His True Colors Chapter 2354

 Lu Ruoxin's Northern Meditation Four Souls Formation originally allowed the body to transform into four, four into eight, which could enhance extremely powerful abilities in an instant.

        Ordinary avatars may be phantoms or made of energy, but this is not the case with the Northern Meditation Four Souls Formation, which is completely hard-pulled out of the body itself, each of which can be treated as if it exists in its own right, and is naturally immensely powerful.

        This is equivalent to one person instantly transforming into four or even eight people of the same strength as him, also equivalent to eight Han Qianqian fighting at the same time, plus the same enemy to share the damage, each body also has the protection of the imperishable Xuan Armour and Xuan Wu Totem, Han Qianqian is naturally fierce beyond words.

        Attacking like a fierce tiger, defending like a bloody ox, and with the constant supply of energy from the Heart of the Dragon Clan, Han Qianqian's strength naturally reached the point of near invulnerability, and his strength was steeply increased.

        This also gave Lu Wu Shen and Ao Shi quite a headache.

        However, it was different now. To Ao Shi, Han Qianqian was now not only showing his fatigue, but even under his exhaustion, he was beginning to lose his most basic sanity.

        The seven doppelgangers united together could indeed form a circle, defending and attacking each other without dead ends, but this had a great drawback.

        That was that it completely exposed all the weaknesses to the other side as well.

        "He was strong because he thought this fellow was too scattered, but now, this fellow has coalesced together." A trace of coldness flashed in Ao Shi's eyes.

        Wang Juzhi instantly laughed and slapped his thigh, "Yes, each of his doppelgangers is very strong, which cost us quite a lot of energy to deal with them separately, although there are many of us, we can't concentrate our firepower, but right now, it's different."

        Speaking of this, Wang Juzhi's eyes had even let out a triumphant glow.

        This was simply the best chance to kill Han Qianqian.

        "That group of devils, let them go, it's just a bunch of rabble, if you want to kill them, you can do it anytime, right now, Han Qianqian is the top priority, you instruct everyone to listen to my orders and gather for me to attack."

        After saying this, Ao Shi looked triumphantly at Lu Wushen on the other side.

        Lu Wushen's side apparently also stopped, more almost like Ao Shi, did not send people to chase the demons, the same as the equivalent experts, Ao Shi can detect the shift in the battle, Lu Wushen naturally can also detect.

        Soon, the three clansmen re-stabilised their formation, and then all of them turned to look at Han Qianqian in the sky.

        In mid-air, Han Qianqian naturally saw that everyone was facing him in unison, but he did not panic in the slightest, instead, the corners of his mouth curled up into a smile.

        As far as he was concerned, how could he not know that this was a huge breakthrough? Would he have done so if he hadn't had his own ideas?

        Obviously not!

        "Everyone, on my signal, attack!"


        With a loud roar from Ao Shi, Wang Juzhi followed suit, while Lu Wushen over there also waved his big hand.

        In an instant, a miraculous scene on earth reappeared in the world.

        Tens of thousands of spells were fired almost instantly at the same time, and for a moment, the sky was filled with fireworks of unparalleled brilliance.

        The colours were indescribable. In short, the beauty was overwhelming, but everyone knew that beneath this dazzling display was one of the world's greatest killing machines.

        With such an attack, who in this world could resist it?

        "Ai, he's finished."

        "What a pity for Han Qianqian, always young, to actually make this fatal mistake in this final moment of life and death. Although he is brave and fierce, unfortunately, he is still inexperienced."

        "Yes, eight split bodies total across ten thousand miles, so much so that even though the opponent has many people, he had to spare huge energy and manpower to scatter to break his split bodies, but this mess he is making now is tantamount to condensing the opponent as well, what is this if not seeking death himself?"

        "This battle seems to have come to an early end as well."

        "However, no matter what, Han Qianqian has managed to carry this far with his own strength, so he is indeed considered to be a bully."

        "The Breath of the Hegemon, too, will always remain only in history... Heroes are short of breath, but that's all."

        Seeing that the Ten Thousand Dao attack was approaching, many people on the side of the Scattered Alliance, also let out a final sigh.

        Although Han Qianqian's mistake looked very foolish in many people's eyes, there were also many people who expressed their understanding, after all, after experiencing such a long battle, it was normal for people to get confused and move towards a mistake.

        At that end, the demon crowd that had just escaped also saw what was going on behind them, and the demon Beitian was even so angry that he wanted to kill back again, but was pulled back by Emotional Ji, who shook her head and said to him, "This mistake by Han Qianqian was obviously to draw fire for us, we should respect his choice."

        "Yes, this Han Qianqian guy is unknown to me before, but this time, I'm convinced of him!" The demon ghost muttered as well.

        But would Han Qianqian be what they imagined him to be?

        Obviously, it was not.

        Just as all the spells were blasted at Han Qianqian, Han Qianqian suddenly smiled fiercely, and then his whole body moved