His True Colors Chapter 2348

 "Han Qianqian?" Devil North Heaven was stunned, rather feeling that the name was unusually familiar.

        "Precisely." Wen Tanzi replied.

        "Sovereign, I heard that this Han Qianqian was an Earthling, but shortly after arriving in the Eight Directions World, he took the Pan Gu Axe in his hand, and was thought to have fallen into the Endless Abyss and died, but he turned into a mysterious person and shone in the Hall of Qishan, after which the Voidless Sect defeated the Pill God Pavilion's allied army of more than a hundred thousand, and the peak battle at Firestone City even unbelievably summoned the Tribulation of the Scattered Immortals, and it was also the Tribulation of the terrifying Four Divine Heavenly Beasts gathering together , crucially, Han Qianqian also seems to have survived from this tribulation." The subordinate hurriedly reported.

        "Holy shit!" Although he was the Demon Dao Sect Master, Demon Beitian had always been a gentle and elegant person, and such expletives rarely appeared in his mouth, but at this moment, after hearing these deeds of Han Qianqian, he could not help but directly swear.

        Any one of these matters is enough to kill anyone a hundred times, but this guy Han Qianqian is relying on his own strength to do all the things directly, the key ......

        The key is that he is still alive and well.

        The use of pervert is not enough to describe this guy, with shock can not describe their own inner shock.

        So a standard fuck me sentence that brings together a million emotions is also the most powerful expression of all!

        "This guy's so fucking perverted?" Mo Bei Tian glanced at the distant sky in depression, no wonder this guy could fight against the two great clans, given his seniority, he was indeed qualified.

        "Old me just said, how come the sky over there is all like that, it turns out to be like that." Mo Bei Tian couldn't help but sigh.

        However, a moment later, the corners of his mouth suddenly hooked into a smile and he looked at his subordinate, "It seems that the Devil Clan's Ancestor of Evil is about to reappear on earth."

        The subordinate was stunned, the Ancestor of Evil was the founding ancestor of the Demon Race, but shortly after the beginning of heaven and earth, he was killed by the combined efforts of the Initial True Gods, what did the Patriarch mean by this sudden statement?

        Seeing that his subordinates did not understand, Devil Beitian smiled, looked at the sky over there, and said, "You tell the scout to repeat the initial words."

        The scout and his subordinates looked at each other at once, not knowing what Devil Beitian meant by this.

        However, since Demon Beitian had said it, the scout did not dare to be slow and hurriedly restated all of his previous words.

        But when he re-stated that Han Qianqian had swallowed the blood of the devil dragon and had gone mad here, he could not help but have his eyes wide open, while almost at the same time, the subordinate also instantly understood, and after being greatly shocked, he could not help but be overjoyed and looked at Demon Beitian with extreme incredulity, saying, "Sovereign, what you mean is ......"

        "The devil dragon is originally the most devilish thing, if Han Qianqian swallowed the blood of the devil dragon, then it would also mean that this fellow has the blood of my devil race within him." Devil Bei Tian laughed.

        "If my devil clan has this kind of expert on board, won't we not only not have to hide in the east and west in the future, but even ...... could even openly declare war with their gang of righteous dog thieves someday?" The subordinate happily continued, thinking of a bright future, the whole person could not help but be in high spirits.

        The corners of his mouth hooked up in a smile that never closed up.

        With a light laugh, Devil North laughed and scolded, "Silly boy, what's the point of being silly and happy, you hurry up and inform the other two halls that there is a change of plan, tell all of them to gather here for me immediately within ten minutes."

        The subordinate smiled and nodded haha, but seemed to be too happy and his intelligence went down, he couldn't help but froze, "Sovereign, what are you calling me for?"

        In the next second, he reflected on himself and ran off in a frenzy to retreat.

        Within a few moments, two groups of oddly shaped people quickly ran out of the forest.

        On the one side, they were as tall and stout as a single boulder, but each had a fierce look on his face, with extremely long hair and wrinkled skin that was both frightening and somewhat disgusting.

        In front of them was a small child, less than a metre tall, leading the way.

        He was naked, with a long damask hanging from his body, a braid of green strips tied around his head, a small gourd on the left side of his waist, and a basket with a black snake on the right.

        On the other side was a much more normal and gorgeously dressed woman, led by a woman who, although not as beautiful as the two in the Valley of the Stuck Immortals, was also dignified and beautiful, with some slightly dark eyes like the smoky make-up of the earth, which added a bit of wildness and enchantment to her.

        "The two of them are the same as the other two. The small child in front of the giant, mouth a mouth, although the voice is like a child, but not that childish, but some treacherous, some evil.

        "Demon ghost, since we, the First Palace and the Second Hall, have discussed working together, you should cut the bullshit." The woman leading the other side said in a cold impatient voice.

        After saying that, the woman gave another impatient glance at Demon North Heaven and immediately said in displeasure, "What is there that deserves you to be so happy?"

        "Something big, something big!" Mo BeiTian shouted excitedly.