His True Colors Chapter 2351

"For the sake of the demons, kill!"


        With a roar, the Heavenly Demon Sect, the Hundred Demon Hall and the Giant Demon Hall instantly raced out of the swampy forest, and then split up into three directions to kill the Trapped Immortal Valley.

        At that moment, the ground shook more and more violently, but at that moment, the outer edge of the Immortal Valley was already filled with thunder and fire, explosions, dust and smoke, and explosions of fire, so no one could tell whether the ground was shaking from the spell explosions or from the ground itself.

        Han Qianqian took the lead, and even though he was surrounded by two true gods and many experts, he was covered in blood and still fought to the end.

        He went straight in and out, killing the three great clans with fear and trepidation.

        The two Great Gods were already sweating profusely on their foreheads, panting, and their divine energy was greatly depleted.

        However, Han Qianqian was like a brute bull that could not use up all its strength, rampaging around and killing.

        The ground was already red with blood, and the sky overhead was a black mass of colour from the endless explosions.

        The battle was tragic and vast.

        The casuals who were not involved in the battle were as if they were petrified, quietly admiring the battle of the ages.

        They didn't even notice that the forest in front of them and behind them had been completely changed, the trees had withered and the grass had withered, and the lawn under their feet had been replaced by scorched earth.

        "I ...... holy shit, what's going on? What ...... is going on" Suddenly, at this point, someone finally noticed the difference in the situation around them.

        Although the front was wonderful, a little distraction to pay attention to the surroundings would reveal that the surroundings were completely different.

        After all, in such a peculiar place as the Land of the Trapped Dragon, the Valley of the Trapped Immortals was simply too eye-catching, and with such a dramatic change taking place, it naturally became even more eye-catching.

        With this roar, it was only at this time that the people around him realised that everything seemed to be completely different.

        The trees had withered, the grass had disappeared, and when they looked back at the Immortal Valley, they were shocked to find that the large Immortal Valley had suddenly disappeared without a trace.

        "What the ...... hell is going on here?"

        "How come the Sleepy Immortal Valley is gone?"

        But just when the crowd was looking at each other because of this strange change, at that moment, they suddenly heard a shouting and killing sound outside.


        The crowd hurriedly turned around, only to see a large army behind them, all giants, armed with huge slab axes or large swords, surging madly.

        "Demons, it's the Demons!"

        "Oh my God, the Demons are coming to kill."

        Someone shouted out in panic, and immediately afterwards, the entire camp of scattered people was in chaos, everyone fleeing, or hastily grabbing their weapons and withdrawing in a panic, in a moment of chaos.

        In the blink of an eye, at the other end, there were shouts of murder, and when the crowd looked back, they saw a thousand demons attacking in the distance, swords raised.


        At another end, still several thousand demon soldiers, led by the demon North Heaven, killed in synchronization.

        "We're surrounded by devils." The Scattered Alliance shouted loudly and sharply at once, and the whole formation became even more family chaotic.

        "Kill!" The three sides roared in unison, killing with fury.

        The Scattered Alliance side was completely unable to react, and with their own chaos, it was extremely difficult for them to get out safely, not to mention fighting to defend themselves, and it was not uncommon to see people pushing each other to survive.

        But just when many of them thought they were dead, the Demon soldiers rushed over and instead of slaughtering them, they rushed right past them.

        The group of people looked at each other, obviously in shock, and looked at the demon soldiers who had already rushed past with pale faces.

        "What is this ...... gang doing? How come they ...... they didn't kill us?"

        "Have they found their conscience?"

        "No, their target isn't us, it's the three great clans!"

        "When did the Demons become so bold, actually ...... dared to show their faces in such a large army not to mention that, moreover, the target was directly aimed at the Three Great Clans. Are they tired of living?"

        "Yes, have the people of the devil clan all gone mad?"

        A group of scattered people found this matter unimaginable, after all, except for some experts who would be used by some of the great clans from time to time and dare to show their faces openly, there was absolutely no possibility that they would openly appear in a large army with great fanfare.

        But as the group of scattered people were amazed, the three demon soldiers had already openly stormed into the innermost camp of the three great clans.

        Although the three great clans were large in number, because of Han Qianqian's brutal bull-like rampage, they had long since been made to look like enemies, and one by one, their spirits tightened as they threw all their attention at Han Qianqian.

        At this moment, the sudden entry of the devil's tribe caught them off guard, and since they were attacked from behind, they were unable to react at all.

        The entire camp of the three clans was suddenly thrown into a panic ......