His True Colors Chapter 2362

 Mo Yang and knife twelve face to face, Liu Fang is also a face of bewilderment, the army has been suppressed, but Han three thousand in this tens of nine eight seven three two one ......

        If we didn't trust each other, who wouldn't call him a psychopath?

        What's more, at this time, Han three thousand is completely serious as well as serious.

        "Time, just right!" Suddenly, Han Qianqian, who had been tightly frowning at this point, had a sudden glimmer of joy in his eyes.

        Before the three people could understand what was going on, suddenly, there was a sudden ringing sound from beneath the ground.

        The next second.


        If the ground was just like a wave when the earthquake occurred, then the ground was like a huge wave at this moment, and the raised ground skin alone was more than ten meters high, which could be described as horrible.

        The ground shook so violently that even the people in mid-air were affected by it. The ground shook so strongly that the air in mid-air trembled, and the layers of scorched earth and ashes were raised, leaving everything around the area covered in a cloud of dust and smoke.

        What's more, an extremely strong pressure emerged from the ground instantly, and all those in mid-air felt as if they were being lifted upwards by something, only to shake their eyes and feet to find that it was only caused by the rising air currents.

        But just then ......


        Beneath the earth, a strange roar resounded like the sound of a bell.

        Some of the scorched ground that had been rolled up instantly cracked, and where it had cracked, all sorts of strange shapes were revealed through the cracks, and the next second the whole ground was cracking wildly, and at the central point where the green haze had originally emanated, the ground crumbled in what could then be described as quicksand.

        They sanded wildly and sank rapidly downwards afterwards.


        There was another whisper as the ground cracked and the quicksand sank, and something beneath the ground burst out of the ground with that roar.

        "What ...... is that?"

        Lu Ruoxuan pointed widely at the ground in surprise.

        The entire ground, one could even say, the ground where the entire Sleepy Immortal Valley was originally located, had actually transformed into an extremely odd and huge monster after the cracking and quicksand at this time.

        It was necessary to know that the Sleepy Immortal Valley was extremely large, and even when one was in mid-air, one could still feel its returning body, but it was so large that it was all just comparable to the monster underneath that ground.

        "My goodness, what a ...... big monster!" Lu Ruoxin, who had always been calm, was also completely unsettled at this time.

        The monster in front of you is unheard of and unseen, no matter how strong he is, just this huge body is intimidating.

        "What the hell is this ...... thing? How can ...... there be a monster under this ground?"

        A group of people with pale faces across the board, their eyes staring deadly at the monstrous beast above the ground.

        At this time all of them also finally understood what exactly that original place where the green light was released was.

        It was the beast's heart.

        At this moment, as the monster woke up, the green dot shone again, just like the beating of a human heart, flickering and flickering again, and then, completely disappearing on the surface of the monster's skin.


        At almost the same time, a huge tail fiercely raised, coincidentally less than five metres behind Han Qianqian, the people of the Eternal Life Sea and the Pill God Pavilion were charging happily, but unexpectedly the huge tail came out, and many of them were directly hit by the huge tail and fell to the ground.

        And once they fell to the ground, something strange happened ......

        Those seemingly solid brown monster skin, like spikes, did not cause any damage to the bodies of these people, but once the bodies fell in, they were suddenly reduced to nothing with some scorched earth and quicksand!

        Not even a scrap of bones was left.

        At this moment, whether it was the top of the Blue Mountain watching the show, or the attacking Pill God Pavilion and the Eternal Sea, as well as Han Qianqian and the four others, or the group of scattered people taking off from afar, they were collectively dumbfounded.

        What kind of monster was this!

        It's moving!

        The body of the monstrous beast set beneath the surface of the earth moved violently.


        As he moved, the entire ground caved in wildly.

        Immediately afterwards, the monstrous beast dragged its incomparably huge body and slowly stood up.

        Those in mid-air could see with their own eyes that when this monstrous beast stood up, the ground beside it even sank by several metres as a result, the size of its body could be imagined.


        As it rose, the beast roared to the sky.

        The sheep's body was covered in long brown hair, which was like a giant spike, but could be swung in the wind, and his abdomen was covered in long purple hair, which, although wrapped tightly around his body, showed off his incomparably strong muscles.

        The head of a sheep, though with huge horns, has a face like that of a wolf, but without eyes.

        At the body, there is a huge mouth, the upper and lower parts of which are speckled with teeth, making it extremely hideous.

        The strangest thing is that although it is a sheep, it can stand like a man, and its forelimbs can be lifted up, just like a human hand, while there are eyes under the tuck, hanging eyes, round eyes, horrible.

        "Taotie, holy shit, this is a fucking Taotie."

        Someone recognized this fierce beast at first glance, immediately scared ashes, pupils wide open.

        Taotie, the ancient beast, is incomparably evil, able to swallow everything under the sky, good at eating people's desires.

        "This ancient ferocious beast, how ...... did it appear in the Trapped Immortal Valley?"

        "My goodness, so ...... it turns out that we have been living on the Taotie for so many days?"

        Thinking about this, many people felt a burst of fear, what is the difference between this and walking with a tiger?

        Some even couldn't help but shiver and their entire bodies couldn't help but gradually retreat backwards.

        No one would want to be in the company of such a ferocious beast.

        This included Lu Wushen as well as Ao Shi, and Han Qianqian.

        "No, no, it's impossible for an ordinary Taotie to have such a huge body, moreover, this guy is surrounded by brown Qi, this is not an ordinary Taotie, but ......"

        "The Taotie of Evil, the legendary incarnation of Chi You!"


        All people's brains suddenly buzzed off.

        The Evil Taotie, that is truly one of the top vicious beasts, this level of vicious beast whose viciousness is extremely high, even if a true god fights against it, there is no certainty of victory.

        "This kind of thing, shouldn't it have been extinguished in the ancient gods and demons war? How ...... could it possibly appear here?"

        "And how did he awaken?"

        Ao Shi frowned greatly.

        "Tell everyone to back off, don't be eaten by him, it will enhance his power." On Lu Wu Shen's side, he also decisively ordered.

        But at that moment, Taotie just stared at Han Qianqian with open eyes.