His True Colors Chapter 2349

 At these words, Devil Beitian and his subordinates laughed very happily again.

        "Hmph, Emotion Ji, this big event may not be that Demon Beitian wants to marry you, after all, you are so protective of him." The demon ghost said sarcastically with dissatisfaction.

        Although this woman, Emotional Ji, could not be said to be a supreme beauty like Lu Ruoxin and Qin Frost, nor was she as good as top beauties like Su Yingxia and Gu You, but she had her chic and moody style, and with her distinct personality, she was considered to be an alternative top beauty.

        Therefore, Emotion Girl is also the dream girl of many people in the Demon Sect, and is often flirted with.

        Emotion Ji was slightly angry, but her face did not change, she just looked at Devil Beitian, and after a moment, she said in a cold voice: "This ambush is about the treasure of the Devil Dragon, and our three families have joined forces because of this. Therefore, Demon Beitian, now instead of following the arrangements planned in advance, you have interrupted on the spur of the moment, if you don't have a reasonable explanation, don't blame me for turning my back on you."

        The demon ghost laughed, and this time stopped speaking, and instead, together with Emotion Ji, looked at Demon Beitian.

        The demon race was led by the three palaces and four halls, but no one obeyed each other, and some of them even died of old age and were in the same boat. Even though the three factions are cooperating this time, they are only doing so for their own interests, so naturally there is no affection.

        If you want to give an account, you must give an account. If Devil Beitian could not give them a reason to convince them, the consequences would be unimaginable.

        However, Demon Beitian did not panic in the slightest, his face still beaming as he waved his hand, "Why are you two so grumpy? Can't you see I'm having fun?"

        "Demon Beitian, don't be so secretive, if you have something to say, why do you suddenly want us to abandon our original plan?" Emotion Ji shouted coldly.

        "What for? What else can I do? It's not like I'm really going to marry you back to my Heavenly Demon Sect like the demon ghost said." After saying that, seeing that Emotional Girl moved, Demon North Heaven then stopped, "Don't get so excited, I called you all here because I have something good to tell you, and after you hear this, you will know clearly that our original plan is not very meaningful anymore."

        Not very meaningful anymore?

        Obviously, these words from Demon North Heaven had completely whetted the appetite of the two.

        For the sake of this time, the three sides had had a hard time pacifying the disciples of their sects, and then they had each discarded their former grudges before cooperating together, therefore, it was enough to see the importance of the treasure of the Devil Dragon to them this time.

        But now, Devil Beitian was saying that it was of little significance!

        "Demon Beitian, you've had too much Demon Blood Wine, haven't you?" Emotion Ji said in a cold voice.

        "What could be more important than the Demon Dragon's Treasure? Aren't you talking nonsense? If there's something more important than him, what are we doing here in ambush? We might as well go home and boil water!" The demon ghost also helped out.

        "Ancestor of Evil!" Demon North Heaven said softly, his eyes sweeping straight at the two.

        When Emotional Ji and Demon Ghost heard the Ancestor of Evil, their faces, which had been quite disdainful and discontented, froze slightly, and in the next second, the two were shocked and frowned almost simultaneously.

        To the Demons, the Ancestor of Evil meant everything, that was their ancestor, that was their god.

        Especially when they had been suppressed by the righteous and had to live by the means, for them, the Ancestor of Evil was the faith that they had been able to cling to through their teeth.

        When they heard this, how could they not be extremely shocked?

        "Isn't the Ancestor of Evil already dead?"

        "Demon North Heaven, what exactly do you mean by that?"

        The two people, as they had expected, were instantly a million times more nervous, which made Demon North Heaven even more smug and proud.

        "Our Palace Master, has found a new Ancestor of Evil." Next to him, Demon North Heaven's subordinate saw that his master was in a mostly mood and had shown off enough, and only then did he speak out to explain.

        "What do you mean? A new Ancestor of Evil?" Emotional Ji said curiously.

        "This person is already a human being against the heavens and has created a series of miraculous feats, did you see the battle over there? He alone has already fought with the three great clans, moreover, there are two True Gods and a Demigod involved in these three clans." When Devil North Heaven spoke of this, his entire being could not help but be exceptionally impressed.

        As a devil, more than the righteous path, strength is respected, and at the same time, because of his own position, and also within the devil clan, there is also itself a kind of only me philosophy, it is basically impossible for him to worship anyone.

        But this time was different. Even though he had never met Han Qianqian, he was completely convinced just by hearing about the inhuman things he had done.

        In fact, they had already known that the energy explosion there was unusual, but they didn't know exactly what it was.

        "He has swallowed the blood of the devil dragon and has fallen into the devil's path. If the devil race can get this person, then they will be able to rekindle the hope of the devil race under his leadership, so he is our new ancestor of evil." Devil North Heaven said.

        "Who is he?" Emotion Ji frowned and said.

        "Yes, who is he?" The demon ghost also frowned and said with considerable curiosity.

        "Han Qianqian!" Demon North Heaven looked at the distant sky and said indifferently.

        "Han Qianqian?"

        "Han Qianqian?"