His True Colors Chapter 2363

 Han Qianqian instantly had a feeling of grass mud horses galloping past.

        Damn, there are so many people, why are you just staring at me?

        Han Qianqian thought that maybe it was because he was standing right in front of it, so Han Qianqian took Mo Yang and the others and slowly moved some places.

        But what depressed Han Qianqian was that as Han Qianqian moved, the Evil Taotie's eyes also moved with Han Qianqian's movement.

        "Holy shit, fuck, is he on to me?" Han Qianqian frowned and said in a depressed manner.

        "Seems ...... like it." Knife Twelve swallowed and nodded uncomfortably.

        "Shit, Three Thousand, what the hell have you done? How did you get targeted by this guy? Look at one of his heads, fuck, that's literally all assembled in a dozen football fields, how does this thing ...... play?" Mo Yang also couldn't help but swallow up his saliva.

        This guy in front of him is really scary.

        Not to mention these few guys shivered in fear, even Han Qianqian himself, was also full of sweat, although the True God is fierce, but compared to this behemoth, which is not this big thing is scary enough.

        After all, the True God was powerful in his inner breath, and this guy could scare a person to death just by his appearance.

        "What can an old man do? What can I have to do with a fierce beast?" Han Qianqian was also very depressed.

        With two true gods and now a fucking ancient evil Taotie, even anyone, not to mention Han Qianqian, would instantly have a big head.

        "Is the heavens really going to kill me?" Han Qianqian said in a depressed voice.

        At the other end, Ao Shi had obviously noticed this too, just now, he had acted rashly, but was knocked down by this Evil Taotie's tail, and now, Ao Shi was obviously not willing to suffer this loss again.

        Moreover, the situation is unstable, if the rash action attracts the attention of the monster, it would be bad luck, nothing to find trouble themselves.

        "Tell everyone not to act rashly." Ao Shi instructed.

        Wang Juzhi nodded and gave a look, signalling for Grand Commander Chen to pass on the message.

        Grand Commander Chen did not dare to be slow in the slightest and could only quietly pass the word down, so, quietly, word spread from one to the other ......

        The same applies to the top of the Blue Mountains, where the sound is transmitted in silence, for fear of alerting the huge creature in front of them.

        The top of the Blue Mountains is interested in protecting Han Qianqian, but at this critical moment, it is natural to think of oneself.

        Han Qianqian's forehead was already sweating at this point, he tried to move, but ...... but the evil Taotie also moved with him, and his gaze moved slightly.

        "How fucking depressing, the house is leaking? Is this? I also thought that suddenly there was something more, messing up the situation, I can at least pull out, but the more this is done, the more depressed ah." Han Qianqian's heart was filled with bitterness.

        Han Qianqian's side was suffering, but Ao Shi and the rest of the gang were overjoyed. They were looking for an excuse to deal with Han Qianqian themselves, but they didn't expect that someone would come out of nowhere and do it for them.

        "This Han Qianqian, he really deserves to die, if we don't kill him, there are people who want to kill him.

        "Han Qianqian itself is to change death, an earth waste relying on all kinds of luck like a hang-up, and now finally bad the repercussions of heaven's wrath."

        "One's good luck will always run out, how lucky one was before, how unlucky one will be now, this is the cycle of heaven."

        A group of people led by Ye Qucheng and Wang Juzhi suddenly sneered at Han Qianqian's current situation and encounter, not thinking at all about the evil and bad things they had done, but also having the audacity to scream about the reincarnation of heaven's path.

        If there was a reincarnation in heaven, these people would probably be the way of animals in their next life.

        "This Evil Taotie is so huge, grandpa, if this monster sets its eyes on Han Qianqian, Han Qianqian is afraid ......" Lu Ruoxin naturally does not want Han Qianqian to be killed by the monster, as far as she is concerned, Han Qianqian is too much of a pawn for her now, and Han Qianqian as a man makes her heart flutter.

        "I don't know what this evil Taotie is capable of, this ancient evil beast, even I have never fought, it's only written in some ancient books. But the record is always a record, how credible can it be? After all, how many of those who have seen what it can do have come back alive? And those who can come back alive naturally don't bother to write records." Lu Wushen shook his head, also bewildered by the evil beast before him.

        But the more bewildered he was, the more he did not dare to make a hasty move.

        "I just hope that this giant beast is just staring at Han Qianqian with curiosity, and not that kind of stare." Lu Ruoxuan also shook his head and sighed bitterly.

        "That hope is unlikely!" Lu Wushen shook his head.


        "I suspect that there is a reason why Han Qianqian is being targeted by this vicious beast." Lu Wushen frowned slightly as he spoke in a cold voice.

        Lu Ruoxin instantly understood what Lu Wu Shen was referring to and asked, "Grandfather, you mean, the demonic dragon's blood inside Han Qianqian?"

        Lu Wushen nodded heavily, "That's right, the blood of the demon dragon is extremely fierce, so it is naturally the most precious treasure to attract such evil beasts.