His True Colors Chapter 2364

 "Ai!" Lu Ruoxuan sighed heavily at once.

        Lu Wushen's words did speak to the root of the matter, making it impossible to refute them, and they were also the best option for the truth at hand.

        Such a gigantic beast, it was naturally impossible for anyone to take the initiative to provoke it, while Han Qianqian was targeted by this gigantic beast, then naturally it was most likely due to the reason of the Demonic Fury Qi emanating from Han Qianqian's Demonic Dragon Blood.

        This was the only reasonable explanation.

        "Then grandfather, we are going to watch Han Qianqian being targeted by that giant beast ......" Lu Ruoxin said rather reluctantly.

        "Then is there any other better way?" Lu Wu Shen asked helplessly in return.

        Not knowing the strength of this Evil Taotie, a rash attack would only bring great trouble to the top of the Blue Mountain, and once the top of the Blue Mountain was in great trouble, they would be tantamount to losing without a fight in the battle for supremacy with the Eternal Sea.

        Although Han Qianqian was important, Lu Wushen could never lose the foundation of the Lu family to save him. In the end, Han Qianqian's existence was to bring benefits to the Lu family, not to make the family lose money.

        "Three thousand, we miscellaneous do?" Mo Yang swallowed again, although afraid, although the cultivation level is low to the evil Taotie just standing opposite, the air pressure will press him unusually uncomfortable, but Mo Yang but not the slightest retreat, from the beginning to the end is standing next to Han three thousand.

        Han Qianqian was also depressed: "I don't know."

        "This guy can't just keep staring at us like this, damn it, I've got goose bumps all over." Knife Twelve roared in depression.

        What's worse than a knife to the neck is having a knife dangling in front of your face.

        "Definitely not." Han Qianqian outright shook his head and refused.

        You have to ask why, because at this moment the Taotie, moved!


        The huge mouth opened wide, only to see the mouth full of all kinds of daunting fangs, followed by the entire huge and incomparable body fierce force, directly pounced on Han Qianqian.

        "Holy shit, it's really fucking coming for you." Knife Twelve shouted out in depression, directly lucked out and prepared to start.

        "Stay back." Han Qianqian's face was icy cold, and his whole body was like a great enemy, his hand waved violently, an energy directly wrapped around Mo Yang's three people and pulled them directly behind himself.

        "Heavenly Fire Moon Wheel!"

        With a soft cry, the Heavenly Flame Moon Wheel appeared!

        "Out-of-body incarnation!"


        Eight golden bodies emerged!

        "Pan Gu Axe Formation ...... Forget it, just Pan Gu Axe."

        I wanted to bring out more killing moves to fight against the great enemy, but it was obvious that Han Qianqian had already run out of gas at this point, coupled with the great consumption from the vicious fight against the Twin Gods and the Three Great Families, as well as the two defenceless hard-fought moves of Lu Ruoxin just now, leaving Han Qianqian's body full of wounds and exhaustion.

        This left Han Qianqian with no strength of mind at all.

        "You're pretty fucking smart, you just stare at me, you fuck!" With an angry curse, Han Qianqian stopped talking nonsense, and with his eight golden bodies carrying the Pan Gu Axe, he went straight towards the pouncing Taotie.


        The Evil Taotie seemed to sense the extraordinary Pan Gu Axe in Han Qianji's hand and let out a roar.

        With his roar, the Taotie had already attacked Han Qianqian's head, and for a moment, Han Qianqian only felt as if he had entered the darkness of the night, the monster's body was so big that it could cover the sky.


        Eight axes were slashed together, the blue light between the axes of the Pan Gu axe appeared, and the power of tearing the void was directly blasted at the Taotie!


        Eight axes came down, even the incomparably large Taotie beast was instantly chopped into nine pieces directly under the eight axes!

        Everyone was instantly shocked.

        "Holy shit, Han Qianqian is so fierce."

        "Damn, the Pan Gu Axe is really the king of all weapons, even such a big fierce beast can hardly resist the power of the axe."

        "No wonder when the two true gods and many experts were fighting with Han Qianqian, no one dared to fight him head on, instead they kept circling back, so, they were all afraid of the power of this Pan Gu Axe."

        "Nonsense, the power of the Pan Gu Axe, do you think it's a joke?"

        "Although the Pan Gu Axe is fierce, however, this Evil Taotie is too fucking famous, it was lost by Han Qianqian with one axe, it's really useless in appearance."

        "Yeah, and talk about ancient evil beasts, Chi You incarnation, legends are always legends, they are all unreliable bragging."

        Seeing Han Qianqian settle the battle with one axe, the crowd could not help but sigh for Han Qianqian's Pan Gu Axe, and also feel dissatisfied with such a flashy and shocking appearance of this Evil Taotie.

        However, Han Qianqian did not dare to be arrogant and held the Pan Gu Axe with both hands, could it really be that simple?

        Although Han Qianqian knew that the Pan Gu Axe was strong, it was never that simple.

        The next second, Han Qianqian knew that his caution was not without reason, almost at that moment, the nine segments of Taotie's body suddenly merged together to form a huge round thing, headless, but with only a huge mouth in its belly!

        "Fuck, he's not dead yet!" Han Qianqian shouted, and at that moment, as the huge mouth opened, Han Qianqian tried to run, but the huge mouth was too big, there was no way to run, so he could only watch himself, swallowed by the Taotie ......