His True Colors Chapter 2368

 As soon as Han Qianqian's words fell, his entire body directly opened its Qi doors wide, while urging the completely dried-up Dragon Heart to turn and frantically start absorbing the external energy into his body.

        This also meant that not only did Han Qianqian not exert himself to protect himself from the Chaos Qi in the Taotie's stomach, but he also opened his Qi door wide at this moment, allowing all the Chaos Qi to pour into his body.

        What is the difference between this and seeking death?

        It is like swallowing acid with your mouth wide open when you know it is a river of acid outside.

        What other effect could it have but to exacerbate death?

        "Are you crazy? You're looking for death?" The voice of the Devil Dragon's Soul also appeared at this moment in due course, its tone filled with anxiety and anger.

        Although it was understandable that Han Qianqian was repressed in this situation, being too so self-destructive was not the same as solving the problem, but would rather accelerate the severity of the problem.

        "Then do you have any other solution?" Han Qianqian stabilised his mind and replied indifferently.

        "No luck is just lingering on, my body's energy has been emptied and my appearance is constantly being corroded, instead of that, wouldn't it be better to die a painful death?"

        Faced with Han Qianqian's rhetorical question, the Demon Dragon's Soul did not know how to reply.

        Yes, Han Qianqian's words were not without merit. Instead of waiting for death in sorrow, it would be better to embrace it actively, at least the death would not be so shameful.

        "Besides, you said that Chaos Qi can devour all things, but it can also transform into all things. Taotie can corrupt me with Chaos Qi, so why can't I corrupt this Taotie with Chaos Qi?" Han Qianqian said angrily.

        The devil dragon's brow furrowed, "You mean you want to take Chaos Qi for your own use?"

        "What about otherwise? If it sucks old me, I'll suck it." Han Qianqian said in a decisive manner.

        Such an arrogant and daring idea and practice, even if he had lived for many thousands of years, he would never dare to be so crazy.

        But Han Qianqian dared to do so, and without the slightest hesitation.

        If he inhaled the Chaos Qi into his body and could not digest it, he would be pouring poison into his body, and it would be too late to regret it.

        This was a life or death game.

        How desperate would one be to do this?

        But unlike what the Demon Dragon's Soul thought, Han Qianqian had done such a crazy act precisely because he loved his life too much and knew how important it was to keep it.

        This is the ultimate philosophy of loving one's life more than anything else.


        As Han Qianqian's Qi gates opened completely and the Heart of the Dragon Clan slowly turned up, the Chaos Qi hidden in the darkness also began to move slowly with his surroundings due to the suction of his body, followed by circling and finally, following Han Qianqian's Qi gates into Han Qianqian's body.


        As soon as the Chaos Qi entered Han Qianqian's body, Han Qianqian could not help but cry out in pain.

        The painful shout was earth-shattering and miserable, echoing and reverberating endlessly in this dark world ......

        "It's Three Thousand's voice."

        At the other end, Mo Yang and the others who entered afterwards had just entered and had not yet figured out the situation but at that moment they heard Han Qianqian's miserable and incomparable shout, so they couldn't help but have their hearts in their throats.

        "The sound is coming from over there." Knife Twelve pointed with his hand, and the whole group rushed in the direction of that side.

        When the group followed the sound and found Han Qianqian, all three of them were suddenly dumbfounded, and even Liu Fang couldn't help but hide behind Knife Twelve and Mo Yang out of fear.

        At this moment, Han Qianqian's body had completely melted, just like a pile of candles that had been burned, his body had completely melted into a pile of rotten flesh and mud, leaving only a head still standing on it.

        Even though he was his own brother, when Mo Yang saw Han Qianqian's appearance at this moment, he was still stunned, and the whole man was shocked and shouted, "How could this happen?"

        Knife Twelve was also a man of temperament, a bold tiger, but he couldn't help but close his eyes at this point and turn his head to the side.

        His own brother had suddenly turned into such a miserable state, and he naturally felt uncomfortable.

        "Damn it, this damn Taotie, if you have the guts to digest me too, otherwise I swear that one day I will take your life and avenge my brother's death!"

        Because Han Qianqian's eyes were already closed, he was mistakenly thought to be dead by Blade Twelve and the others.

        But only Han Qianqian himself knew that he was not dead. Even though the Chaos Qi had entered his body, it was like a million insects had entered his body, gnawing at Han Qianqian's flesh and blood, even his bones and muscles, but Han Qianqian was still holding on.

        Even though Han Qianqian had already fainted several times from the pain, and then woke up several times in seconds ......

        He knew very well what it would mean if he couldn't carry it through!

        It would mean that he would die, and it would mean that he would never be able to see Su Yingxia and Han Nian again!

        This was definitely not an outcome that Han Qianqian could accept!

        "Even if you're a poison, even if you're a demon, you can't take over my desire for life!" With a furious cry from within, Han Qianqian's entire being forcefully activated the Heart of the Dragon Clan, channeling all of the chaotic Qi that was mixed up within his body.


        The Dragon Heart turned violently, and the Chaos Qi in Han Qianqian's body followed suit, and with it came the bone-thirsty pain caused by the Chaos Heart driving his body once again.

        It was a pain that Han Qianqian would never forget and would never want to experience again.

        Unfortunately, there were some things that Han Qianqian could not help but experience not only a second time, but even a third ......

        The fourth time ......

        Whenever the Heart of the Dragon in Han Qianqian's body tried to drive the Qi of Chaos to turn, the Qi of Mixed Motion would turn once for thirty-six circumferences along with Han Qianqian's body meridians.

        And if he were to move one circumference, Han Qianqian would need to do so nine times, which meant that Han Qianqian would need nine times thirty-six to actually go around once, a total of 324 times.

        And for such 324 times, Han Qianqian did not know how many times he would need to go through.

        But even though it was so painful, Han Qianqian still clenched his teeth and persevered, because giving up was the same as saying goodbye to everyone he loved so much.

        When the pain is so extreme, one can go into shock, but the extreme of the extreme is numbness.

        In the outside world, after jumping several times, the Taotie's body suddenly shrinks hundreds of times to the size of an ordinary sheep and burrows into a certain space-time.

        As soon as it entered, it lowered its head and walked towards the figure in space-time.

        "Back?" The figure gently touched Taotie's head with one hand, as if petting a dog: "Did you get everything done?"