His True Colors Chapter 2361

 "It's moving?" Mo Yang froze and looked at the ground but found that nothing had happened, instead the army of the Pill God Pavilion and the Eternal Sea behind him had pressed closer in layers.

        "Three thousand, I don't know if this underground is moving or not, I only know that we have to move, the army behind us is already killing us." Mo Yang shouted with anxiety.

        The 10,000-strong attack was coming, but Han Qianqian was not moving, so it was fine if you didn't fight back, but at least you had to run.

        Even if they had more trust in Han Qianqian, the current situation really made Mo Yang and the others feel anxious.

        At the top of the Blue Mountain, when they saw that the Pill God Pavilion and the Eternal Sea had suddenly gathered their troops to pounce on Han Qianqian, Lu Ruoxuan and the rest of the group were immediately anxious and reported the situation to Lu Wushen.

        One moment the top of the Blue Mountains could not wait to kill Han Qianqian to relieve their hatred, and the next moment they might see him as one of their own, all of it is just a matter of profit.

        Obviously, Han Qianqian now belongs to the latter category to the Top of Blue Mountain.

        If it was in the past, with the strength of the strongest of the three families at the top of the Blue Mountains, it would have been possible to tear up with the Eternal Sea on the basis of having Han Sanqian, but nowadays, the strongest is the Eternal Sea with the dog-legged Pill God Pavilion.

        The Ao family has found this excuse to crusade against Han Qianqian, and at least it is considered a masterpiece.

        What could Lu Wushen do?

        "Grandpa, if there is no Han Qianqian, the situation will be the same as it was a while ago, and we will gradually lose our advantage as the number one family at the top of Blue Mountain." Lu Ruoxin hurriedly advised at this point.

        "That's right, grandpa, since Han Qianqian can be controlled by us, he is naturally our helper, the Eternal Sea has to look at its master even when beating a dog, if they do this, if we don't have any response, the majesty of the Top of Blue Mountain will be greatly challenged and insulted." Lu Ruoxuan also said sharply.

        What they were saying, how could Lu Wushen not be clear about it?

        The question was, what excuse should the Top of Blue Mountain use to intervene in the Everlasting Seas division?!

        If they openly helped Han Qianqian, wouldn't that be the same as giving the Eternal Sea the opportunity to put a label on themselves?

        But when he was in a dilemma, Lu Wushen was shocked to find that even at such a critical moment, Han Qianqian did not seem to panic in the slightest, his entire body was motionless, staring intently at the ground.

        This made Lu Wushen smile bitterly, "The emperor is not in a hurry, but the eunuch is in a hurry, look, what is Han Qianqian doing?"

        "This guy seems to have been staring in a daze ever since that burst of green light, is it hard to believe that this guy saw something? Or is this guy simply dumbed down and tired of beating up, so he's staging it?" Lu Ruoxuan also wondered, he also looked at all the places, but, everywhere is ordinary and strange, except for the earthquake just now is quite strange, there is nothing else ah.

        "Grandpa, you were also looking at it, did you see anything?" Lu Ruoxin asked.

        Lu Wushen shook his head helplessly, "It seems that I can sense something moving underground, but nothing seems to be there, and frankly speaking, I can't see through it."

        The two of them were instantly shocked, but then Lu Ruoxuan nodded glumly, "Since even your old man can't see clearly if something is moving, then Han Qianqian does seem to be faking it."

        "But one thing is for sure, at least Han Qianqian can indeed know that there is something underground, and this, has proven that he does have a superiority." Lu Ruoxin naturally did not want his puppet to be despised by others, and hurriedly and said.

        Lu Wushen did not deny it and nodded, "Although this son has sucked the blood of the devil dragon and fallen into the devil's path, I must admit that this son has a great future, Xin'er, you have done a good job, the future top of Blue Mountain towards the highest glory will definitely have half of your credit."

        How could the two men know that what Lu Wu Shen and Ao Shi could not see, Han Qian Qian could see more clearly than they could? Even though they were both True Gods, Han Qianqian's Heavenly Eye Talisman and the Devil Dragon's Blood within him were far more empathetic than they were.

        Although Lu Ruoxin's face smiled, she was not truly happy and said with false modesty, "Thank you, grandfather. However, what should we do now that Han Qianqian is like this?"

        "What should we do? Since we can't make a rash move and Han Qianqian isn't in a hurry, so, let's just see what he's selling."

        Lu Ruoxin had no choice but to nod dryly, but in her heart she couldn't help but worry slightly for Han Qianqian while at the same time being very curious as to what this guy was doing!

        "Three thousand ah, if we don't go we'll be too late." At this end, Mo Yang was already sweating profusely with worry.

        With such a huge army pressing down on him, he would be crippled if he didn't die, but Han Qianqian was constantly wasting his chance to escape.

        Knife Twelve directly raised his body and blocked behind the crowd, saying, "Old Mo, you take them and retreat first, I'll take the back. Although old me can't beat them, it's the only way out of a no-win situation."

        At this moment, Han Qianqian faintly swept back the army behind him and looked at the ground, "It's almost time, ten, nine ...... three, two, one!"