His True Colors Chapter 2350

 Emotion Ji and Demon Ghost could not help but exclaim in surprise at the same time when they heard the name Han Qianqian.

        The two were in a way as surprised by this name as Demon North Heaven was when they first heard it.

        Both the Demon Dao and the Righteous Dao actually had a feeling of being both unfamiliar and seemingly not too unfamiliar with Han Qianqian.

        To say that they had heard of him did not seem to be the case, after all, they had never had any dealings with Han Qianqian, but to say that they had not heard of him seemed to be spread around in the Jianghu gossip.

        But it didn't matter, when the subordinate of the Devil's North Heaven told the two of them about Han Qianqian, the two of them looked at each other in disbelief.

        "There is such a strange thing in this world?" Emotional Ji froze slightly, clearly having some difficulty accepting it.

        After all, everything that Han Qianqian had done was always something that broke the rules and was unthinkable.

        "Humph, is it blown up so godly? The way I see it, it's clearly just a coincidence. As you all know, there are times when there is nothing that some people cannot do if they are lucky." The demon ghost said with slight heartfelt disdain.

        Man to man, it was clear that one did not so easily accept the fact that others were better than them.

        "One is luck, two can also be luck, what about three, four or five?" Mo Bei Tian said in a cold voice.

        "If you think it's luck, go and try it too, anyway, the endless abyss at the top of Mount Qishan can be there all the time, I'm here for you." After finishing his sentence, Devil Bei Tian looked at the demon ghost with amusement.

        If he had the guts to try the Endless Abyss, he would have done so long ago, why would he try it now?

        Seeing that he had nothing to say, Devil North Heaven said in a cold voice, "If you don't have the guts to do so, then shut up."

        "Although Han Qianqian has experienced so many unbelievable things, I believe that he may indeed be able to do it." Emotional Ji, who had not spoken up, said in a cold voice at this point.

        "Emotional Ji, you're not that stupid, but they're all just rumours from the jianghu." The demon ghost muttered in dissatisfaction, but obviously in an extremely low voice.

        "Rumours in the jianghu have roots too, to deify a person you only need one thing, not to make so many unbelievable things, because that would make people less likely to believe, no one would be stupid enough to create a rumour about a person like that." Emotion Ji said in a cold voice.

        "What's more, if the rumours of the jianghu are false, demon ghost, you have been cultivating for a thousand years, with your power, would you dare to go there?" Emotional Ji pointed to the sky over there where the fire was rising.

        Demon North Heaven instantly laughed coldly, "If he dared, why would he be hiding here with us?"

        The demon ghost was furious, but he could not retort.

        Not to mention that there were two True Gods sitting there, even if there weren't, the three great clans already made him not dare to take a single step out of the thunder pool.

        She looked at the demon and frowned, "What are you going to do now?"

        "Han Qianqian has already become a demon, if he can become our new lord, it will only be good for our demon clan, not bad." Devil Bei Tian said.

        Even though the devil race was falling apart, if Han Qianqian was the backbone of the race, then it was highly likely that the devil race would settle down again, or even merge into one and recreate its glory.

        Even in the worst case scenario, where everyone still fought separately, but at least with Han Qianqian, the high warrior, as a refuge, the overall interests of the demon race would be greatly enhanced.

        "Then what you mean is ......" said Emotion Ji in a faintly strained voice.

        "Give up the ambush and go help Han Qianqian!"

        The answer, which was obviously expected by the Devil North Heaven's words, was not much of a change in Emotional Ji's expression, only a tighter frown.

        "You guys are crazy, right? Abandoning an ambush to save Han Qianqian?" The demon ghost instantly said in shock and dismay.

        An ambush was good, using one's own strengths against the enemy's weaknesses and being able to surprise them, so it was natural to gamble a little.

        But it was not the same when they went to rescue people, there were three great clans there, nearly 100,000 people, not to mention the experts and the two true gods, even those elite soldiers' children, one mouthful of spit could completely drown them alive.

        "The question is, is there any point in our ambush?"

        "It is a blessing for my Demon Race that the Blood of the Demon Dragon has been swallowed by a heavenly talent like Han Qianqian, if he were to be killed, this would be the greatest loss for my Demon Race." Devil Bei Tian said sharply.

        "Then saving him would be meaningful? There are 100,000 elite soldiers there, the three great clans are full of experts, and there are two true gods sitting in the formation, even if he is strong, so what? I don't agree with you, you're just sending your brothers to their deaths." The demon ghost responded with discontent.

        As he roared, the giants behind him also raised their arms and shouted, "We are not going."

        "Stupid!" Demon North Heaven roared in anger.

        "That's enough!" Emotional Ji said in a cold voice at this moment, drinking away the noise from both sides.

        "If Han Qianqian wasn't capable, he would have died long ago, how could he have fought until now? Mo Bei Tian is right, this Han Qian Qian did have his ability, he fought the three great clans for several hours with one person, such a person will definitely be the key to the rise of our demon clan, save someone, someone must be saved."

        "Emotional Ji you ......!" The demon ghost was furious.

        "What? Demon ghost, your many excuses, are you afraid of death? If so, then you lead the people back immediately, and Love Ji and I will just bring the people over." With the affirmative words of Emotional Girl, Demon North Heaven's confidence was also boosted, and he knew well the personality of Demon Ghost, so he could not help but speak out in mockery at this time.

        As soon as he heard this, the demon ghost became furious and roared, "Shit, I've been a demon ghost for a thousand years, how dare you say I'm afraid of death?"

        "If you're not afraid of death, why don't you dare to go?" Demon Beitian returned disdainfully.

        It was already too much to sarcasm himself in front of his men, but he had to do it in front of this beautiful woman, the demon ghost could not bear it: "Fuck, I didn't say I wouldn't go, you idiot."

        He pretended to be disdainful on the surface, but in his heart he was laughing, and with a slight straightening of his face, he looked at Emotional Girl and said, "In that case, then we should not delay, let's reorganise our troops and set off immediately!"

        "Yes!" Emotion Ji said.

        "Go take a headcount." The demon ghost also held his breath and ordered his subordinates to do so.

        With the two great hall masters agreeing, within moments, the dense ambush points in the swamp forest all withdrew and surged towards the edge of the swamp forest, while the two halls, which were supposed to be pincer on both sides, also quickly gathered their numbers and rushed to the rendezvous point.

        The numbers were small, over two thousand from the Heavenly Demon Sect, over a thousand from the Hundred Demon Hall under the leadership of Emotion Ji, and over a thousand from the Troll Hall under the leadership of the Demon Ghost, making a total of over five thousand people, close to six thousand, for the three sides to combine their forces.

        "Are they all ready?" When the assembly was finished, Demon North Heaven asked in a cold voice.

        "Good, then let's set off!"

        As soon as the words left his mouth, a dense mass of black dots in the swampy forest quickly rushed towards the direction of the Trapped Immortal Valley!