His True Colors Chapter 2359

 "Sleepy ...... Sleepy Immortal Valley is gone ......"

        When everyone looked at the already green water of Qingzhou was gone, leaving only the scorched remains of the earth full of devastation, they could not help but nonetheless stand frozen.

        "How ...... how could this happen?"

        A group of people looked at each other, but it was obvious that heaven and earth and this place would not give them any more time to be surprised as well as to reflect, when the golden light flashed violently and a ferocious earthquake followed.


        The whole ground crumpled up like a wave, and before the gang could reflect, they were directly knocked to the ground by the earthquake, and once Dan fell on, it was obviously harder than heaven to get back up with the ground shaking like that.

        With the cultivation level of Dagger Twelve and Mo Yang, it was obvious that they too were not spared by the earthquake, but fortunately Han Qianqian was very quick to reflect and a true energy instantly wrapped around the three of them, after which they quickly left the ground and flew into the air.

        Many of the experts from the three clans and the Alliance of Scattered People also reacted quickly and took a group of their men or followers with them as they flew into the air.

        Those with low cultivation or slow reflexes and no one to help them were miserable, and for a while all that could be heard was the sound of screams and cries on the ground, and the phenomenon of people trampling on people on the ground was endless and chaotic.

        "How could this happen? How could such a big earthquake suddenly happen in the Trapped Immortal Valley?"

        "Given the ripples of such an earthquake, it's too rare to see one, isn't it?"

        Many people's hearts were palpitating as they looked down at the land tumbling like waves, a bunch of people's faces pale with complete shock.

        "Holy shit, what the hell is happening here?" Although Knife Twelve was safe and sound under Han Qianqian's protection, the sudden earthquake just now still scared him.

        "This is at least a magnitude 12 fucking earthquake, right? The ground was like an ocean tide, with rough waves!" Mo Yang also couldn't help but say afterwards.

        "It was simply too scary, even a magnitude twelve earthquake is nowhere near this terrifying." Liu Fang gently denied.

        The sight in front of them was almost certainly completely beyond their knowledge, making people look away in fear.

        Han Qianqian also frowned widely at the same time, his eyes staring deadly at the ground for a moment in utter horror.

        What was the reason for the sudden disappearance of the Sleeping Immortal Valley and its transformation into what it was now, was truly intriguing.


        Suddenly, someone shouted in alarm, and everyone could not help but look towards the gaze of the person who shouted in alarm. From afar, they could only see that in the very centre of the entire Trapped Immortal Valley, at this moment the glimmer of green suddenly released an extremely strong green light.

        With the distance of their naked eyes, it might be difficult to see the patch of green at the centre point in this place, but with the green light erupting from the centre point, it was impossible for everyone to be invisible even if they wanted to.

        "There it is ......"

        "How can there be green light there?"

        "What's with all that green light?"


        The green light in the very centre was suddenly released from the very centre and then spread out directly with a swish.

        The whole world was once again enveloped by a green light ......

        Immediately afterwards, there was silence, as quiet as death.

        The wind stopped, the earth stopped, everything prevented as if it had entered a pool of stagnant water, and one could even hear each other's breathing.

        "What the hell is happening here?"

        After a long time, someone recovered his senses from the green light, carefully checked every part of his body and found that everything was normal, raised his head slightly, but in the midst of an extremely strange, yet indefinable condition that enveloped heaven and earth, he could not help but speak out slightly.

        As he spoke out, more and more people also regained their senses and raised their heads to surround the area.

        Here, almost the same as most places in the Land of the Trapped Dragon, the scorched earth stretched across the land, and heaven and earth were enveloped in this black red like lava.

        If it were not for the green hills and waters of the Trapped Immortal Valley that were still clearly in the minds of the people, I am afraid that people would not remember the strange place they are in today.

        "Does anyone know what the fuck is going on here ......? Where's the Sleepy ...... Sleepy Immortal Valley?"

        "Holy shit, this is just too much, isn't it? Did the Sleepy Immortal Valley just disappear in the middle of an earthquake?"

        "Yeah, is it because the Devil Dragon is no longer there, so the Land of the Trapped Dragon has fallen apart too?"

        A crowd of people speculated and wondered.

        Han Qianqian, however, looked straight into the middle of the distant Trapped Immortal Valley, which had fallen into dead silence for a while after that burst of green light.

        But even so, Han Qianqian always had a vague feeling that it was definitely not that simple.

        It was as if something was staring at him there, but in reality, it was clear that nothing could be seen.

        "Three-thousand, what's wrong with you?" Mo Yang noticed Han Qianqian's condition, and at this point, he couldn't help but wonder.

        "I don't know, I always feel as if something is staring at me there." Han Qianqian frowned slightly and said softly while speaking.

        Hearing this, Mo Yang's three people instantly locked their eyes deadly towards the green light spot in the square, but no matter how deadly they looked, the place had long since fallen into a dead silence, which looked like something was alive, let alone staring at Han Qianqian.

        However, unlike the others, Mo Yang and Dagger Twelve had absolute trust in Han Qianqian, despite not being able to see anything.

        "We can't see anything... Three Thousand, what do you see?" Mo Yang said with a frown.

        "I don't know, I can't see anything either, it's just an intuition." Han Qianqian said.

        Knife Twelve took great effort to open his eyes wide again to look over there, but still nothing, he couldn't help but say, "Holy shit, can you even see intuition? I really can't see anything. Brother, am I too much of a rookie?"

        Han Qianqian shook his head, judging from the reflections of everyone at the scene, it was clearly not that Knife Twelve was too rookie, but that there was really nothing there.

        Although, from a certain perspective, Dagger Twelve's cultivation level was indeed among the rookies in this group.

        "Grandpa, what is going on here?" At that end, Lu Ruoxuan and the others were also very strange, seeing that Lu Wushen was at this moment the same as Han Qianqian, with his eyes staring deadly at the very centre of the original release of green light, but when Lu Ruoxuan looked there, he could see nothing.

        Lu Wushen did not reply, but just stared at it with his eyes, not moving.

        Ao Shi's side was basically the same as Lu Wu Shen's, also staring at the original release of green light, not moving a muscle.

        If they didn't look, they would have lost their class.

        For a while, these people were in a very awkward mood, neither to do nor not to do.

        "Han Qianqian, this bitch, is playing up again, I just don't understand, what is there to see there." Ye Kucheng roared in annoyance.

        "Shut up!" Just then ......