His True Colors Chapter 2369


        Outside the hideous and ferocious Taotie, but at this time as docile as a dog that has seen its master, obediently sent drooping head, intimate soft whisper.

        The figure smiled faintly, only then did he see his white beard and white face, dressed in white, like a worldly free old man, he had an extraordinary temperament, a smile: "Hard work."

        The words fell, the old man's hand slightly from Taotie's head stroked to the belly, but his brow suddenly wrinkled: "This kid ......"

        "Interesting, interesting!"

        The old man laughed, and did not remove his hand from Taotie's belly, as if he was feeling something.

        "I treat this kid as a guest, this kid is good, treat you here as a home, do whatever you want." The old man smiled languidly, closing his eyes and taking in the feel of his hand.

        And inside the belly that his hand was separated from, Han Qianqian's pile of rotten flesh, by now, was already emitting a burst of foul smell.

        If previously Han Qianqian's flesh could barely be called a pile of rotten flesh, then now, it is not even rotten flesh, to be precise, this guy's current situation is more like a pile of rotten and stinky water.

        The fierce stench emanating from it was like a sewer that had been buried for more than ten years, and Mo Yang and the others vomited when they smelt it.

        Moreover, the vomiting was a purely physiological reaction.

        All this was enough to show how exaggerated Han Qianqian's body had decayed to.

        But at this moment, Han Qianqian's faith remained firm, and even in such a state, he did not let up at all.

        Han Qianqian, who had reached the realm of trouble, had no other thought in mind but to drive the Dragon Heart.

        Suddenly, the entire Dragon's Heart gave a loud snap and a great movement occurred in the circumference of the heavens!

        Immediately afterwards, all the chaotic qi also suddenly became abnormally docile and flowed gently along Han Qianqian's meridians.

        What was even more bizarre was that the body, which was already a complete puddle of water, slowly began to circulate and flow at that moment, and as they slowly flowed, there began to be more and more mixed substances in that current.

        And this mixture, which impedes the flow of the water, accumulates more and more in size with each other until, finally, it can be clearly seen as piece after piece of flesh.

        The slow flow of water seems to be helping these pieces of meat, as it acts as a glue, binding them together and pushing them upwards, piece by piece.

        As the pieces of flesh are pushed upwards, they begin to stitch themselves together and coalesce into larger pieces.

        As this happened, the chunks of flesh grew larger and larger, eventually coalescing into an immense mass of flesh beneath Han Qianqian's head.

        At this time, a faint white Qi was emanating from the meat ball.

        Surrounded by the white qi, the pieces of flesh began to shrink in various places again, and as they did, soon, Mo Yang and the others noticed that some places shrunk into hands, and some places shrunk into feet ......


        An incomparably huge white Qi was suddenly released from the lump of flesh, even obscuring its appearance, but when the white Qi dissipated, only to see Han Qianqian sitting with his legs crossed, his body wrapped in a layer of white aura, like a protective shield, shielding him to death.

        "Three thousand!"

        Mo Yang and the others were instantly shocked, each wiping their eyes in disbelief, fearing that they had accidentally misread the situation.

        Just now, Han Qianqian was still a stinking pool of stagnant water, but in an instant, he was like a god falling from the sky, with white streams of light protecting his body, showing so much majesty and holiness.

        "Holy shit, this is also possible?"

        Almost at the same time, the Demonic Dragon's Soul inside Han Qianqian could not help but be shocked and exclaim.

        This was simply too unbelievable, right?!

        "You said that the Qi of Chaos, can devour all things. But you also said that it could transform into ten thousand things, so what's the fuss?" Han Qianqian's divine sense laughed, and immediately afterwards, his eyes fluttered open.

        The darkness that had been boundless just then was now extraordinarily clear in his eyes, and he could not only see the scene next to him, but even the fleshy walls around him in the distance.

        This was the true belly of Taotie's original body.

        With a movement of energy within his body, his eyes burst out with a golden light, sweeping directly towards the distant wall of flesh.


        There was an explosion on the distant flesh wall.


        On the taotie's belly, there was a violent bulge, and in the next second, it was back to normal.

        "Hahahahahaha!" The old man with the white beard who noticed the difference on Taotie's belly, laughed brightly at this point: "Funny, funny, really funny, Taotie, it seems that you ate someone you shouldn't have."


        Taotie seemed to shake his head with some dissatisfaction, as if he was somewhat unconvinced by the old man's words.

        "He has found another way inside your stomach, you can't digest him anymore." The old man patted Taotie's shoulder and comforted it.


        Taotie shook his head, not seeming to agree.

        The old man smiled and touched his hand, and was about to speak when his white eyebrows suddenly tightened directly together, the feeling in his hand telling him that something seemed to be wrong.

        "Oh no, this kid ...... this kid should not ......"