His True Colors Chapter 2366

 It is completely hidden in the air, and if you don't look closely, you can't see it at all.

        On the other hand, if you look closely, you will see that the air is almost entirely filled with this gas.

        "Where is this? Is this the stomach of a taotie?" Han Qianqian's brow furrowed, and then he tried to transport his energy and fly around me.

        But even after flying until he was tired, he didn't make it to the edge of this space.

        "Damn, is this Taotie's stomach so big?" With Han Qianqian's speed, even if he was short of energy, he was still fast with his bodywork augmented, just for a moment, Han Qianqian should have flown at least from the beginning to the end and twice the distance according to his estimation of the Valley of the Trapped Immortals.

        But what Han Qianqian thought was beyond his imagination was that even so, he did not reach the edge of the Taotie's stomach.

        Originally, Han Qianqian wanted to try again, but the energy of the Dragon's Heart itself was not very sufficient, plus it was very strange in here, after coming here, Han Qianqian's energy was constantly losing.

        "Fuck, can't it be that this Taotie really ate it and then digested me into poo? No, the Taotie only eats and doesn't shit, so I don't even deserve to be a wabi-sabi at the end of the day?" Han Qianqian was depressed beyond belief.

        If that was the case, it really wasn't very damaging, but the insult was too strong, wasn't it?!

        "Demon Dragon, if you're not dead, come out here for me." Han Qianqian didn't want to fly either, sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed, his entire body entering a state of meditation.

        "Damn, you're too rubbish, you've actually been swallowed straight into the stomach by this Evil Taotie." The Soul of the Devil Dragon quickly responded.

        "Shit, why don't you try? This thing appeared out of nowhere, staring at me to kill me, and when I went down with an axe, I didn't expect him to do nothing at all, but he took a bite with his backhand, and I didn't even have time to reflect." Han Qianqian said glumly.

        Although he was indeed careless, Han Qianqian had to admit that this Evil Taotie was far more fierce than himself.

        "The Evil Taotie is indeed fierce, to be honest, although I, the Devil Dragon, have traveled thousands of miles, I must be wary of this thing." The Soul of the Devil Dragon nodded and said.

        "So what now? I mean, I don't know enough about this thing to know what to do to get out of this mess."

        "The problem is that I don't know much about it either, and I've never been swallowed by it. I've only heard that this Taotie is actually made of the Qi of Chaos, and nothing else."

        Chaos Qi?

        Could it be that those hidden in the air are the Qi of Chaos?

        "The Qi of Chaos is the most primordial breath of heaven and earth, so it is extremely powerful. It can give birth to all things, and it can also devour all things."

        Han Qianqian nodded in a daze, then it seems that those breaths are really the Qi of Chaos, they exist in the stomach of the Taotie, swallowing everything, turning everything into the Qi of Chaos, and this Qi of Chaos is constantly supplied to the Taotie.

        So this Taotie can swallow the world, but never digests anything out of it.

        "I see." Han Qianqian nodded vigorously.

        After this explanation was sorted out, Han Qianqian also understood why his energy was constantly being lost in his stomach.

        Han Qianqian could even imagine what he would face when he lost all the energy in his body.

        That is, his body will also be melted by this chaotic Qi.

        At this moment, outside of Taotie's body.

        At the critical moment, Fu Mang and the others relied on Lin Long to fly into the sky and avoid being injured and losing their lives in time. However, the Lin Long was not yet healed from his injuries, and this time he also brought quite a few people with him, so he could not last only a few moments before he landed on the ground with a crash.

        But luckily for the moment, Lin Long also flew out not far, at least allowing Fu Mang's group to get out of the trap for the time being.

        "Fuck, this damned dog place, we didn't find Su Yingxia, but we found the ancient beast. Fu Mang cursed in a depressed voice.

        If it wasn't for Lin Long's quick reflexes, all of them would have died here today, and they would have been very unlucky.

        But just as Fu Mang finished his spat, the Taotie barred his mouth, but did not choose to chase after those who had fled in panic, instead, he turned his head back with a satisfied smile.

        Although Fu Mang and the others were far away, the direction was exactly the direction Taotie was heading after he turned his head back, and the gang's sweat stood on end as the rest of Fu Mang's spittle stuck directly to Fu Mang's throat.

        "Fuck?! No way, staring at us?" Fu Mang swallowed in a hurry and couldn't help but say in shock.

        Was it crazy? There were so many people over there not going after it, so it was staring at a group of them for nothing.

        Even though he was afraid, he had to pick up his weapon and tremble in a defensive stance.

        At that moment, the Taotie's front paws were slightly bent, in a charging stance.


        Taotie's huge body shot out!