His True Colors Chapter 2372

 Old man Sweeper had once said that the Trapped Immortal Valley got its name because there were immortals trapped in it, while this man was the one who had spoken of opening the Trapped Dragon Mountain and swallowing the demon dragon's blood as his destiny.

        Therefore, only this person, who was someone with a connection to the Trapped Dragon Mountain, would say such words.

        And the only person who could be associated with the Trapped Dragon Mountain, after thinking about it, could only be the Trapped Immortal in the Trapped Immortal Valley.

        In addition to the change in the immortal valley, as well as his mouth shouting evil taotie such a vicious beast called small taotie, everything seems to prove Han Qianqian's suspicions

        "You are very clever, just through my only words can guess my identity." The old man didn't deny it at all, and graciously admitted his identity. "Now then, can you come out?"

        "Since it is Senior Guiyuanzi's words, three thousand dare not disobey, only, how do I get out?" Han Qianqian said.

        "You just need to close your eyes and let go of everything, and the old man can send you out since then."

        "Wait a minute!" Han Qianqian suddenly waved his hand, and just as Guiyuanzi a doubtful, he then said awkwardly, "Can you send me out of your mouth, I don't want to ......"

        "Hahahahaha! You brat, monkeys and monkeys, so close your eyes and let go of the air."

        Han Qianqian's eyes were closed and his mind was empty, he only felt a breeze brush his body, and when he opened his eyes, he was already in a void. The air around him was colourful, and the light shone brightly, making it very illusory.

        Mo Yang followed the three of them out, their feet stepping on the void, and for a moment they looked around with both surprise and curiosity.

        "Three thousand, where is this? Holy shit, how fantastical." Knife Twelve looked like he had never seen the world before, and couldn't help but shout at Han Qianqian in amazement.

        Han Qianqian didn't say anything, but gazed around with his eyebrows, this was by no means a real place, but it seemed illusory, quite magical.

        "This is between the void and the location where it is located, probably ...... probably a certain realm under the ground of the Trapped Immortal Valley." Guiyuanzi explained in a soft voice.

        "Underground? We are underground?" Mo Yang said incredulously.

        The foot was in the void, and there was a ten thousand feet abyss underneath the void, so how did this kind of place look like it was in some airy realm, to say underground was a bit too much to turn one's common sense upside down.

        With Guiyuanzi's explanation, Han Qianqian gathered his eyes on his body.

        Clothed in white and wrapped in an immortal style, the only thing strange about him was the height of his shoulders, which looked a little awkward.

        "Oh, there is no need to be strange." Sensing Han Qianqian's gaze, Guiyuanzi moved his hands, which immediately transformed into two withered vines.

        "The hands have transformed into the shackles of the gods, and since I have no hands, I will naturally use these two withered vines instead." When Gui Yuan Zi finished speaking, the withered vines moved and transformed into two more arms.

        Everything was just between the swing of his hands, so fast that it was as if nothing had happened.

        "I'm sorry senior." Han Qianqian apologised for his curiosity and said respectfully.

        "Anyone who is so rude does need to apologise, but you, little friend, do not need to. In other words, I should even be grateful to you, otherwise, I don't know how long I would have to sleep here." He laughed softly. "By the way, what is your name?"

        "Han Qianqian!"

        "En, three thousand, good name, it has a meaning." Gui Yuan Zi smiled gently, "He is also a good-looking man, a hero deserves to be a young man."

        "Come and sit down." The son patted the seat beside him and gestured for Han Qianqian to sit over.

        Han Qianqian hurriedly waved his hand, "Senior's intention, Qianqian understands it. But ......"

        Obviously, Han Qianqian had many questions on his mind.

        Only, as soon as Han Qianqian's words fell, an invisible force had already pushed him gently towards Gui Yuanzi's side and sat down.

        The old hand did not feel any discomfort, except for a slight coldness, which made Han Qianqian not feel that it was a hand made of withered vines.

        "Indeed, you are the Chosen One." Gui Yuan Zi smiled with satisfaction, "To be able to fuse and devour the blood of the devil dragon and turn the Qi of Chaos into your own, the many years of waiting by the old man have been worth it in the end. San Qian, let me ask you, are you willing to be my master and learn what I have learned in my life?"

        Han Qianqian's brow furrowed and he hurriedly and sharply said, "Senior, Qianqian is naturally willing, it's just that ......"

        "It's just that you and I have only met each other once?"

        "Yes." Han Qianqian did not deny it, although Han Qianqian had experienced several great battles and found more and more the fact that his skills were poor, but Han Qianqian was by no means the kind of person who was insatiable and wanted to learn something from anyone he saw.

        The reason he sucked in Chaos Qi was because the Chaos Qi in Taotie's stomach had tried to kill Han Qianqian.

        Gui Yuan Zi laughed and slowly stood up, gently laughing, "Three thousand, it is true that you and I have a one-sided relationship, but the fate between you and me is destined by heaven."

        "Heaven's will cannot be disobeyed."

        Hearing these words, Han Qianqian immediately frowned, his entire being completely unable to understand what Gui Yuanzi meant by these words, and he could not help but say strangely, "Heaven's will?"