His True Colors Chapter 2356


        Like flames burning in the sky, ten thousand spells exploded into the ground.

        It was as if someone had lifted the ground and then heaved it again, and with a violent sound, the entire ground lifted and shook for a moment.

        Because they had not thought of Han Qianqian's second wave of returning teeth, not to mention the lack of preparation of ordinary people, even Lu Wushen and Ao Shi themselves were completely unprepared to reflect.

        Even though these two men were of extremely high cultivation and ability, even if they could not react, they could subconsciously dodge the attack when it reached them, but the others suffered greatly.

        Those who couldn't react needed no further explanation, and were crippled if not killed by the spell, while the most unlucky were those who could react but could not keep up with their cultivation.

        The ground was instantly transformed into a land of shura, and the three clans were killed and injured in countless ways, with losses even heavier than before.

        Who had ever thought that Han Qianqian could use a very special method to suddenly release ten thousand spells?

        And these ten thousand dao, because of the Phaseless Divine Technique's tooth for tooth, almost everyone had a spell of their own to attack, coupled with the untimely reflection, the consequences could be imagined.

        "Holy shit, can you still play like this? Han Qianqian this guy ......"

        "Unbelievable, simply unbelievable, who would have thought that those tens of thousands of attacks would ...... result in such a result?"

        Tens of thousands of attacks, not to mention Han Qianqian, even the true gods, that also have to eat enough to a pot, if very human, I'm afraid it is even more pulverized, absolutely no chance of survival.

        But Han Qianqian was able to withstand the attack, but he was also able to counterattack so perfectly, which made the scalps of those who watched and the minds of those who fought him explode.

        "What the hell is this guy Han Qianqian made of? I really want to peel this guy open right now and take a good look at what this guy is really made of, it's so fucking weird."

        "I really don't know what else this Han Qianqian guy is capable of that he hasn't used yet, he moves fast, his body is like a blood bull, and he can transform into eight in one, the only drawback is probably his lack of attack power."

        "Although he is not enough attack power, however, that Pan Gu Axe is enough ......"

        Yes, anyone can see with a clear eye that Han Qianqian's axe technique is not considered much of a masterpiece, although there is also a wide open and continuous attack stance, but it is obvious that he suffers from the lack of more moves.

        But even so, relying on the sharpness of the Pan Gu Axe, who would dare to resist Han Qianqian head on?

        Many people had a very peculiar thought in their hearts, that is, if one day Han Qianqian acquired some magical axe technique, then this guy's shortcomings would be filled, then this guy's terror would grow geometrically, and at that time, I'm afraid this guy's invincibility would make everyone chill.

        "If this fellow lives, Laozi will definitely hang out with this fellow in the future."

        "In the future, the eight worlds will definitely have a place for this kid, following him is indeed a good choice."

        Many casuals looked at Han Qianqian and could not help but speak out in admiration.

        But there were also those who remained disdainful. To them, these remarks were ridiculous, even absurd.

        First of all, Han Qianqian had to have the ability to survive.

        "Fuck, this damn Han Qianqian." Lu Wushen looked back at the disciples behind him, a large number of them were dead and injured, and his whole body became furious, killing and injuring so many of his disciples in front of his own face was naturally a great shame to him.

        "Han Qianqian, if I don't kill you, I will never believe in Ao!" Ao Shi was equally furious, he was in the same position as Lu Wushen and was attacked by Han Qianqian in the same way, so naturally his point of anger was the same.

        However, despite their anger, the two true gods did not act immediately.

        They were watching Han Qianqian and thinking about how to deal with him.

        If they attacked again and Han Qianqian used that move, they would still be the ones to suffer the secret loss.

        However, they did not know that the use of the Phase-less Divine Power was not only extremely energy-consuming, but also extremely spirit-consuming, and each time Han Qianqian finished releasing it, it often took a very long time before he could release it again.

        Therefore, almost every time Han Qianqian used his Phase-less Divine Skill, it was at the most critical moment of survival.

        For one thing, it would attract the opponent's full attack, and the Phase-less Divine Technique could naturally be of the greatest value and use, but in that situation, a rogue Divine Technique like the Phase-less Divine Technique was indeed somewhat likely to break the opponent's mind.

        In mid-air, Han Qianqian's hands moved again.

        Although there was not much energy left, Han Qianqian knew that it was still a little short of their mindset exploding.

        If he attacked them once more, that would be enough.

        Thinking of this, Han Qianqian strongly lifted the remaining energy in his body from the Dragon's Heart, while pumping his emotions and invoking the Blood of the Demon Dragon.

        However, just at that moment.

        "Han Qianqian, stop right there!"

        Above the ground, a soft drink struck, and the group of people collectively looked back, and at that moment, in the middle of the crowd, Lu Ruoxin slowly walked over.

        The slightest hint of panic that she had felt when she ran away had long since disappeared, and her face was now filled with nothing but anger and discontent.

        Lu Ruoxin quickly came to the front, raising her eyes to look at Han Qianqian, beside her, Chi Meng accompanied her body, although black clothing cage body, but so close to see Han Qianqian, her body can not help but a slight shudder.

        That is a kind of enemy's family face, part of the emotion, but follow Lu Ruoxin for so long, arrogant Chi Meng not only by Lu Ruoxin wear almost no, but also once and for all witnessed Han Qianqian's madness and dissipated.

        Nowadays, she has lowered her profile a lot.

        Moreover, in front of the current Han Qianqian, she also had to keep a low profile.

        Not to mention how powerful the golden light from Han Qianqian's body was, just the layer of devilishly fierce Qi on the surface of the golden light made her quite frightened.

        If her black Qi pressure was one, then Han Qianqian's would be five, or even more.

        The gap between the two was simply too big to be true, so what could one do but fear?

        "Bring it up." Lu Ruoxin bellowed softly, followed by Chi Meng nodding, a greeting in her hand, and several disciples instantly brought up three people.

        It was Mo Yang, Blade Twelve as well as Liu Fang.

        When they were first brought out, the three were confused, they had no idea where Lu Ruoxin was taking them, let alone what she wanted them to do.

        But when they were confused, they suddenly looked up and saw Han Qianqian in mid-air, the three of them were so excited that they were about to choke, and they just stared at Han Qianqian in a daze.

        And Han Qianqian, who was about to make a move, naturally saw Mo Yang and the other three at this time, and the whole person's hands could not help but stagnate ......