Zi was also released.

        "No wonder, when you awakened, the Trapped Immortal Valley ceased to exist!" Han Qianqian nodded in understanding.

        "The blood of the devil dragon made everything lifeless, but I transformed the Valley of the Stuck Immortal into a vibrant one, which is in itself antagonistic, and secondly, I also wished to leave behind this piece of green land, which can be used as a place for future generations to recuperate when they crusade against the devil dragon."

        "So that's how it is!"

        "But what does this have to do with your connection to the Three Thousand's Edge of Heaven?" Mo Yang wondered.

        "After sealing the demon dragon, I bled into the oasis and my soul was trapped, but it was still difficult to stop the spread of the demon dragon's blood until one day, this little one came." After saying this, Guiyuanzi looked lovingly at Taotie, who had already been sucked several full turns thinner by Han Qianqian beside him.

        Where Taotie came from and why he came, all of this, Gui Yuan Zi did not know, he only knew that this fellow had come to help him, and because of him, Sleepy Immortal Valley could truly be perfect to resist the blood of the demon dragon in order to make this place officially stable.

        "This little fellow does not speak, but when he came over he did give me a message."

        "Years from now, a Chosen One will come to lift the Demon Dragon seal."

        "I have waited for how many thousands of years, I am no longer sure myself, if not for a strange beast like Taotie, I would have thought that message was nothing more than foolish words, nothing more than someone wanting me to continue to bite the dust and seal the Devil Dragon."

        "But today ...... Han Qianqian, you have made me change my mind, and at the same time, I have to sigh at that message brought by the little Taotie."

        "The incident on the trapped dragon mountain happened hundreds of thousands of years ago, which means that someone predicted today hundreds of thousands of years ago? Is it that magical?" Mo Yang couldn't help but wonder.

        This, too, was something that Han Qianqian was very strange about.

        Even if someone could foretell things, to be able to know what would happen hundreds of thousands of years later was simply too unbelievable, right?

        You know, hundreds of thousands of years ago, Han Qianqian was not even a spectrum at that time, not to mention being born or not, but yet, at such a time someone accurately calculated ......

        Isn't this evil enough?

        "Shit, then the person who knows about this, what kind of sacredness must he be?"

        "Yeah, to be able to know everything hundreds of thousands of years from now, that's simply too unbelievable, right?"

        Knife Twelve and Liu Fang also looked at each other in disbelief.

        "It is also so marvellous that it makes me suspect that it is a heavenly will. What's more, what kind of cultivation level is the person who can make an ancient beast like the Evil Taotie obedient?" Gui Yuan Zi also let out a long sigh.

        As a true god, he might not be able to have such power. He might be able to find out what happened a hundred years and a thousand years later, but there was no way he could find out what happened ten thousand years or even hundreds of thousands of years later.

        Obviously, the other party's power must be above his, or even ...... even exceed his many.

        "This evil Taotie, is an ancient beast, but that person can control the evil Taotie, his own strength and how strong?" Han Qianqian frowned and muttered.

        This could not help but make people extremely puzzled.

        Who was this man?

        Was he as strong as Han Qianqian and the others had guessed?

        Or perhaps, for hundreds of thousands of years, he too had gone along with the flow and had long since fallen ......

        "No matter who he is, in that message, he has explained everything nowadays. He said that there is a master-pupil bond between you and me, and he wants me to pass on my life's work to you. Moreover, you also released me from the Valley of the Trapped Immortals.

        "Three thousand, since it is a destiny from heaven and senior Guiyuanzi also intends to pass it on to you, you should agree to do so." Seeing Han Qianqian's hesitation, Mo Yang hurriedly said.

        "Yes, three thousand, the will of heaven cannot be disobeyed, moreover, it was already set hundreds of thousands of years ago." Knife Twelve also hurriedly advised.

        "Three thousand, perhaps the Devil Dragon was born for you, everything is cause and effect, just say yes." Liu Fang also persuaded.

        Everything, all is cause and effect? The devil dragon was also born because of himself?!