His True Colors Chapter 2365


        That big mouth was like a pot in the sky, directly swallowing Han Qianqian whole, even when Han Qianqian reflected, it was completely too late to escape. You should know that Han Qianqian, even if his energy is depleted, can still be unpredictable with his Tai Xu Divine Steps, so it is not easy to subdue him quickly ......

        But apart from this taotie's bloody mouth ......

        That really is 360 degrees without a dead end, everywhere is the same thing.

        With Han three thousand suddenly swallowed into the mouth, Mo Yang three people look at each other face to face.

        "To be a brother, there is this life, there is no afterlife, this motherfucker swallowed my brother, today, either he even swallowed the old man, or, spit out the old man's brother for me." Knife Twelve put his heart on the line, ignoring the fear inside him, lifting his breath on the spot and swinging his fist straight up.

        "That's right, even if our abilities are low, but those who dare to swallow our brothers, we will not let him go even if we die." Mo Yang also had a firm look in his eyes.

        The two looked at each other and without further ado, they took Liu Fang and attacked directly towards Taotie.

        But obviously, the strength of Mo Yang's three people, not to mention fighting with a top-level evil beast like the Taotie, even with all the little soldiers and pawns present in mid-air, it was quite a struggle.

        Once the three rushed, the evil Taotie just a big mouth, the three will instantly all be swallowed into the stomach of the Taotie, not even a shadow left.

        "This Taotie ...... is too fucking terrifying, isn't it? Even Han Qianqian was swallowed into it."

        "The most important thing is that this guy was clearly cut into nine sections by Han Qianqian's Pan Gu Axe, yet, in an instant, he became one again, which means that this thing is not even afraid of the Pan Gu Axe?"

        "The Pan Gu Axe is the king of all weapons, it is indestructible and has the power to open up the sky and split the earth, anyone would have to retreat from it, but this guy can flourish under the sharpness of the Pan Gu Axe, this is simply ......"

        "It really is an ancient fierce beast, the strength of the Evil Taotie is beyond our imagination."

        Seeing Han Qianqian being eaten, many people looked at each other and could not help but sigh.

        Lu Ruoxuan and Lu Ruoxin were also obviously scared by the Evil Taotie's operation of surviving under the Pan Gu Axe and swallowing Han Sanchi.

        "Grandpa ...... this guy is not even afraid of the Pan Gu Axe, it's... too scary?" Lu Ruoxuan could not help but swallow a mouthful of saliva, said.

        "Yes, the body being cut into nine sections can also recover instantly, this is simply a bit unbelievable." Lu Ruoxin followed closely while saying, "Grandpa, what do we do now?"

        Lu Wushen was also quite shocked, even if he was as strong as him, he would still be absolutely careful and cautious when facing the attack of Han Qianqiu's Pan Gu Axe, but this Evil Taotie, without dodging or dodging, was still unharmed after receiving the head blow from the Pan Gu Axe, which was simply appalling.

        "This thing is quite evil, don't fight it hard, arrange everyone, slowly withdraw!" Lu Wu Shen ordered in a soft voice, while his own body was also slowly retreating.

        Like him, the people of the Eternal Sea, under Ao Shi's command, were also slowly retreating towards the back.

        At such a time, no one was willing to touch this brow of the Evil Taotie, and only hoped to bolt quickly when this guy was completely unnoticed.

        One metre, two metres ......

        Three metres ......

        Even a dozen metres ......

        A bunch of people are getting further and further away from the Evil Taotie, further and further away.

        And at this time, the Evil Taotie, after swallowing Han Qianqian and Mo Yang three people, seemed quite satisfied, after hitting a huge partition, he let out a long muddy breath, and in the next second, his body transformed and returned to his earliest sheep body.


        The Taotie of Evil hummed lightly as his gaze swept the crowd around him.

        And at that moment, the three great clans and a group of scattered people were also further away from it.

        "Elder Ao, that guy seems to have had enough, let's hurry and run now." Wang Slowly said.

        "When have you ever heard of a Taotie being full? I'll take the ones from the Eternal Sea to retreat first, you take the men to cover the back." After saying that, regardless of whether Wang Juzhi agreed or not, Ao Shi immediately waved his hand, leading the people of the Eternal Life Sea to directly open their energy wide and flee away.

        "Grandpa, Ao Shi has run away, what should we do?" Lu Ruoxuan asked.

        "Of course we leave too, or else stay here to fill Taotie's stomach?" Lu Wushen said in a cold and dissatisfied voice.

        "But grandpa, Han Qianqian he ......" Lu Ruoxuan was more or less reluctant.

        "He's already in Taotie's belly, what do you care about him? Retreat!" Lu Wushen saw that Ao Shi, with the people of the Eternal Sea, had withdrawn safely, and naturally, his heart was quite anxious.

        After all, if the enemy withdrew safely while he himself dragged his feet and suffered losses, it would be tantamount to breaking his own arm.

        "Grandpa, I'll take the back." Lu Ruoxuan then took a step forward with Lu Yongsheng.

        "Good!" Lu Wushen also stopped talking nonsense, and with a big wave of his hand on the spot, he led the people at the top of the Blue Mountain and also quickly ran towards the outskirts of the Land of the Trapped Dragon.

        Lu Ruoxin glanced at Taotie with complicated eyes, somewhat reluctant and unwilling, but helplessly Lu Wushen's urging made her only grit her teeth and follow the people from the Top of Blue Mountain in a hasty retreat.

        With two of the three great clans having already retreated, the group of scattered people naturally could not stay any longer, and under the leadership of a few scattered experts, the scattered people also quickly flew towards the outside of the Trapped Dragon Land.

        "Fuck, what do we do?" The demon ghosts and other devils had long since retreated far away, but the situation in the distance was still in full view.

        "So, there are not only demonic dragons in this Land of Trapped Dragons, but also the existence of this Evil Taotie, I really don't know whether I should cry or laugh." Emotional Ji let out a long sigh.

        "It's a pity about Han Qianqian." Mo Bei Tian shook his head helplessly, "This kid has strength, and is also righteous enough, if he can lead my demon race, it will be a blessing for my demon race, but where would I have thought that an Evil Taotie would actually be killed halfway ......"

        "But, come all come, the blood of the devil dragon we can not get, how about we take revenge for Han three thousand?" Love Ji suddenly said.

        "Revenge?" The demon ghost was stunned, "Holy shit, Emotional Girl, are you fucking crazy, or are you just a nymphomaniac? You want to take revenge on Han Qianqian? That thing even swallowed Han Sanchiang in one bite, how can we play?"

        "Hmph, of course I'm not seeking revenge on the Evil Taotie, but them." When Emotion Ji finished speaking, she looked towards the three great clans that were fleeing towards her side in the distance.

        The demon ghost was stunned, but Demon North Heaven laughed, "Emotion Ji is right, we are all here, and we have chosen our ambush point, killing one is not a loss, killing two is a profit."

        The demon ghost looked at the two lightly laughing, finally half a beat slower to reflect, hey a grim smile, said "also right ah!"

        "Everyone listen to the order, immediately follow the original plan, the swamp forest set up an ambush for me!"


        And at this time, at the other end of the Han three thousand ......

        After being swallowed into his stomach, Han Qianqian fell into a strange realm.