His True Colors Chapter 2353

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        It was not long before Fu Mang and the others in the centre of the Immortal Valley were able to recover from the change and shock, before they experienced an even more violent and terrifying earthquake.

        If it was only a slight movement earlier, what Fu Mang and the others experienced now was a violent shaking like a nightmare. A group of people were even shaken to the ground because they hadn't used their energy and couldn't stand up at all.

        Only when they looked back did they realise that the earthquake had been horrific.

        The ground beneath their feet was like a tree in a force 10 gale, swaying and shaking like crazy.

        But the rather strange thing was that with such a huge earthquake, the ground would have been torn apart wildly according to the norm, but the land here was intact.

        "This ......" Fu Mang was clearly too stunned to speak.


        Violent shaking like the blight of the square was released rapidly from here towards the periphery.

        "Han Qianqian, I'll see where you run!"

        At the outermost part of the Trapped Immortal Valley, Wang Juzhi took the lead, and with the two True Gods holding him back, he slapped his palm directly onto the back of one of Han Qianqian's doppelgangers, instantly sending a shock of golden light through Han Qianqian's doppelganger, and the other seven doppelgangers also instantly shook with golden light, obviously, Han Qianqian had entered an extremely exhausted state after such a long siege.

        Although Han Qianqian had the Heart of the Dragon Clan, after many battles, the Heart of the Dragon Clan always has a limit, plus today, one person fought against ten thousand people, the loss was unimaginable.

        The support from the Demons gave Han Qianqian a chance to catch his breath, but it was only a respite. Although the Demons' soldiers had succeeded in their surprise attack and caused heavy losses to the three clans, they were at a great disadvantage in terms of numbers and there were not as many experts as the three clans, so it was just a drop in the bucket.

        After that, it was naturally a time of despair for the devils, as they were forced closer and closer by the encirclement of the three great clans, and deaths and injuries began to occur more and more frequently.

        It was already a desperate situation for Han Qianqian and the three clans of demons.

        Han Qianqian's eight golden body lights were already extremely unstable as they continued to flicker in vain, clearly not lasting much longer.

        "I'll hold everyone off, you guys take the opportunity to hurry up and retreat." Han Qianqian swept a glance at Demon Beitian and said in a cold voice.

        Although he didn't know why Demon Beitian and the others had saved him, since the others had come to save him, he owed them a favour, and at this final moment, Han Qianqian naturally intended to repay the favour, or at least, let them escape as much as they could.

        "No way, we'll hold everyone back, you retreat." Mo Bei Tian roared reluctantly.

        He couldn't say how high and mighty he was, much less someone who could sacrifice himself for the sake of others, but he was clear about what it meant to the Devil's Path for Han Qianqian to be alive.

        In any camp, if you didn't have a high battle, then that camp, no matter how numerous it was, was still an inferior camp, because no one would take you seriously.

        But if you have a High Warrior, even if there is no one in your camp, who would dare to ignore it?

        This is like the Fu family today, without a high battle, even if you are one of the three great families, you will quickly be replaced and become an object of bullying for everyone.

        But on the other hand, who would dare to easily mess with people like Lu Wushen and Ao Shi, even if there was only one person under their clan?

        The devil race had been suffocated and suppressed for too many years, and in the midst of this suppression it was really difficult to produce top-level experts, so it fell into a deadly cycle and gradually came to the brink of collapse.

        Only with the help of Han Qianqian, a high-ranking warrior, could the devil race emerge from the mire of suppression and move up the ladder.

        Therefore, he had to do it.

        "I withdraw?" Han Qianqian laughed and said in a cold voice, "Can I withdraw? With you guys to fend them off, I'm their main target, you guys retreat or we'll all die here."

        As soon as the words left his mouth, Han Qianqian's Qi doors were violently opened, and all his energy was completely emptied out to the outside.

        Obviously, Han Qianqian was making a last desperate attempt to die.

        It wasn't that Han Qianqian didn't want to live, but the other side was indeed too strong. With double True Gods and nearly 100,000 elite soldiers, not to mention Han Qianqian, even any of the True Gods in the field would never be able to withstand it.


        Han Qianqian's hands clenched, and the eight Heavenly Flame Moon Wheels directly and violently converged in one place, blasting directly in one direction.

        At once, the Heavenly Fire Moon Wheels converged into a huge red and purple wave that directly overturned.


        The wall of hundreds of metres of people was hardened and directly blasted out by the giant wave into a huge gap.

        "Go!" Han Qianqian shouted violently.

        Immediately afterwards, the whole person drove seven other split bodies to fly, one flying to protect the gap blasted out, while the other seven real bodies directly coalesced in mid-air, gathering together and blasting directly and furiously in seven directions without stopping in the slightest.

        Numerous people instantly fell under Han Qianqian's attack.

        Seeing such a scene, the demon ghost, who was always quite defiant, was simply a bit dumbfounded.

        "Is this a fucking human being?" The corner of the demon ghost's eyes shrank as he looked at Han Qianqian in mid-air and could not help but say in a strange voice.

        With just one hand, he actually destroyed the heavens and the earth, no wonder the gang had fought with him for so long and hadn't taken him down.

        "Although Laozi came to save you and then be rescued by you, it was supposed to be two different things. However, you're fucking dragging enough, Han Qianqian, if you can come out alive, I, the Troll Hall, will say no to you motherfucker." Dropping his words, the demon ghost waved his hand and led the army and shouted, "Retreat!"

        At this moment, the love Ji also could not help but look back at Han Qianqian, a bilocation for himself and others to guard the exit, the other seven bilocations like seven gods and Buddhas, invincible, say not shocked that is a joke.

        Although this time the rescue failed and instead put his own disciples in a desperate situation, but to be able to enjoy a battle of the top gods so close, this wave is not a loss.

        The man who could sacrifice his life for righteousness must be the best leader. Thinking of this, he shouted at Han Qianqian, "Han Qianqian, live for me, if you survive, if you let me go east, I will never fucking go west, brothers, retreat!"

        With the last group of people retreating, the devils were officially removed from the battlefield. Wang Juzhi wanted to lead his troops in pursuit, but was stopped by Ao Shi, who looked leisurely at Han Qianqian in mid-air and laughed coldly, "Han Qianqian, Han Qianqian, let's see if you're still alive this time."