His True Colors Chapter 2371

 The sudden and dramatic change, so that the old man immediately frowned, a slight movement in his hands, a wave of energy then directly wrapped in Taotie's body, but when this energy hit Taotie's body after, the old man suddenly frowned.

        "This kid ...... you ......"

        The old man slightly froze looking at the energy he wrapped in the Taotie's body, unbelievable is that at this time, actually even the energy he put on the Taotie's body also showed detachment, and constantly absorbed by the Taotie's internal.

        "You even want to absorb the old man's energy?"

        The old man was angry and amused, and fiercely withdrew his hand, which withdrew the energy, then frowned tightly as if he was thinking about something.

        For a moment, he suddenly smiled.

        "You kid are really interesting, to have fooled even me."

        "Sucking energy to the extent that you do, I've never heard of it, never seen it before."

        Using Taotie's own energy, stored in the belly, Han Qianqian's absorption of energy from the initial savage, gradually morphed into a fusion with Taotie's absorption, this way, absorption faster also absorbed more covert, even to let the old man himself did not notice anything different.

        Until over time, Taotie's body has been consumed too much energy and physiological reflections, the old man only then felt that something was wrong.

        "What's the difference between you and that blood-sucking roundworm?"

        With a light laugh, an energy in the old man's hand struck Taotie's body anew, and at once, Taotie's entire body could not help but shake slightly.

        At this time inside the stomach of Han three thousand ......

        After seven long days of extreme pain and healing comfort, Han Qianqian was already completely greedy and immersed in the feeling of "stealing" energy, unable to extricate himself for a long time.

        In Taotie's enormous belly, although not as abundant as the aura inside the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books, the environment is not as sunny, there is nothing left here but boundless darkness.

        But the good news is that Mo Yang and the others are with him, while the quantity of Chaos Qi is not enough, but the quality is. Compared to the aura in the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books, the Chaos Qi is even more pure and thicker.

        In a way, the Chaos Qi is like a primordial power, while the spiritual Qi of the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books is some kind of branch in comparison.

        Considering the cultivation of Mo Yang and the others, Han Qianqian had wrapped the three of them with the absorbed Chaos Qi early on to protect them. Han Qianqian, who was free of worries, had been absorbing as much as he was now since then, and simply could not stop.

        In seven days' time, Han Qianqian had not seen how much of the Dragon Heart had been filled, but it was certain that it was far more than what had been filled in the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books last time.

        It was also the case that the Chaos Qi was not as abundant as the aura of the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books, otherwise for such a long time, Han Qianqian felt that he could at least absorb more than ten times what he had absorbed in the Eight Desolate Heavenly Books before.

        This was, indeed, a great pity and beauty.

        "Haha, little child, greed is insatiable, and it is likely to backfire ah." Just at that moment, an incomparably cheerful laugh suddenly came from around Han Qianqian.

        That's because people had the quality, otherwise they would have had to scold Han Qianqian, you've fucking stolen so much Chaos Qi and you're still here idling around?

        "Who?" Han Qianqian frowned, although he had not opened his eyes, his divine sense had been released.

        But obviously, in the dark world around here, apart from Han Qianqian and Mo Yang and the other three, where could there be anyone else?

        "You are Taotie?" Han Qianqian quickly reflected, and the next second, Han Qianqian laughed, "Is this called insatiable? This thing almost killed me, so in order for it not to plague others, so I decided to let it plague me, so I sucked him up, it's called universalizing all beings and caring for the world."

        In Han Qianqian's eyes, this was the voice of Taotie, so it was natural to mock back.

        After all, Han Qianqian had almost died here once.

        "Nonsense, shameless." The voice laughed, filled with helplessness and bitterness.

        For Han Qianqian's kind of sophomoric reasoning, it was obvious that the other party really didn't know how to talk to him.

        "The truth is only in the hands of a few, and if you can't understand it, there's nothing I can do about it." Han Qianqian's teeth were sharp, what kind of rotten people had he not seen, and his counterattack was naturally headstrong, it was just that Han Qianqian was sometimes unwilling to fight with his lips.

        "To be able to turn the Chaos Qi that can kill you a thousand times into your own use, you are indeed smart and capable enough, and the point of sharp teeth can naturally be played well, and I don't want to talk nonsense with you. However, you have also been in here for seven days, isn't it about time for you to come out?"

        "Sorry, I have a problem with the little master, that is, I never do what I like to do, not what I don't like to do. Seven days ago, I couldn't wait to get out of here, but now well ......"

        Han Qianqian sneered, "Sorry, there's an old saying, if you're here, you're here. After these seven days, I've adapted to this place, and I still find it quite comfortable, and I can cultivate, and it's also dark, so I don't even need to turn off the light when I sleep."

        The other side didn't want to let him out when he was going through life and death, and now that he has broken through this barrier, how can he let it go so easily?

        "But if you don't go out, this little Taotie of mine will be sucked to death alive by you." The voice laughed.

        Naturally, this voice was the voice of the old man outside.

        "You're not a Taotie?" Han Qianqian frowned.

        "Naturally, I'm not."

        "Then I'm not going out either, it dares to eat me, so what does it matter to me if it dies or not?" After saying that, Han Qianqian added, "By the way, I might even be happier if it dies!"

        "Little friend, you have misunderstood, it is not eating you, but just bringing you to meet me." The old man said with a helpless, bitter smile.

        "To meet you? Who are you again? Do I know you?" Han Qianqian asked.

        "Although you and I do not know each other, fate has been destined by heaven, and you and I are inextricably linked." The old man said.

        "......" Hearing this, Han Qianqian inexplicably felt the coldness in his back, how could he live to speak a state of ki?

        "It is I let it bring you here, now you can come out?" The old man laughed.

        "Then don't go out either." Han Qianqian shook his head and said, "How do I know if what you say is true or not? Now that it can't carry me anymore, naturally you can say whatever you want. When it was almost digesting me, why didn't I see you come out to help me? Is this still a call for me to come and see you?"

        "This, indeed, was caused by my momentary curiosity, I would like to see what is so remarkable about the person who opened the trapped dragon mountain and swallowed the blood of the devil dragon's destiny, if it causes you displeasure, I, Guiyuanzi, will apologize with you, how about that?"

        "Fate? Sleeping Dragon Mountain?" Hearing these few keywords, Han Qianqian immediately frowned: "Are you ...... an immortal trapped in the Valley of Trapped Immortals?"