His True Colors Chapter 2355

 "No Phase Divine Power!"

        "Swallowing the Sky and Covering the Sun!"


        Han Qianqian's hands moved, and a huge vortex was instantly drawn in the air and flowed slowly, and all the ten thousand spells entered the vortex one by one.

        "That ...... what is that? That kid ...... what is that kid doing?"

        When he saw the thousands of spells attacking him, Ao Shi, who had been smiling smugly, saw that the spells did not cause any substantial damage to Han Qianqian after they arrived, but instead were all put into that strange vortex by Han Qianqian, Ao Shi was dumbfounded.

        The same dumbfounded person was Lu Wushen, who really didn't understand what was going on here.

        The scattered people and everyone from the three great clans were also dumbfounded, frozen in place, clearly unable to understand what was happening before their eyes!

        How could this happen?!

        Cool-Son Yeh always felt that this move was déjà vu, and after turning it over and over in his head for half a day, when the mystery suddenly occurred to him, the frame individual could not help but roar in shock: "Holy shit, it's the Voidless Sect's Phantomless Divine Technique! That kid can copy the spells of all of us and then give us back our teeth in return!"

        That was right, it was none other than the Phase-less Divine Technique.

        Although it did not have any autonomous offensive capabilities, defensively it was an extremely perverted and shameless divine art, and it was precisely for this reason that it could qualify to become a supreme masterpiece.

        In the beginning, the Voidless Sect and others had suffered many losses in this area.

        Cool-Son Yeh was indeed very clever and recognised this technique in a very short time.

        But obviously, he had only guessed half right.

        Thus at this moment, the Phaseless Divine Technique was far more powerful than he had thought!

        As Han Qianqian carried the blood of the gods and demons, his own qualifications had long since reached a very peculiar realm, and the Phaseless Divine Technique had opened up a new realm at this time.

        Swallowing the sky to hide the sun!

        "Give me a break!"

        A roar of fury!


        Almost simultaneously, within the vortex, the ten thousand spells that Fang had absorbed just then, in an instant, spurted straight out of the black vortex, before returning in unison with the force of a torrential rain!

        "Holy shit!"

        "How the hell can this be?"

        Among the scattered people, many of them broke into curses in surprise.

        On the other hand, the three clans, after being dumbfounded, immediately scattered in all directions!

        Bang, bang, bang!

        Even though Lu Wushen and the other experts reflected in time and hurriedly used their divine energy to put up protective barriers, they had nothing to protect themselves against earlier, plus the area of Han Qianqian's counter-attack spells was too large, and many spellbooks still landed obediently, setting off explosions in all directions.

        Many of them probably never dreamed that they would one day die under their own winning moves.

        "Fuck, Han Qianqian, you despicable villain, how dare you fucking shade me?" Only then did he realise that Han Qianqian had not made a mistake out of exhaustion, but had simply deliberately missed a trick to lure them in.

        "This damn Han Qianqian!" Wang Juzhi's teeth were itching with hatred, being set up by Han Qianqian like this, he was really burning with a nameless fire.

        Ye Qucheng did not say anything, his eyes were just staring at Han Qianqian with a deadly gaze, which he found very strange.

        He felt strange because he had seen Han Qianqian use the Phantomless Divine Skill, and he had a vivid image of the dark defeat he had suffered, but the more he remembered, the more strange he felt.

        Obviously, it was very similar to the Phase-less Divine Skill used by Han Qianqian before, but yet, it was different.

        In particular, the black vortex in front of Han Qianqian's body was something he had never seen before.

        What was going on here?

        At that very moment, the answer was revealed.

        Only a movement was seen in Han Qianqian's hands, and the black vortex twisted quickly.

        "Obscuring the sky!"

        The air and space-time around them began to twist rapidly as the black vortex twisted, and immediately afterwards, dark clouds struck the sky above, the blazing sun was hidden, and the entire top of the Trapped Immortal Valley fiercely seemed to have entered day and night.

        "What's that kid doing?" Lu Wu Shen snapped his head up.

        The next second, his face was shocked, "Be careful!"


        The entire sky lit up again, but it wasn't the dark clouds dispersing, and it was by no means the return of the sun, but the tens of thousands of spells from the party that had come running back in.

        "Doesn't the Phaseless Divine Technique only return a tooth for a tooth? The party has already returned the favor, why is it coming back now? Is it hard to ...... return teeth twice?" Cool-Son Yeh was completely dumbfounded at the spot.

        This is where the highest Ao Yi of the No Phase Divine Technique lies!

        The so-called covering the sky is just like that!


        If everyone hadn't expected it earlier, then this time, the crowd had never even thought about it.

        Although it was true that the No-Phase Divine Skill had disappeared for a long time, and many people might not be able to recognise it, it was impossible that they did not have the slightest understanding of it, and when someone said that it was the No-Phase Divine Skill, they gradually remembered it.

        However, who would have known that this thing could be reversed twice?

        And at that moment, Lu Ruoxin also returned quickly, Chi Meng followed her left and right, while behind the two of them were several Lu disciples with three people, Blade Twelve, Mo Yang and Liu Fang!