His True Colors Chapter 2367

 When Taotie's body moved, his huge body even drove the scorched dust and smoke to roll around him.

        Fu Mang's body stiffened and he raised his weapon, his eyes closing as he felt his toes grip.


        An indescribable smell and wind blew by, but no damage appeared, and by the time Fu Mang opened his eyes again, not to mention whether or not Taotie attacked them, where was Taotie's shadow to be seen in this vast expanse of scorched earth.

        "Where is that ...... guy?" Fu Mang is still in shock, looking around, panic and said.

        Fu Li and others helplessly shook his head, the evil Taotie rushed, she and most of the same, are directly scared to death, the body just subconsciously made a stiff defense, which can see where this Taotie actually went!

        "This man left his voice behind, the geese left their feathers behind, the Taotie's body was so big, but it actually disappeared without a trace in a matter of moments?" Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng was also very surprised.

        For such a situation, it was clearly unheard of and unseen.

        "I saw it." While everyone was shaking their heads to indicate that they hadn't seen it, at this moment, Poetic Language, who was on the side, opened her mouth.

        "You saw it?" Fu Mang instantly looked back nervously and eagerly at Shi Yan.

        Like the others, when the taotie lunged towards her, Shiyue was also scared, and her body subconsciously put up a stiff defensive action, but she did not close her eyes.

        But just because she didn't close her eyes, she saw something that no one else saw.

        "It just took a long leap and flew into the air, then ...... then disappeared." Shih said in a daze.

        Fu Mang immediately frowned: "Flew into the air and disappeared?" While saying that, Fu Mang looked up at the sky, but, the sky was normal and incomparable, there wasn't any strange ah.

        "Not missing, but ......" Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng suddenly thought of a possibility, then, he looked down and asked Poetic: "Is it that after it jumped into the air, the head disappeared first, then the body, and finally the tail ...... I mean, it disappeared like that from head to tail, not the whole body at once."

        Shiyue was surprised: "How do you know?"

        Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng let out a long breath, his heart surprised, "That's not disappearing, but tearing through the void, space jumping."

        "Tearing through the void, spatial jumping?" Fu Mang frowned.

        "Yes!" Jiang Hu Bai Xiao Sheng nodded, "That is an extremely fast speed that can weave and jump through space."

        "It's so big, yet it moves so swiftly? Isn't that a little too perverted then?"

        "No wonder that just now, over at the Three Great Clans, it seems that an expert was swallowed by it as well."

        The group of people looked at each other and were about to say something when, at this moment, the side of the swamp forest, which was very far away, was at this moment bursting with fire and the sound of shouting and killing.

        The first and second palace of the devil race, led by the devil's northern heaven and others, had not left, but had instead re-established an ambush in the original swamp forest.

        Obviously, the ambush that had been abandoned by the devil people was set up again, more or less because this group of people had indirectly killed their devil tribe's incomparable talent.

        The three clans were scared out of their wits by the Taotie, and fled in haste, not thinking there would be an ambush, even though they were outnumbered, but faced with the fierce and well-prepared Demon clan, and the terrain, they were in disarray and were killed heavily.

        "Haha, what a fucking great job!" Fu Mang, on his side, burst into laughter, being able to have someone to clean up the Pill God Pavilion and the Eternal Sea for him and avenge Han Qianqian's death, Fu Mang was naturally in an extremely good mood.

        At that moment, at the other end.

        Taotie belly, Han Qianqian this into the rest, there have been tens of minutes.

        But these ten minutes of time, for Han Qianqian, is like years.

        The body is not much energy, like the evaporation of water in the heat, a steady stream of loss from the body, the heart of the dragon clan even completely in Han Qianqian's body dried up.

        And what worried Han Qianqian even more was that what he feared had finally happened.

        After the energy had disappeared, the Chaos Qi hidden in the air began to corrode Han Qianqian's body again.

        Han Qianqian felt pain all over his body, and when he reached out to touch his body, he felt that it was as soft as mud, and his fingers were covered in a lot of mucus.

        When he looked down, he saw that the slime was not other than the blood and flesh of his body.

        He was like an ice cream, his body was melting fast.

        "At this rate, in less than five minutes, I'll have to be completely digested by this guy, no, something has to be done." Thinking of this, Han Qianqian hurriedly harnessed his energy to try to defend against it.

        But all the energy in his body had long been consumed in the battle, and now Taotie had drained the last bit out of his belly, so there was nothing to use.

        "What the fuck?"

        "If I don't think of a way, I'm going to die in here!"

        "Let's just put a dead horse to work!"

        "Fuck, you suck the old man, I'll suck you!" As soon as the words left his mouth, Han Qianqian moved.