His True Colors Chapter 2370

 Inside his belly!

        Han Qianqian, who had already found a way to fight against the Heart of Chaos, did not show any restraint, let alone think of hurrying away.

        Instead, after exchanging a few pleasantries with Mo Yang and the others, he sat down directly, and then the Heart of the Dragon Race was directly sacrificed by this bastard.

        That's right, just like the last time in the Eight Heavenly Books, Han Qianqian began to use the Dragon Heart again to frantically suck the Chaos Qi from the Taotie's belly.

        "Isn't this kid a little too nonchalant?" Outside, the old man couldn't help but murmur at Taotie in a depressed manner.

        More than being ungracious, to be precise, Han Qianqian was now simply a bandit.

        It was like a camel that hadn't had any water for decades, but suddenly met an oasis, so he grabbed it and gobbled it up?

        With the Dragon's Heart released, Han Qianqian did not use any politeness in his hands, and directly urged the Dragon's Heart to suck the surrounding Chaos Hearts furiously.

        All of a sudden, the surrounding Chaos Qi was like a tornado, being sucked into the vortex by the Dragon Heart, and then obediently entered the Dragon Heart, where it was completely stored.

        Immediately afterwards, with the energy stored in the Dragon Heart, it naturally turned more and more fiercely and sucked in more and more.

        In just a few moments, not only was the surrounding Chaos Qi completely pulled by the vortex, but even the Chaos Qi from far away was also frantically sucked in.


        Outside, a loud sound like thunder came from the taotie's stomach.

        The old man with the white beard was far from calm, and his eyes were filled with both laughter and shock.

        "I really didn't expect this kid to be quite peculiar, he can actually do this, but you don't have to worry, with the amount of food you have, that kid will do you no harm even if you suck it up again." After saying this, he patted Taotie's head, as if to reassure it that it didn't need to be too nervous.

        But obviously, the old man's calculations were wrong, at least in Han Qianqian's case, this did not exist.

        The amount of energy that the Dragon Heart could store, not to mention a Taotie, even the Eightfold Heavenly Book would have to be emboldened, it was after all a treasure that could feed millions of dragons.

        If it did not have a huge storage capacity, how could the Heart of the Dragon Clan afford it?

        At the beginning, not long after absorbing in the eight-sided heavenly book, Han Qianqian hard to rely on these energy to fight how many big battles, and that, but only part of the storage capacity of the heart of the dragon race, if the full absorption, sometimes unimaginable ......

        At least, when Han Qianqian's dragon heart in the taotie's stomach after crazy absorption, within a few hours, the surrounding black chaos Qi will have been devoured by the dragon news.

        But Han Qianqian has no intention of stopping, even to suck faster, directly with the dragon heart to continue to suck.

        The poor Taotie's stomach kept drumming, just like a person's constipated stomach, and the rattling never stopped.

        Others may be eating something to digest to replenish their energy, but when it comes to Han Qianqian and Taotie, the situation is completely reversed.

        Han Qianqian will not make up for Taotie, but Taotie is like eating a bottomless pit, the energy in his body is constantly falling in.

        In the words of the earth, this is simply swallowing the special effects of diarrhea medicine ......

        And Han Qianqian this head sucked wonderfully, that head of the forest swamp in the battle also entered the white-hot stage.

        The disadvantage is not magnified because of the small number of people, but because of the small number of people, they are able to move freely in the forest swamp, which is an advantage.

        Faced with the absolute numerical superiority of the three great clans, the three devils fought on equal terms!

        Time, in the midst of a vicious battle on both sides, passed extremely quickly.

        The old man in the mysterious space, at this time also did not have the worries of the party, just gently stroking Taotie, into the state of nap.

        Although Taotie's stomach kept rattling endlessly, but this ancient beast, how will care about this little problem, and the old man, long ago closed his eyes, curled up there, closed his eyes and slept.

        And as time went on, the rattling in the Taotie's stomach began to get progressively smaller and smaller, until finally, not even any rattling could be felt.

        When the Devil's side of the sneak attack was successful, with very few casualties to the three great clans caused great losses, killing the three great clans fled, completely announced that the battle was won.

        Outside, nearly seven days have passed ......

        And during these seven days, within space and time, the old man and Taotie had lived as if nothing had happened.

        Until the evening of this day, Taotie's stomach rattling completely and utterly no movement, the old man then smiled faintly: "I have long said, he is nothing compared to you, he always sucked the day full."

        Taotie shook his head and was about to express something with his body, but suddenly he felt that something was wrong and shook his body, as if he was feeling the changes inside him.

        But in the next second, Taotie's feet suddenly weakened, followed by his body suddenly falling to his knees on the ground, his belly, which was still round and bulging, dried up in an instant, and his steel-like fur also went soft in an instant ......